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Charles Fischer

Dilly's ASU Decision was Rash....Like His Coaching?

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On 11/28/2022 at 5:52 PM, Mic said:

In retrospect, pre-mature or not, Dillingham's jump to ASU makes it three-in-a-row:  Taggert to his "dream-job at FSU, Mario to his at Miami and now Dillingham to perhaps his, (at least his alma mater and home state)  ASU.  


There must be a college out there somewhere, where a brilliant and talented Offensive mind  is coaching in some small, out-of-the-way, poducnk college whom a move to Oregon would be a move waaaaaaay up the football ladder.  So far that they'd never want to go back to that little college again.  Like Chip Kelly who came from New Hampshire, (his alma mater) to Oregon. 


It took the NFL team Philadelphia Eagles to lure him away.  And at least we had him for more than one year (5 years, to be exact).  Get out the check book Oregon and find us another football genius out in the back 40 somewhere and buy him!

"Like Chip Kelly who came from New Hampshire, (his alma mater) to Oregon." Which is why, even with youthful flash since him, Chip is still my favorite all time Duck Head Coach. I am so tired of being a stepping stone. I want to do the stepping, on other teams' heads.

I've been so heartsick since last Saturday night. I have laid in bed and wondered if this whole college football thing was worth it. I have my Giants, and I have my 49ers. Why do I subject myself to the annual torture of Oregon football? We get pretty good, even though we went 0-2 this year, and boom, some lying sack who drooled all over us when he got hired, jumps to a team facing sanctions. I agree 1000% with Mic. We need the next Chip Kelly!

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