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  1. Every Pac 12 game/meet is being video recorded regardless of the pandemic because that is what teams do, so they can watch film later. They have the platform in place, so it really is only production that is needed. Seeing how they do have producers on the staff, if there isn't any basketball going on you can have a producer doing the P12 swimming championships. I don't see anything extra being spent. Of course, I don't know all the in and outs, but everything is already in place, it doesn't seem like there is any extra cost.
  2. I'm not sure why a lot of people completely ignore the fact Tom Brady and his team were caught cheating twice. Does anybody want to be like Lance Armstrong as a cyclist? Does anybody want to be like Barry Bonds in baseball? It wasn't performance enhancing drugs, but filming team walk throughs is a big deal for game planning. Getting a better grip on footballs is a big deal for QBs. Tom's first 3 Super Bowl wins were by 3 points each. That is a difference of a few plays. Not sure why anybody would want to hitch their wagon with a known cheater.
  3. Wish Kayvon would be a Duck when the kid would be on campus to help him lean towards being a Duck.
  4. I can't remember all the "wasted" time outs, but I'm not sure that is always on Mario. If the OC doesn't get the play down to the field fast enough, then the QB can't go through the pre play progression. I have no doubt Mario has bungled TOs, but I'd say some also were on the OC not getting the play in with enough time to the QB. With the consistent 3 yards and a clouds of dust and Mario repeatedly saying he wants to instill his will on the O and D lines, I'd say he has a ton of say in the offensive play calling. This has been through 2 OCs. Pretty hard not to hook that on Mario's wag
  5. Go Ducks. It would be nice if the Ducks finished high enough to get a 1st round bye in the Pac 12 tournament.
  6. Seems like it would be illegal. If the money is donated private money for stadiums, locker rooms, etc, it doesn't seem like you can prevent universites to spend that money. What about the private universities, they wouldn't have to follow the same rules. I don't like the arms race college sports has become, but I'm not sure they have done a lot of thinking about this bill. I know Oregon does some ads with their athletes, but not much. Also, I'm not sure they get paid any money. More likely they pay people to show or display their ads. How do you quantify image and likeness where th
  7. I think it was to be expected. Mariota was the highest paid backup QB in the NFL. Pretty hard to have a competative team when you tie that much money up on a player that hardly sees the field. Mariota will get a chance to start on another team in 2021.
  8. QBs on the Ducks roster. 2018 recruits: Bradley Yaffe, preferred walk on 2020 recruits: Jay Butterfield, Robby Ashford Transfers: Anthony Brown 2021 recruit: Ty Thompson Anthony Brown is for sure in his last season and I'm guessing Ashford/Butterfield will be gone at the end of the season or in the middle of 2021. I have never heard of Yaffe. As a preferred walk-on, I don't see him playing into the competetion. That leaves 2 QBs on the roster. That is pretty thin, but with the free season for Ashford/Butterfield, they will still have 4 seasons left, if they were
  9. I have a feeling Mario is a straight shooter with his players. He probably mentioned to Tyler he wasn't going to be the starter and it would be in his best interests to find another place to play. Kids transferring is pretty common, so I don't think the Ducks are going to have any longer term issues, other than we might be a bit thin at the QB position for next season.
  10. Shough stats for his 1st 4 games: 77/117 65.81%, 1158 yards, 10 TD, 4 INT, 15 Yards per reception 39 rushes, 203 yards, 2 TD Shough stats for his last 3 games: 29/50 58%, 401 yards, 3 TD, 2 INT, 13.8 Yards per reception 27 rushes, 58 yards, 0 TD Shough definitely trended down his last 3 games
  11. The glossary said QBS was a calculation of their own making. So, take it with a grain of salf.
  12. The Trailblazers come to mind for a team with continual misfortune with the injury but season after season. Well, this season is the do over season for basketball players. Pritchard could have stayed another year and played for the Ducks this season.
  13. Which college football teams are recruiting the best? - Is a pay to read site. Oregon the only school to make 3 out of the 5 offensive lists. Running back McGee is ranked No. 134 overall and Cardwell is the No. 167 recruit in the class. Oregon has done a great job of building a foundation of young players on defense and in this 2021 cycle, the staff has added some excellent offensive prospects to balance out the roster. The running back room already has Travis Dye and CJ Verdell, who were the top two rushers from last season, but adding in more options is only a positive, esp
  14. This hire continues the theme of Cristobal hiring coaches with previous head coaching experience.
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