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  1. Robbie Ashford was our 4th string qb last yr. an now starting for Auburn. Jay Butterfield and Tye Thompson must have been better eh?
  2. If possible, I'd like to see Oregon go to the Big if only to avoid the Pac 12 Refs. It is truly hard to understand how they become a laughing stop year after year. Do we not pay them, just what seems to be the issue?
  3. I have absolutely no problem with the occasional photo of cheerleaders. They add to the excitement of the game; the game is still played at this level for the entertainment of fans. I will allow the individual participants and the school to decide the choice of dress and routine. Yes, these are 20 year olds and I am in favor of their being allowed to express themselves in an exuberant manner of their choice within the culture of University of Oregon. We will each have our own levels of pleasure or discontent with certain photos or routines. This is more a reflection of our own personal perspective based, imo, upon our own layers of cultural preference and upbringing. Let the youth express themselves artistically and athletically as individuals within the freedom provided by our University. The cheerleaders are athletes and artists also and deserve out adulation, respect and freedom to perform to their best abilities. I do not personally care whether we do or do not have the photos, I will deal with my own mind and allow the kids to grow into theirs as best they within their own culture. I trust my daughters to do what they feel best about. and assume our Cheerleading program is watching out for them. I do not choose, personally, to impede the Cheerleaders expression with my own mind or expectations. Go ducks, and this is absolutely not a political statement of any kind. I totally support whatever Charles believes to be best for the health and success of this awesome site and will read, not read, look at photos or not, or comment upon specific comments or articles as I choose, and be grateful for the opportunity to do so.
  4. Always about the money. Disgusting but true. Better, in my opinion, to be in Big than left with a paltry tv pay out in the pac whatever. We will always be as competitive with equal payout, as our donors choose to be. First thing to do is to beat GA and then win the Pac 10 this year. Life is in the moment, the rest is just a mental exercise.
  5. IMHO, as long as the Ducks have the support necessary to pay the big NIL bucks, We will be fine wherever!
  6. As much as I wish we could go independent, I agree with David Marsh comments above.
  7. This is a reasonable synopsis. Fortunately it is out of our hands as mere fans lol. I will trust Mullens to do what he thinks best with whatever support Phil Knight and associate are willing to support. Go Ducks. I will come regardless.
  8. He has seen Mario s character up close, so whatever.
  9. I absolutely agree with Jon Joseph on this one. I do though appreciate the coaches that did stay for doing so; just not as acting Head Coach, when we had a classier option at home.
  10. Maybe.. Is certainly thought provoking , which is usually good.
  11. I applaud AB for hanging in in the face of criticism and injuries without a peep of discontent or negativity! He was likely as frustrated by Mario s offense as the receivers and fans. Good luck AB in your future endeavors!! Thank you for being a Duck.
  12. Defense came out fired up. I congratulate them! Offense came out with AB and Marios game plan. This is offensive impotence as it was all season. Our experienced, renown offensive line has no clue how to pass block.
  13. Between this and the Helfrich Alamo Bowl, I hope to never hear the word Alamo again. And lol, I was born in Texas. So glad the season and all the coaches are gone. I have great hope for next couple season. I think maybe our current coaches are just stupid. There I am done ranting for the season.
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