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As Long as NCAA Football Exists...

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The machinations, posturings of commissioners, coaches, sycophants, "student" athletes, and all the other trappings of the sport we love will be far more intriguing than watching the national news any day of the week!


Warren and Sankey may be two of the greatest Showmen of the 21st Century.


Hope this isn't tripping over the rules, Charles.


If so, I sincerely apologize.


In the meantime, "How about them Ducks?"


I don't think I've watched the recruiting cycle unfold with this much anticipation for the future of this program in years!


If Lanning and his master craftsman can produce the work of art many of us anticipate, especially on D, Oregon may loom as large on the NCAA map, as OBD live in the hearts of Duck fans everywhere!

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On 1/12/2023 at 10:04 AM, woundedknees said:

Hope this isn't tripping over the rules, Charles.

No you are not.  We can say anything about anyone in the world here with only one exception.....we cannot get personal with current players and coaches.  That's it, as negative about player performance and coaching decisions is fine...you bet--go for it.


Everybody is confused, and of course they never read the rules or pay attention to my monthly references to it in here.  They think...."I can't write negative," and that is completely wrong.


The rules are at the top of the site....always have been!  Not jumping you, woundedknees, but boy this comes up a lot.



No. 26: Do not get personal in your posts about the current Players or Coaches: Discussing player performance and coaching decisions is what message boards and forums are all about, and encouraged. However, we must not get personal or nasty toward them. Questioning a play-call or whether a tackle should have been made (Performance-related) is fine, and give your thoughts as to why in one direction or the other.


Whether a coach should be retained or a player replaced is also fair-game because they know they are in the public sphere and that goes with the territory. Let’s discuss their shortcomings in terms of player performance and coaching decisions, but Ad Hominem attacks on them are forbidden.


To be clear, OBD members can write anything about anyone in the world, and that includes former Oregon players and coaches, as they are not current and thus you can go for it!

Mr. FishDuck

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I will say, in a couple years could Lanning vs Kirby Smart his old boss and defensive mentor...be meeting in the finals a la Bama vs Clemson year after year?  The recruiting has me intrigued--and more excited than ever before--as well.  Let see if they can develop the players, unify the team, and pull out some epic X's and O's on game day.  💛💚

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