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  1. Makes you wonder if the Canes did their due diligence on him. Or watched any game of his-ever.
  2. Man O man CJ, that was me. Maybe I’m regressing emotionally as I age, but for my own mental health I had to turn games off early, like first quarter early, for the sake of my own sanity and to salvage weekend. With the exception of The OSU win(thank you Joe Morehead), most of our wins felt like mirages that shoulda been losses, and felt like losses.
  3. Well said and I couldn’t agree more. Watching our Ducks this year started to remind me of Carrol’s Trojan teams that were all about flash and short on fundamentals-like basic tackling. Those Trojan teams seem to under utilize their talents as we did this year. I’ve been wondering for a while how the Boise States, the BYU’s, I’ll even throw in FSU; manage to year in, year out, regardless of coach, significantly out-perform their talent level.
  4. Apologies if I repeat a previously stated sentiment, but I had to “pass go” and immediately land on replying to this thread. “You can’t go home again!” From everything that was slowly but steadily revealed about CK’s truculent attitude toward recruiting, and his crepé-paper thin skin, his return would be disasterous! If we’re going to go with a cranky offensive savant, go after Mike Leach. You can’t go home again because home doesn’t exist anymore-it’s different now and that’s before discussing what we know CK will be bringing a full u-haul of, back to Eugene!
  5. 100% agreement on Ronnie Lee. But my football favorites is another couple of warriors that I can’t choose between: Michael Clay and John Boyette.
  6. I’m glad I read this thread, I was going to make the same analogy. While being thoroughly disgusted with 4th quarter game management, I’m rooting for MC to evolve. I really do like virtually every other aspect he brings as coach.
  7. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    1. Shawn Rutter

      Shawn Rutter

      Thank you Charles, thanks again for all of your efforts.

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