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  1. My vote goes to Phil Knight and his team that helped change the Oregon brand. Btw…Brooks recruited a local QB named Chris Miller. Miller’s success with an undersized OL in front of him started our string of success. Miller was followed by Musgrave, and ONeil.
  2. Rashada was given $150,000 by Florida booster so he could pay back monies he had already received from a John Ruiz Miami NIL deal. They gave him the money so that he could avoid possible litigation for breaking that NIL contract. Too funny.
  3. Some good athletes in the family. Get smoked in a pickup basketball game against them…lol Welcome to Oregon.
  4. After leadership failed the PAC 12 for far too many years, I accepted the move to the BIG 10 quickly. To stay viable in collegiate sports currently costs the Ducks in excess of $130 million a year. Going down with the sinking wreckage of the PAC 12 was not a viable option. When billions of dollars are being paid for broadcasting rights, and salaries of coaches are starting to exceed $10 million per year, What possibly could go wrong? sigh….
  5. With households eliminating the all encompassing cable subscription packages, and choosing tailored streaming, this is just another add-on. A subscription to this “service” is simply tailored to the sports fans wallet. They will start with a “friendly” entry price, and then it will increase to whatever the market can afford. Content is always an issue with subscription services. If this becomes the only way to watch Duck football I will subscribe. However, most of it, I will never watch.
  6. I think teams have to be good on this list to consistently bring in sellout crowds that will make a lot of noise. The Autzen crowd has been measured as high as 127 decibels on the field. Anything sustained over 120 decibels will damage hearing.
  7. The click speech is always worth a revisit. The buff chip, and the Texas Tech videos, were my favorites from last year. The buff chip players took on the bad boy persona of their coach before the game, and deserved to lose by more than the final score. The Ducks almost sent both of Deion’s kids to the hospital with the beating they took from our “small team”.
  8. Had the pleasure of meeting Admiral John Dick, who was a forward for the Tall Firs, while I attended U of O. He enlisted into the Navy in WW 2 as an aviator and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. His jersey (#18) has been retired by the Ducks, and an award in his name is given to the top defender each year. He was an advisor for the Sigma Nu fraternity and would frequently drop in to review our finances. A true gentleman.
  9. It simply dilutes the conference media value. Does Utah become their elite team? They can’t be a huge media market darling. Add the rodents and Cougs to the conference and does the conference media value increase by over $50 to $60 million per year? I doubt it. The rodents sports programs will financially collapse without a significant increase in future revenue. They are not bargaining from a position of strength. They have to be hoping somebody with CFP revenue sharing picks them up. However, adding them decreases the share given to existing members. As far as any remaining PAC 12 assets, attorneys and a judge, may need to rework a final distribution plan.
  10. The only NFL facility that I have toured is the 49er’s. Their entry is impressive in that it displays 5 Super Bowl trophy’s. Beyond the entry, Oregon has better facilities and amenities. Oregon’s new indoor practice facility will be a nice addition. However, Oregon really needs to add a few Championship trophies to display for the finishing touches. That is the ultimate achievement for the team, coaches, top donors, and fans. Can Oregon stay healthy enough to win one this year?
  11. The Polynesian Bowl website has a list of players that they invite each year. It invites top high school players to participate, and many have Polynesian ancestry. While not a comprehensive list of Polynesian players, the website reflects that many invitees are actively recruited.
  12. Many successful college QB’s may never deal with self doubt and the backlash of negative sports media reporting. Bo Nix has been through that emotional rollercoaster and elevated his game to secure a job in the NFL. I have no grand predictions about his future career, but the mental fortitude needed to overcome adversity is a difficult trait to measure. Nix has done it before, and probably will do it again.
  13. He plays at a smaller high school, but looks like he isn’t just running over smaller players like a Thomas Tyner. Tough to stay healthy trying to run everyone over. Good short burst and speed. Nice catch for the Ducks.
  14. The long-term exposure to SoCal exhaust fumes is a main contributor to cognitive impairment. It is common to find the afflicted to share their nonsensical thoughts on social media. Many will also demonstrate a superiority complex that is loosely based upon ancient history.
  15. The turnover rate of players when you take into account graduation, players with NFL aspirations, the transfer portal, and recruiting is tough to keep up with for casual fans of college football. The portal is a game changer. However, it definitely pushes players out of a program. I have mixed emotions about those that choose, or are asked to leave. I always wonder about the conversations that lead to those decisions. Ben Roberts potential is gone, and is replaced with an experienced player. The Ducks have improved as a team, and the reality of high level college football is left in its wake.
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