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  1. To win a championship will require talented players, solid coaches, and decent luck avoiding injuries to key players during the season. Perhaps a schedule where our most difficult competition has to face us at Autzen Stadium. I think coaching is very important, but you must have talented players to coach. On offense, we will need someone talented enough to be mentioned as a potential Heisman Trophy candidate. I am not sure we have that this year. On Defense, the coach needs to figure out how to unleash the talented roster he inherits. Bill Belichick (good coach) d
  2. One point that you make that I think is important is that a “sexy” offense does attract talent. We probably would not have pulled DAT from USC with our sputtering offensive attack. He became a big part of the explosive offense that could score in seconds. Yes, I totally miss that offensive assault. Imagine the numbers that Mariota could have put up if he wasn’t pulled from most of our games early. Could have scored 100 points a few times.
  3. I hope to see our Ducks win a championship as much as anyone. Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey. New coaches , new players, all part of that journey. If I never see the Ducks win the National Championship I still have had a great experience. At least we’re not Beaver fans.
  4. 3:26...Masoli takes off, delivers a shot and makes the first down...perfect!!!! Pivotal play on 4th down to decide if the Ducks or Beavers go to the Rose Bowl.
  5. Older video, but thought I would post it since many of us missed attending games last season. The video has some nice highlights, but it does a good job capturing some of the reasons Autzen is “Home”. The footage of the walk across the footbridge to Autzen on game day...brings back nostalgic memories....sigh.
  6. Historically speaking, OSU is generally our last game of the season. I don’t think that sequence will be the final schedule.
  7. In his defense, Shough was running a new offense with little practice time and reps. Perhaps under different circumstances he would be our returning starter. He did seem to have tunnel vision, which i define as not seeing pass coverage that well, and lacked patience in Moorehead’s offense. It was apparent that his confidence took a hit and he started to look desperate to make plays. Unfortunately, when the team needed better play from the QB, he wasn’t able to deliver. A QB struggling on a team expected to win is not an enviable position for the QB, or the coaches. The coaches looki
  8. We have seen some incredible play at QB for many years. Some of that play can be viewed in the highlights section of the “repository” which is located on this website. Always available for Ducks to get their winter “fix” of well played football. I always thought Chris Miller got the ball rolling (or with football maybe bouncing?) back when we were in dire need of help. With maybe a few hiccups over the years, there is a long list of very capable QB’s that wore the Duck jersey.
  9. Justin Herbert, the NFL ROY, ran out of eligibility. BTW, Oregon’s weight room beats Alabama by a long shot...now we need to beat them on the field.
  10. I agree Charles. The quality of Hayward Field and the other facilities available to Oregon’s student athletes is amazing. Walking into Hayward Field just screams this is “big time” athletics. Phil Knight’s love of sports shines on the facilities he has been involved with on Oregon’s campus. This is his “ Crown Jewel”.
  11. I like the Oregon Football Vault...treasures are locked away inside the repository? Kind of rhymes with lavatory as well...Lol Sorry Charles just following the gist of Notalot’s comment.
  12. Track Town USA... The most Iconic track in the USA...Remember moving from Mac Court to the Matthew Knight Arena? This is like that, but even more impressive.
  13. Cristobal is perfect for Oregon, his work ethic sets a very high standard, and is an example for everyone associated with the team. He is recruiting at a level never seen before in Eugene. He is bringing in high caliber players that may give us another shot at a National title. Will he win a championship? I don’t know, but players and coaches are noticing his recruiting success. That makes the Ducks an attractive destination for both. I say don’t change a thing.
  14. What do I want as a Duck fan?...never lose to the Rodents is high on my list. It just makes Rodent fans even more annoying. However, I have to admit that I always cheer for OSU whenever they play UW. Young players make mistakes and we certainly had a lot of them on the field last year. So many variables contributed to make 2020 a disappointing year for Duck football. What excites me now is the number of young players that now have game experience, they should play much better as a team going forward. The coaches are definitely bringing in young talent with a lot of potential. I am v
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