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How Dan Lanning Compares to Other Oregon First-Year Head Coaches

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Lanning was able to notch 10 wins, but losses to both Oregon State and Washington were tough to swallow. How does that compare to the likes of Mario Cristobal, or Mark Helfrich, or Mike Bellotti?


While the Ducks have been around since 1894, a total of 39 head coaches came through the program, oftentimes only spending one or two seasons in Eugene.


Until the legendary Len Casanova came along in 1951, no single coach had spent more than 5 seasons with the program. So that’s going to be where I start our modern era. Since 1951, there have been only 11 head coaches at Oregon.


How did Lanning’s first year compare to the other 10 guys when it comes to the start of their tenures in Eugene?



Dan Lanning notched 10 wins and a bowl victory in his first season with the Ducks. How does that compare to other first-year...
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Love the pic of slick looking at his watch, no words needed. I just love pictures that speak for themselves, and the obvious backstory of the choice by somebody with wit and a sense of humor! The choice of the picture of MariØ looking at his wrist and not having a watch might have also been a savvy choice too.


I do think the fact Lanning is the only guy in the top 5 who came into the job as an outsider, never been an assistant at Oregon, needs to be appreciated. Not only had Lanning never been a head coach, he had nobody who had ties to the program coaching for him.


Every other top rated coach came into the job with momentum, and at least a foundation of coaches to help. Lanning took over talent, but a team which had lost 3-4 games, and was in disarray. The direction of the program is forward, and led by one guy, Coach Lanning.

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