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  1. 1. The Ducks are fun to watch on offense again. After four years of repetitive, play-not-to-lose offense, the new approach is really refreshing. Balance, creativity, and points on the scoreboard. 2. The Ducks are improving. Obviously, easier competition after week one helps, but the defense looks night and day better in the past two games. In Atlanta, the Duck defenders were not only outclassed physically, but also often looked lost and consistently missed tackles. Yesterday, in contrast, defenders were flying to the ball and tackling was excellent for the most part. This indicates good coaching and development. 3. Lots of guys are playing...and playing well for the most part aside from the two series with the backup QB. Yesterday, the back-up OL got a series early in the third quarter with Nix and the other starters still playing resulting in a touchdown. The backups on defense played most of the fourth quarter and made some plays. This is a great trend for several reasons...1) backups will be more game ready if they have to step in due to injury, 2) more film to review for development and improvement, and 3) more playing time hopefully leads to less transfer portal activity after the season. Go Ducks!
  2. These keys are all important but I suspect #1 Bo Nix will be critical to determining success or failure. So far this year, Bo Nix is 49-70 (70%) with 5 TDs and 2 Ints with one game against an excellent defense and another in a de facto scrimmage. I expect BYU's defense to fall somewhere in the middle of the first two games and be on par with most of the Pac-12 defenses. So, I expect Nix to to throw for around 200 yards with 2 TDs and 1 Int. That should be enough for a victory as long as the Ducks are successful with other keys. Go Ducks!
  3. It's still early but here are a few statistics that so far are very similar to the 2021 season and would seem to be important to overall team success. QB Rating - 2022 (Bo Nix): 141.9, 2021 (Anthony Brown): 140.1 Rushing Yards per Game - 2022: 201.5, 2021: 202.4 Total Defense Ranking: 2022: 77th, 2021: 72nd I think QB rating and total defense are most important to improve if we want to see better overall team results this year.
  4. I agree. My biggest positive takeaway is that the lopsided score allowed for a lot or reps for the backups. Under the previous coaches, I suspect that it could have been two score game at halftime under as they would have used the game to demand 'physicality' by repeatedly running it up the middle. So, starters would have have to stay on the field for longer meaning more chance for injuries and less reps for younger players. Also, is just me, or does the OL play seem more cohesive this year relative to the past couple years?
  5. Welp…so much for the buyout concern…lol
  6. Yep….nice TD run from the walk on yesterday.
  7. His buyout drops by half on October 1st. Seems likely he stays on for a few more weeks...
  8. Good to see a lot touches for the top-four running backs but I wonder if the coaches will tighten the rotation as the season progresses. Based on the first two games, my order is listed below. I suspect it differs from that of coaches based on the playing rotation but who knows at this point... 1. Dollars: good patience and vision and nice burst when he hits the hole. Also the best pass catcher among the running backs and demonstrated good blocking. Looks like the most well rounded back. 2. Cardwell: essentially 1b to Dollars' 1a. Also good patience and vision and showing the ability to shed blocks and move the pile forward. Also some nice pass catches out of the backfield. 3. Irving: he is a solid RB but not a good pass catcher. The top-three here would be my preferred rotation. 4. Whittington: seems like a gadget back. Good speed and quickness but lacks vision and is undersized. 5. James: he didn't really flash (who did?) in his reps against Georgia but passes the eye test. What do others think?
  9. Will be interesting to revisit this topic in a month or so. I suspect the Ducks will be significantly higher on the list by then.
  10. As a Duck fan, I agree with the second statement here. He left the program in much better shape than he found it. Big difference between his departure and that of his predecessor. So, why 'the thing' with MariØ amongst Duck fans? He is disorganized. Literally had to a call a timeout before the first play from scrimmage in his first home game in 2018. He is a terrible in-game strategist. Pulled defeat from the jaws of victory in big games against Stanford in 2018 and Auburn in 2019 due to boneheaded fourth quarter decisions. He does not play the most talented players. He stuck with mostly ineffectual, 3* players at WR and RB in 2021 while leaving more talented underclassmen on the bench for most of the season. Check out the offensive explosion in the Holiday bowl when the best players actually played. He is thin-skinned. Threw a temper tantrum due to some boo birds in a home game against Cal in 2021. His teams play down to the competition. See games against bad teams in 2021 - Arizona, Cal, Stanford, and Washington. Games were either too close for too long (Arizona, Cal, and Washington) or lost (Stanford). So, good luck to Miami fans for the next couple of season. No doubt MariØ will wow you all with recruiting victories in the off-season but prepare yourselves for maddening on-field performances in the fall.
  11. I'm not sure I agree. Oregon was consistently a top-ten program for seven years from 2008-2014. Basically, the time period in which Chip Kelly had influence on the program. Not what I would consider a flash in the pan. What is more alarming is the steep drop-off from 2015-2021. In that context, the success in 2019 likes like an aberration. Given the increase in talent levels (based on recruiting rankings), I view weakness in 2020 and 2021 as a further indictment of the previous coaching staff. End of season college football rankings as follows: 2021: 22nd 2020: 25th 2019: 5th 2018: NR 2017: NR 2016: NR 2015: 19th 2014: 2nd 2013: 9th 2012: 2nd 2011: 4th 2010: 3rd 2009: 11th 2008: 10th 2007: 23rd
  12. Top-three QB recruits from historical classes is shown below. The takeaway for top-ranked QBs is that for every home run like Trevor Lawrence and C.J. Stroud, there is a bust like Davis Mills or Hunter Johnson. And, a bunch of middling guys like D.J. U, Spencer Rattler, Jayden Daniels, Shea Patterson, etc. Bo Nix could be considered middling at this point but I am hoping for a transcendent 2022...lol. Bottom line, I would rather the Ducks use their NIL budget on elite HS talent at projectable positions - OL, DL, LB, etc. And, for more proven QBs in the transfer portal. 2020 1. Bryce Young 2. D.J. U 3. C.J. Stroud 2019 1. Spencer Rattler 2. Bo Nix 3. Jayden Daniels 2018 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Justin Fields 3. JT Daniels 2017 1. Davis Mills 2. Hunter Johnson 3. Tua 2016 1. Shea Patterson 2. Jacob Eason 3. KJ Costello
  13. I agree that this is really sad. Also, I am really surprised this case was not settled before trial. Lots of unflattering details now being aired in public. One interesting nugget unrelated to the Brenner case...Greatwood reached out to Taggart to inquire about coaching OL after Taggart was hired. Taggart never responded.
  14. This reflects my sentiment as well. I was not a huge fan of the product on the field during MC's tenure. But, I certainly appreciate the results in the past three seasons. Two conference championships, two ten win seasons, and a Rose Bowl victory. Most programs would kill for those results.
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