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NCAA Committee Proposes Major Changes for Division I Sports, Including Bigger March Madness

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There are many proposals for change on the table...forcing change to Division 1 sports as run today if approved



Larger NCAA men's and women's basketball tournaments and enhanced welfare for athletes were key points proposed by an...



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"►The Board also overseeing the exploration of eliminating sport-by-sport scholarship limits “to focus on the number of student-athletes participating” in team activities each season." 


That is one of the more interesting things that is being proposed. I haven't got a clue what this is going to look like but is this potentially a back door for coaches to push players off the team by not letting them participate in team activities? But this is what I intend on keeping an eye on because it will effect how the transfer portal works. 

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Expand March Madness? NCAA transformation committee overshadows its good ideas with a really bad one


An NCAA Tournament of 90 or more teams would make March Madness -- and the sport in which it crowns the champion -- far less popular. So why bring it up?


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Why does it take so long for this group to act? If you keep proposing things why not act on those proposals instead of getting walked on continually. 

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