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  1. Two Super-Conferences of 20 each teams? I agree with GeotechDuck. My sense of fairness applauded the beginning of NIL. Now???
  2. "to flee the Florida heat and hurricanes." When I wrote The Greatest Road Trip Ever Taken" (available on Amazon) I talked to a couple who had planned for years to retire in Florida. About two weeks in and they had enough of the humidity AND THE BUGS! Oh my goodness the bugs in Florida could have saddles and fly you to South Carolina.
  3. I'll be honest here (I lie everywhere else. Can't trust me as far as you can throw me), I'm worried about Bo. I know that he will make some spectacular plays on the ground and through the air, but I know he has a tendency to make that one, "What the %$%*&% is he thinking?" throw.
  4. (To the healthcare comment from Notalot.) True that. A good hospital within an hour's drive is essential. I get twice monthly infusions for a condition that I have. As far as climate, I'm hearing a lot of comments about places that are HOT, HOT, in the summer. Don't want that. I know some want year-round warmth. Not me.
  5. I visited Mt. Airy as a way to kick off this search for Mayberry. That was twenty years ago. I'm enjoying reading about the international places, but my Mayberry will be within the United States.
  6. I will definitely check out the channel for reviews. We had Seaside in the mix for a while, but there is no direct access to a major airport without a private car. Astoria has an occasional shuttle to PDX, but Astoria doesn't quicken our heart as Seaside does. Rents are a bit steep in Seaside, too.
  7. Well Europe isn't something I have considered, but sure, let me check my passport status. I wonder how the rents would be here?
  8. *sniff* Axel has no idea who I am and yet, somehow, he feels like my son. *sniff*
  9. To me it is a no-brainer that we accept an NIT bid, and do it with a smile on our face. If we don't, we are just like teams that disdain lower-profile bowl games. I have a name for teams like that, and it violates the "So ten-year olds can read it" rule.
  10. I am an unabashed fan of the big redhead as an announcer. I'm not a Blazer fan so I don't swoon over him there, except to say that I've never admired anyone's outlet passes as much. But as an announcer, two thumbs up (and one thumb up for Dick Vitale.)
  11. I've always believed it was terribly arrogant of teams to skip bowl games and NIT berths. We are getting what we deserve. Don't worry, I doubt we will last past the first weekend.
  12. "SC has eaten Rice for lunch and Stanford has brushed off Colgate." I always appreciate a good double pun.
  13. Great article, Jon. It's always fun to hang out with the smart people here. One thing, though. You said there are 1,000 players in the portal. I heard the other day that there are 2,000! Ten years ago who would have thought that the two most important words in college football are now "transfer portal" and NIL. It is a different world. While I don't believe the Ducks are headed into the Ivy League model, we are certainly barrelling down a road with little in the way of headlights.
  14. I am a great believer in in-game momentum. It was momentum that carried Keenan Howry through the savage storm and into the end zone. It was momentum that carried Bill Musgrave (all 4.95/40 of him) into the end zone at frozen Independence Stadium in Shreveport. Where I believe momentum is overblown though, is when it is game-to-game rather than in-game. I have seen too many NFL teams (usually the ones that I have wagered on) come into a game on a three-game winning streak only to lay a 60-minute egg.
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