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  1. He has seen Mario s character up close, so whatever.
  2. I absolutely agree with Jon Joseph on this one. I do though appreciate the coaches that did stay for doing so; just not as acting Head Coach, when we had a classier option at home.
  3. Maybe.. Is certainly thought provoking , which is usually good.
  4. I applaud AB for hanging in in the face of criticism and injuries without a peep of discontent or negativity! He was likely as frustrated by Mario s offense as the receivers and fans. Good luck AB in your future endeavors!! Thank you for being a Duck.
  5. Defense came out fired up. I congratulate them! Offense came out with AB and Marios game plan. This is offensive impotence as it was all season. Our experienced, renown offensive line has no clue how to pass block.
  6. Between this and the Helfrich Alamo Bowl, I hope to never hear the word Alamo again. And lol, I was born in Texas. So glad the season and all the coaches are gone. I have great hope for next couple season. I think maybe our current coaches are just stupid. There I am done ranting for the season.
  7. I think Mario is still coaching this team, Worst Oregon offense I can remember in modern history!! Defense playing hard considering. I have wondered all season, why is our offensive line considered so good? I do not see it. I will give it one play in second half and if AB comes back out Im done.
  8. Same in the 60s when it was the Rose Bowl and not also home of UCLA.
  9. So glad he is gone! Liars and snakes are a plenty in the swamp.
  10. Grace and compassion are what make our world worth living in! So glad the a__h____ are not able to post their ignorance and lack of civility on here. Merry Christmas and Happy Healthy Year to all!
  11. I guess beating the Beavers not so impressive for Ducks after all lol Beavers embarrassing Pac 12.. Which is hard to do these day haha..
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