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  1. ESPN GameDay will be at the Rose Bowl. The Ducks are 15-11 for these games and are 2-1 against UCLA for these games. Hopefully, the Ducks keep a winning record vs UCLA on GameDays.
  2. Oklahoma fans don't complain about being beaten up continually in the playoffs. It isn't like professional sports where you have a worse draft pick. Making the playoffs will help with recruiting. Unless, the Ducks play like they did in Columbus, they will lose in the playoffs. However, the Ducks have shown what they can do, so there is always that glimmer of hope.
  3. As I was watching college football on Saturday, I noticed quite a few short yardage situations, where the pistol plunge worked for other colleges. However, that was their mix it up running play, instead of being the 10th time the team ran the play that day. The sign of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. The best offensive game call this year was at Ohio State. The Ducks running plays were extremely varied that day. As has been said multiple times, do something the defense is expecting. That is playing smarter.
  4. I know the SEC have the most players drafted in the NFL, but I'd like to see the percentage of players per conference who are there for a second contract. I think the SEC is a very good conference, but I don't think they are much better than every other conference. They do a much better job of having a pecking order. They don't eat each other up in conference play. They usually have 1-3 being that much better than everybody else and not losing to teams they shouldn't lose to.
  5. We are all used to the Ducks finding the banana peel. Texas A&M beat Alabama 41-38, but only beat Colorado 10-7? College kids are inconsistent is what it says.
  6. Sad days. I didn't even think of that. If Stanford wins out, they win the North. Even if the Ducks were to win out, they wouldn't be conference champions if Stanford doesn't lose another game. I guess we could get the whole tOSU vs Penn St. debate of 2016, but the Pac 12 would have to have a solid pecking order of good teams vs bad teams.
  7. Manning is going to a SEC school or Clemson.
  8. Jonathan Smith is 13-23, 9-18 in the Pac 12, as a head coach for the Beavers. Not exactly a reason to hitch your wagon to the hype train he is getting. 4-1 is a great start, but let's see if he can have a winning season first, then back to back winning seasons. Mario is 29-11, 17-8 as the Oregon head coach. He has back to back Pac 12 championships and 1 Rose Bowl win. I'm absolutely not 100% happy with Mario, but as many bells and whistles Oregon has, it is still a very hard place to attract the top coaches. Any established coach at a top football program isn't going to come to Oregon. We'd need to find another Chip Kelly that is not established.
  9. I'm of the philosphy of never leave points in the first half or go chasing points in the first half. Ducks needed to kick the FG just before half time. I understand it is the butterfly effect of, if they kick that FG, the game changes. However, I assume the rest of the game essentially plays out the same because it was so close to the end of the 1st half. Tons of could have, would have, should have in the 4th quarter for the Ducks.
  10. I think the Oregon women will win their 1st game, but lose in the 2nd round. The guys got a tough draw with their likely 2nd round opponent in Iowa. The Ducks have nobody who will be able to guard Garza.
  11. It is all about the money. The conference tournament is an easy way for conferences to make even more money. I think it is a bit silly for .500 or below to win their conference bid, but those are the rules. We love Cinderella runs, but in the end it doesn't matter. Villanova in 1985 was the lowest seed ever to win the tournament as the 8 seed. They were in a stacked Big East back then and were ranked in the top 20 for most of the season. All it does is bump out another medicore team.
  12. I don't have a problem with schools saying other in-conference schools are not an option for transfers, unless they are in the kids home state. A kids home state schools, should never be allowed to be blocked. I understand these are 18-20 year old kids and they make mistakes in choosing which school to go to. However, there are 125-130 Division 1 football schools. Reducing the option by 10-14 schools isn't a huge burden to the kids.
  13. Two different sites giving different players the same award. Happens all the time. AP gave it Duarte, Pac 12 gave it to Mobley. I find it odd another site is handing out conference awards, but OK.
  14. I think the pollsters don't like the close game wins. Looking really bad against USC didn't help. Win their 1st game in the P12 and they don't fall below a 6 seed. Win the P12 tournament and I believe they could move up to a 4 seed. As it has been said before regular season basketball rankings mean very little. It is nice to be recognized, but meaningless when we get down to it. With the way the guys are playing, sweet 16 seems like the floor.
  15. I'm not sure Kiper or McShay do "true" analysis of players, even though they say so. They are talking heads there to sell headlines and content. How serious can you really take McShay when he has the first 4 picks being QBs this year? They are knowledgeable for sure, but true scouts they are not. Their draft order also, isn't based on skill, but what they think the teams will do. However, they love to create discussion. McShay has the Eagles taking a TE with their pick and prefaces it with, Despite the Eagles' glaring weakness at wide receiver, I'm mixing it up with Pitts at No. 6. How much more obvious can they make it, they just throw stuff at the wall and don't care if it sticks or not?
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