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  1. I agree that this is really sad. Also, I am really surprised this case was not settled before trial. Lots of unflattering details now being aired in public. One interesting nugget unrelated to the Brenner case...Greatwood reached out to Taggart to inquire about coaching OL after Taggart was hired. Taggart never responded.
  2. This reflects my sentiment as well. I was not a huge fan of the product on the field during MC's tenure. But, I certainly appreciate the results in the past three seasons. Two conference championships, two ten win seasons, and a Rose Bowl victory. Most programs would kill for those results.
  3. Hope he likes running it up the middle. Over and over again.
  4. This about sums it up. I had resigned myself to the LSU/Coach O scenario. Poorly coached, unimaginative football but so much talent that NC contention was always within reach. I will be much more excited for kickoff next season with the new coaching staff in place.
  5. One other potential issue...MC negotiated for the job before the sitting head coach was fired. I think that is a big 'no-no' in the coaching fraternity.
  6. Hard to argue against this. Given the timing of everything and listless showing against in Vegas against Utah, I think it is more likely than not that his post Civil War trip to Miami included more than just a visit with his mom. And, that he was checked out for the week leading up to the Pac-12 championship. Disappointing.
  7. I Agree. I still do not believe Chip will be the hire. Rather, I believe Mullens is being methodical about the coaching search and interview process. Wilcox, Sitake, and Chip deserve interviews but are more likely potential fallbacks. This process proved successful when Altman was hired. But, it is very different than recent football HC searches. Miami basically had a list of one and went all in. And, were extremely sloppy along the way.
  8. He is still clearly an elite offensive coach. I have no doubts the Ducks would be *fun* again if he is HC. However, I have major concerns about his ability to hire top-notch coaches, specifically on defense, and his ability to recruit. So if he is hired back, why not include contract incentives for defense and recruiting rankings? And, while we are at it, why not include a massive claw back if he gets the Ducks in trouble with the NCAA again?
  9. That should certainly be part of the answer to number 2. They should still ask the question.
  10. 1. You have not demonstrated the ability to sustain a championship level offense during your time as Cal HC (average 340 total yards in past four years, championship level is 500+ yards). How do plan on improving that if you are hired as HC at Oregon? 2. You have not demonstrated the ability to secure championship level recruiting classes (2022: 63rd overall, 2021: 28th, 2020: 39th, 2019: 43rd, 2018: 42nd). How do plan on improving that if your hired as HC at Oregon? 3. You would have significantly more resources at your disposal as Oregon HC than at Cal. How will you leverage your network to ensure that you are able to land top notch assistants? What else?
  11. I'm ready to move on but this is an intriguing subplot. Was the ultimate choice between returning to Oregon under his previous contract and a big raise from Miami? I wonder because my understanding is that the new contract was offered before the P12 championship loss against Utah, but Cristobal did not sign it right away. Could it be that Mullens (and others) reconsidered after the poor showing in Vegas and the not-so-secret dalliance with Miami?
  12. This is very similar to my thoughts. As a college football fan, I will be curious if there are any obvious changes to Cristobal's coaching style at Miami relative to Oregon. However, right now, I expect more of the same. Inconsistent efforts leading to big wins and head scratching losses.
  13. I like symmetry. Mario started his tenure as HC getting outclassed by a less-talented opponent in the 2017 Vegas Bowl. He ends his tenure as HC getting blown out by a less-talented opponent in the inaugural, Vegas-hosted Pac-12 championship game. In both games, the Ducks looked disorganized, unprepared and not properly motivated. In between, we experienced a lot of highs and lows. Win against Ohio State at the Horseshoe, Rose Bowl victory, 3-0 against UW. We also lost to a terrible Stanford team this season, got blown out by Utah twice in 2021 and once in 2018, and lost the 2020 Civil War against a less-talented Oregon State team. I view Cristobal's departure very differently and in a more favorable light than that of Taggart. Mario stayed for four seasons, had memorable achievements as Ducks HC, and re-stabilized the program after previous leadership failures. Back to symmetry. I will not root against Cristobal in Miami. However, I will snicker if he has to call a timeout before the first offensive play from scrimmage against Southern Miss.
  14. Seems selfish in the context of playing for a 9-1 team with years of college eligibility remaining. However, when Pittman signed in 2019, he was probably was not expecting Redd and Johnson to still be on the team as super seniors this year. Would obviously be more touches for him (and the other WRs) if those guys were not on the two-deep.
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