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  1. That is an interesting idea and I'm sure some schools will probably focus more on the portal over high school recruits. My thoughts are, not to only go the portal route. I know it wouldn't be all kids turning over every year, but not having Freshman learn the system would seem to increase growing pains every year. The new guys might have proven themselves in college, but most likely in a different system.
  2. Oregon Recruiting: 4-star WR Taeshaun Lyons announces commitment date DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM The chase for 4-star WR Taeshaun Lyons could get ugly, with Oregon, Washington, and Miami all included in his top-4 schools.
  3. Oregon Recruiting: 4-star WR Jordan Anderson keeps Oregon in the mix DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM The Ducks made the latest recruiting cutdown for WR Jordan Anderson, a top-100 player in the 2024 class.
  4. Oregon Football: Who plays QB for Ducks if Bo Nix leaves in 2023? DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM A lot of signs are pointing toward Bo Nix returning in 2023. However, if he were to leave, who would start at QB for the Ducks?
  5. Hutson is the #2 WR for Oregon for receptions and yards. Seems like it would make sense to stay.
  6. Singer was the #1 WR at Arizona. Most receptions and most yards.
  7. The Pac 12 needs to get better bowls or have them change the dates of the Vegas Bowl and the LA/Jimmy Kimbel bowl. The Pac 12 have two bowl games that start before the early signing period as 2002duck mentioned. This is the time coaches need to make sure their recruits stay with them. Not try to focus on winning a bowl game and keep recruits. The ACC has 1 and the SEC also has 1 bowl game before the early signing period. The Big 12 has 1 bowl game the day after. The ACC/SEC play each other 2 days after. I feel this schedule hurts the Pac 12 in recruiting. December 17th has 6 bowl games. The most of any day, silly to compete with that. December 31st has only 1 bowl game. 2022–23 NCAA football bowl games - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  8. Canzano on his radio show on Monday said he had Caleb Williams and Penix Jr. on his ballot. So, that means he either has Duggan or Stroud as his 3rd vote.
  9. It is crazy that the bowl system is a money maker for people outside of the NCAA. Unless, a team is going to a bowl game for the first time and sell a lot of tickets, lesser bowl games are money losers for teams. Remember the conference splits the bowl payout. Bowls require teams to buy a certain amount of tickets and are on the hook for unsold tickets.
  10. Most of the guys transferring out of Oregon were not getting a lot of playing time. Yes, it stinks we won't have them for the bowl game or have them there for continuation, but if they don't fit the system, they don't fit the system.
  11. After watching the video, telling kids to jump in the portal can be taken two ways. Leave, I don't want you hear or I'm here to win and want players with the same motivation.
  12. Perception. SEC schedules cupcakes because the perception is the SEC has the best 14 teams in college football. Their conference play is murders row every week according to the talking heads. Even the computers have a bias towards the SEC. It is truly insane how much everybody and computers think the SEC is so much better than the rest of college football. If it is 8 or 9 it doesn't matter, but every P5 conference should play the same number of conference games.
  13. I have a feeling the Pac 12 will be favored in all games except the Alamo bowl. However, it will really depend on who opts to play or opts to sit out. Ducks have a real good shot of going 7-0, but it wouldn't surprise me if guys sit out and cost the Pac 12 teams to lose a few games.
  14. The CFP committee is supposed to take into account injuries. How is Tennessee still #6 with their starting QB done for the season?
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