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Oklahoma and Texas Staying in B12 Thru 2024 Football Season

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So love Texas and Oklahoma aren't leaving early.



After weeks of negotiations failed to find an agreement on an early move, Texas and Oklahoma are slated to join the SEC in 2025, sources told ESPN.


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Thanks for the update. Dragging out the move to the SEC out is making it tough on B12 in-conference scheduling. 


I believe the B12 offered to reduce the cost of OK/TX leaving but wanted a guarantee that the 2 schools would play X number of out-of-conference games in B12 stadiums.

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Rumor is UT leadership promised was a 25 year agreement to play Texas Tech in all sports. Then backed out.  That is why Tech & Houston might be getting a additional $ 1 Billion from the state. Plus not TECH & Houston are working to break up PUF. 

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