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  1. The only reason why the Pac 12 is left out of the playoffs is EAST COAST BIAS! *sees the statistics.* *slinks away*
  2. I would say that if Brown comes back for another year and everyone else stays, it would be a really full QB room for this day and age. And all of the young ones were fairly highly rated coming out of high school - Millen would be the lowest. I can imagine that once the pecking order gets sorted out, there will either be a couple transfers or position changes, as NogerO mentioned.
  3. Looking at sports-reference.com, over the last five years their record is .4833 by my math. If you are going to engage in massive cheating, at least show some results on the field. I guess USC could teach them something there! A joke indeed!
  4. Great article and so many good comments which left me saying - I was going to say that! I'd add my wholehearted support that the weak leadership of the PAC 12 was on full display this last season, and essentially made it into an 'exhibition season' as far as any chance of playoff consideration. Not that I think any of the teams would have been worthy even if they'd played 12 games. But who knows, with opt outs and all the rest. A final thought is that, IMHO, whether you win or lose a bowl game really doesn't have much long-term effect on national perception. There can be exceptions:
  5. I was a few years younger and sitting with my parents. The only things I remember are 1. I felt really, really cold by the end, 2. A couple drunk guys got in a fight one section over, and 3. nothing memorable happened in the game.
  6. This made me almost snort coffee out my nose: "and even in my youth a flat-out Troll. (How else would I know so much about Trolls?)" Good job, Mr. FishDuck! You could have been responsible for a ruined keyboard! But, of course, I think if anyone says they have never engaged in troll-like activity, about some topic, at some point in his or her life from birth until now, they are probably suppressing bad memories! As I've said before in my short time on the site, I am one who did sit through the Toilet Bowl, and many more bad experiences. It's not because of any great moral v
  7. Saw this Canzano article which raised some good points, including what the NCAA is doing to their overall brand with the current playoff format. Interesting op-ed.
  8. In my most honest opinion - Having a good community that reports inappropriate content which has been added is your best bet. I mentioned to you privately how Reddit is set up. Obviously you can find some horrible communities on Reddit, but also some very nice ones. I tend to join and stick with the nice ones. Nothing to do with sports, but people are legitimately nice and most people follow the rules; there are methods to report to a moderator; they will actually down-vote nasty responses, report them to moderators, and even reply personally by telling people to shape it up. I
  9. I have a feeling that the Wazzu game was an aberration - maybe he and Leach had a side bet? Haha. But yes, I guess since the USC game was the last one I watched - I didn't see the bowl game, thankfully - I really liked what I saw there through large stretches of the game. Lots of shotgun, seemed to be very disciplined in clock management. The first long drive of the second half was beautiful and I think won the game right there. I hope we see more of that next year.
  10. Just to put a contrary idea out there - I think the Chip/Mark offenses were more like the Loyola Marymount offenses in basketball back around the late 80's - pick the pace up so much and outscore everyone to the point where they can't keep up. If you are shooting at the basket every 5 seconds, you will obviously end up with more baskets per game and points than a team that slows it down and runs time off in the half court. But I think there can be advantages to both ways. When I watched the USC game this year, I thought it was a good example of how running off clock in a disciplined
  11. My only issue with this is that it doesn't seem like there are enough independent teams these days to really make that work. Who is there other than N.D. and BYU? And I'm not even sure if BYU is still independent right now? It seems like that would essentially make a playoff system where one of the 8 would always be N.D.
  12. Haha - they were not ALL my most hated, but I get your point. I tend to be very regional in my preferences for games in which I don't really have a team that I follow. Pac-12 north over south. Pac-12 over anyone else. West over East. Midwest and West over East and Southeast.
  13. I think that making the time frame short (i.e. five minutes) is probably designed to limit people getting in heated arguments and then going back to modify a previous comment. So they can say "See, I never said that!" In the setting & community that you have created here, I doubt that's much of a problem. So maybe err on giving more time to edit.
  14. I vote for Cale Millen, and if he gets hurt, Bradley Yaffe! Granted, this might be just because I like to root for the underdogs. But remember - who has the second-longest scoring run by an Oregon QB in school history? Don't shade the walk ons! More seriously, in my heart of hearts, I would like to see our offense either feature a "pro" style QB (who can scramble or bootleg on occasion) or a "dual" style QB, who truly puts the defense on the horns of a dilemma with his legs. Herbert just put together - arguably - the best rookie season ever for the Chargers. They were not using
  15. I agree with that. Although I will say that upsets DO happen in football, even if they might be rare compared to basketball. And if you aren't playing, you don't get that chance.
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