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FishDuck Article

Football IS the World’s Most Popular Sport?

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Across the globe, various sports have developed loyal fan bases, yet some are much larger than others. Although the lines have previously been blurred regarding the world’s most popular sport, Sports Show states that association football (soccer) now leads the way. As per their data, the sport has an estimated following of 3.5 billion fans. By comparison, cricket, which ranks ...


Read the full article here...

Two Sites: FishDuck and the Our Beloved Ducks forum, The only "Forum with Decorum!" And All-Volunteer? What a wonderful community of Duck fans!

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You lost me when you inserted, (soccer) after football. 




Actually well done, amazing amount of research and an interesting take!

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For me, soccer is like watching a football game with a final score of 6 to 3. I know that many people enjoy the game. It just is not a sport that I really watch. I have never recorded a soccer game so that I could watch it later.


Hockey can be entertaining. 

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Thanks for the information Mr BOB and it might never change. All's I know is they can have Soccer because it's boring and a snooze fest to boot. Even though the way the general population now is messed up way more than ever. I mean Football is getting to the point I no longer want to watch the NFL because of the ridiculous " MONEY " these people make. The show boating I cannot stand and it's like whenever players do that crap it's selfish and it's about them. I like College Football more and I'm even growing tired of it also.


Its so about eh BIG programs that it's so obvious and places like 247 which is CBS Sports people. Who does CBS Sports promote? That's simple enough the " SUCK " I mean the SEC and this is obvious. Evidently the guys over there forgot about our 1st amendment with the right to say how we feel about stuff in a tactful and it's ok to disagree with other people and that's what life is about we can agree to disagree. I'm the type of person that shoots straight from the hip and I tell it like it is. I call people out especially if their LYING about something and those young writers over there don't like to be called out.


Well I'm sorry then be honest about what you say. Those guys think there experts on Sports and it's quite funny. So anyways it's hilarious when  it comes to recruiting and when the Ducks get a high caliber player that say was a 5 star on lets just say about every other recruiting site and including there's if they sign with Oregon they drop their ranking. Its a fact and they know it's true. I got quite a few of the others on there to start rumbling about that also. Its sad that the NCAA, people like them have any influence over the game but unfortunately they do.


So I could go on and on about this so I'll just say I've grown tired of the hypocrisy that they constantly feed you and then when you call them out on it they don't like that. So either way I will never chance American Football for that boring game with the checkered ball. I love FISHDUCK though and everyone is just good down to earth people who are all trying to entertain us all and I'll just say thank you guys you all do a great job. Thank you guys.

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I've watched Soccer on TV, purposely watched Timbers, and World Cup matches. The players are athletes and I respect what they do. But, when it comes down to it, I don't understand the game. Other than learning the best way to kick the ball, dribble it, that's the term, down the field. I don't understand what there is to practice?


 A player has the ball, he kicks it another player, and he or she does the same thing, and eventually one of them tries to kick it in the net. The entire game, and Extra time seems completely random. The only time it's really "competitive" is the shoot-out, kicker against goalie, and that favors the kicker 80% of the time. So, Soccer fans enjoy!

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