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  1. Pace yourself Charles. They can drag you down. Make sure to stand up and look to the sky......then yell..Go Ducks!!
  2. I had the privilege of attending the OU/UO game in Norman back in 2004. Walking to the stadium, I encountered a Lively Sooners fan who started talking smack just a bit harsh. Within about 3 seconds he came to his senses and offered me and my buddy a chair at his Tailgater. It was all in good fun mind you. My experience is nothing but fond memories. It was a beautiful day enveloped with kind fans and BBQ smell for 1/2 mile radius of the stadium. The hospitality was unmatched. We were offered Jack Daniels, BBQ, and bottles of water for the game. Are you kidding me? My take of that experience, to be fair it's who I am to start with but still resonated with me, is that Game Day is a beautiful opportunity to enjoy a nice recreational experience. To see the kindness in humanity puts a smile on my face every time. I go out of my way to promote the beauty of Oregon to any out of state'r. I am careful to Never state, with a serious tone, that Oregon is going to whip the other team. Good natured banter is quickly followed with the desire for a good game and hoping my team wins. Then I 'invite' them to see the sites. I share my decades long history of Western Oregon and the unique sites that leave people in awe. I love/d being treated with respect and dignity. To be included feels good. To say I am better with cynicism or disdain in my voice benefits Noone. To trash another is even worse. And, poor language is the mother of an uneducated mind. Thanks Charles! Thank you for maintaining a high standard. Thank you for making the tough choices. Good ones can have painful consequences. Never forget Charles, some of your readers very well might be elementary school students. They could be looking over dad's shoulder. These little ducklings deserve quality and class, A Forum with Decorum!
  3. Thats a skewed time frame. Oregon had an offense that was new to CFB. When Chipper left, CFB was starting to catch up. Oregon had track guys during those years. How many NFL laden players laced our roster? And, Oregon plays in the PAC which is notoriously average at best. Getting to the top in our conference wasn't hard. Having a 11-1 or 12-0 record isn't as hard as the SEC. I'm being honest and putting my green colored glasses back in the case on this one. It's just my opinion, but we had probably the most viable team in 2001. We had the most electric team in 2012-14. Outside of that? Its been above average at best. Mari's team was loaded with potential NFL talent, but the offense was offensive. I truly believe that DL will take the outstanding roster and build an incredible 'Team'. The coming teams in the next 5 years will consistently be equal to the caliber of playoff teams in said years. USC will be as well. The PAC is going to shine in the coming few years.
  4. We have had lightening in a bottle only twice. 2001 was incredible but an anomoly. 2010 and 2014 was an anomoly as well. Consistent top 10 rankings will need top 10 recuiting rankings as well. This is just a fact.
  5. I might add, these kids do have preferences to where they want to play. NIL is a powerful factor but not the only one. Our salesman, DL and team, has to sell the other benefits of Oregon besides just NIL.
  6. I'm hoping a sense of calm sets in and pay is more like the NFL. Sure you can have a NIL kid come in but pro rate it. $200,000 blue-chipper gets paid like the NFL. They get paid weekly during the season. You don't stay on the roster then the remaining contract is void.
  7. I am torn but leaning to being conservative with NIL money. 1) If these kids can sit out or walk away from a team after getting their pay day, then I side with holding back the cash. 2) There are only so many kids that are top tier QB's. Their families surely want a pay day, but I believe an education and NC's are part of the equation as well. Jackson State will get some, but they aren't going anywhere without $50-$100 million payroll. This leads me to my 3rd point that I am using to lean on. 3) Transfers. Bo Nix comes to mind. aTm is going to load up on 5 star QB's that get paid but don't play. These kids will have their pressure points and will bolt. They will have their NIL money and Oregon will get a freshly humbled kid who is good enough but stands behind 4 QB's. Charles, I agree with you about the importance of QB's, but NIL is going to have a negative affect on the locker room. It's a matter of time. Said QB shows up in a sic $100,000 new car and Joe lineman shows up in a 1978 Datsun 210. Lineman is protecting QB but gets to go back to the frat house is a puff of blue smoke. Believe me, it Will have a measured effect. It's reality, NIL, but so are the coming consequences. Therefore, I am in the camp of limited pay to play. Smart QB's are more important than athletic ones. Developing talent is not a lost cause. Its the slower road, but I believe a 6'5" 4.0 kid that is high 4* will produce consistently great teams. It will take 2 years, sure, but he won't be full of himself and the team will play for him just the same. I'm not saying 5* wouldn't have same locker room success, but I don't believe it's the begin all end all to a winning NC caliber team. Alabama is loaded with high 4* and Georgia is as well. Be careful of the absurd NIL for QB's and RB's.
  8. Being held to a higher standard is greatly appreciated! Sadly, society is gravitating to everyone has 'Rights' but with little to no consideration of your neighbors 'Rights'. I have the Right to express myself but shouldn't demean another human being while doing so. Free speech is a beautiful thing, but isn't free if it attacks someone else's freedom. Ie. their dignity, or their self respect. We can disagree. We can be passionate about said disagreement. But, my opinion is not more important nor believable because I say it louder or with more expletive's. I need to make my case in a succinct way and reason on said point. If I can't sway another, then my point is either wrong or I didn't do a good enough job. Both is on me.
  9. Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!! Dem' Boyz set up College Football for the main event come 10/08/22!!! I will be watching!!
  10. It has occurred to me that there has been a strong focus of Winning being the gage of a successful season. Under normal circumstances, that makes total sense. We have used the metrics of New Coach, new scheme, new...etc..etc. Now, we have 'low' expectations of winning the North with an outside chance of winning the PAC and a playoff berth. Yes, winning should be the focus, of course. But, with so many unknowns this year, I get the feeling its more of a transfer year. Getting an offensive and defensive scheme with your own QB takes time. There are powerful rosters across the nation with NFL talent that have floundered due to lack of continuity and coaching. With that said, I'm going to go out on a limb and categorize this year a transition year. My view of success is a strong growth of scheme implementation. High discipline. Focused assignment completion. Getting these guys to buy in from the 5* to the walk on. All the other stuff will take care of itself if the right foundation is laid. Thats what I'm looking for this year. The caveat is, do we drop to a 6/6 season? That would be a catastrophy. I want a NC as much as anybody. But, even Georgia took 3 years of Lanning to get its NC.
  11. I would like to see some 'Base pay' with incentives type of pay structure. You want $1million? Its $125,000 beginning of season and $125 after bowl game at the latest each year. You transfer and the remaining owed is not owed
  12. I guess I have a slightly different take. While I enjoyed your innocence lost post, and can definitely relate, I struggle to see 'Innocence' lost. And I will throw in a reply to LADuck as well. Innocence lost would be High School sports getting paid IMO. College sports have always been getting paid. Before we go off the rails, I never went to college but am a relatively successful entrepreneur. I simply look at the P/L sheet. It takes a dedicated kid to get a scholarship. Dedicated in the class room, dedicated in the weight room, and dedicated on the field. That investment is rewarded with a 4/5 year 'contract to play sports in exchange for a full ride scholarship. Room and board along with tuition and associated costs for schooling. Every one of these kids has illusions of grandeur, as they should. Good enough to get a scholarship at a big 5 school is hitting the big time. But, make no mistake, these kids Are Getting Paid with a scholarship. The pain that I see with 'Fans', is that while we bleed green and yellow, its by choice of loyalty to a school. These kids don't necessarily grow up Oregon fans. They grow up having their family being their biggest fan. Their loyalty is getting a scholarship to a Big 5 school, period. If they are so fortunate to achieve this extremely rare goal then their next goal is to get to the NFL and get Paid. Thats not innocence lost. People don't go to college to acquire $100,000 in debt for no reason. They go to college for the needed education to Excell in their respective vocation so as to get a head start in life financially. College sports is no different. I think what gets lost on most is the disconnect from us fans not liking getting messed with. We hate change. The older we get, the more inclined to being set in our ways. These kids are not going to Oregon because they are loyal to Oregon, they are loyal to themselves and their family. Case in point, Travis Dye. We hope that these kids' loyalty will match our own, and hopefully, after a few years of the college experience, it will. To sum up, these kids have been getting paid, so why not let them get a raise with NIL. And, my green colored glasses point of view is uniquely tinted to my values with my loyalty. Loyalty is fostered through years of investment. It doesn't happen overnight. How many retired at the first job they ever held? If you moved on, why? Was it because you found something better in your eyes, something that, you felt would enrich your fledgling family? Why can't these 'Adults' find ways to enrich themselves as well? Why is this innocence lost? They got 'paid' with a scholarship. I would argue that the innocence lost might of well been when kids received scholarships so many decades ago. Again, maybe its been the fan that has had the skewed view all along.
  13. Tom Brady is an excellent QB, but his bread and butter is boring plays to exciting playmakers. Its mostly between the ears
  14. Great attendance! 42,000, 35,000, or 30,000. It doesn't really matter. It was pretty packed for a Spring game. IMO, it was closer to 30,000. Great day! Sunny and fun doing a tailgater.
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