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  1. There is so much opinion on what should be done with NIL. The bottom line is that we live in a supply and demand society. No one here would like to be limited in salary and locked into a contract time line unless you are paid. Wouldn't you like to get paid and have the opportunity to move to a different job if another employer finds you more valuable than your current one? These kids get one shot to make as much as possible before they enter the working world. Most will never reach the NFL. They can leave college, limited to around 4 years, debt free and set for life. If you could go back in time, what advice would you tell your younger self? Play for a scholarship only, or get an additional $1 million per year by going to 2-3 schools? You would chose the latter. We all would. I believe we tend to associate our ideas based on our Fandom link to a specific school. It gets a bit self-righteous at times especially when we forget how we act along the way ourselves.
  2. LSU has lost to all ranked teams sans one. Bo lost to a ranked team as well, by 3, to the soon to be #3 team. Bo has better completion rating and better record. LSU is not a bad team. Looks to be even better next year. Bonix is simply a better QB. He's a machine. All the drops that should have been caught brings Bonix to 85%. That's unheard of. Bo breaks the completion % record, with 3906 yards and counting, as well as a berth in the playoffs with the #1 offense in the land? Lets add 37 td's along with 6td's rushing, for a total of 43td's combined. Daniels 3577 yards with 36&10 for 46 total td's. Thats less yards and less completion percentage. Soon to be less td's. Way worse record. Please....... Bo'dacious for Heisman.
  3. It has been a conundrum to say the least. If he plays like that against the Ducks, sub 60%??? It's over in a hurtful way.
  4. Its real clear to me. If Oregon was playing a 1 loss #8 Washington team then I could see the danger. But, Oregon is playing the #3 Undefeated Washington Huskies. It's going to be a strangling. I called 38-17 against Beavus. Oregon's defense was much better than predicted. Oregon beats Washington 31-17. And its not going to be even that close of a game. Oregon ends being #3 in the playoffs. They beat Michigan and then play Georgia for it all. Oregon is 2024 Natty Champions!!!! Bo wins Heisman.
  5. Oregon 38-17 0 turnovers 1 sack.... by Mateo.....hehehe 365 yards Bo gets 3-tds
  6. I would leave Texas out as their resume has been dismal with the exception of Alabama. Texas remaining games pale in comparison to Oregons remainjng schedule. I don't see a way that Texas jumps Oregon. I could see Alabama jumping though. Beat Georgia and Alabama has a loss to a #7 ranked team but a win against the #1 team. Thats fair. We simply need FSU to lose and clear up the waters.
  7. I can handle the talk of bubble teams getting left out when we are talking a 12 team playoff. If all conference champions play in the playoff then I'm OK with the rest of the 7 qualifiers. You have absolutely no gripe if you don't win your conference. Getting, or not getting, to the playoffs outside of a conference championship is on you, the team, for not winning. Just win and you are in. Thats the only fair path to a championship trophy.
  8. The Beavs, when they lose to the Ducks, should hang on to a top 25 ranking. #25 to be exact. Also, do we see FSU beating Loiusville in 2 weeks? I don't. FSU lost their QB. FSU ends the season with a loss in their CC. The ACC is left out. This, potentially, leaves 3 one loss teams vying for 2 playoff spots. I love the Chaos!!!
  9. First off, kudos for the rankings reflecting UW being inside the top 4. I don't care where it falls as long as the top 4 are accurate. Now to my gripe. The debate of the best 1 loss teams has been so biased that each time I hear it, I find myself arguing with the screen. Let's be honest and fair here shall we? Alabama has one loss to the #7 team currently. That's worthy of a high ranking. But, do we rank Alabama this high because of their standing inside their conference? Well, kind of. Each conference can't help who they play inside conference. Go through the motions and then win your conference championship. But... Conference perception is really about who you play outside of conference. 1) How does your respective conference handle their nonconference schedule? That's the real test to gauge conference strength. 2) Win loss ratio along with how each conference played each other if you have that data; crossover games to compare scores and the like. For example, Washington smoked MSU 41-7. tOSU did the same 38-3. All intents and purposes, I would rank them equal. However, Utah took Florida to the woodshed with a backup QB with a 24-11 sound thumping. #9Mizz held on for dear life with a last second field goal to squeak past Florida 33-31. Before we get all 'teams are different and grow as the year go's on' whiney, the pundits would have us believe that Alabama has more ranked wins than the other 1 loss teams. Ohhhh reeeeeeaaaally? Ranked? Why? Says who? Again, who did Mizz play noncon? K state was a solid win, I will give you that. But, MTSU? 23-19? If Oregon played down to that level we would be laughed at and proven evidence of having a contributor to a weak conference. Memphis win was 34-27. Another anemic showing for a ranked team in the supposed top conference. My point is supposedly clear. The SEC is weak this year. Georgia looks off and all the pundits have been uttering those words all year. Only the last couple of games have they been looking more crisp, but not like the last two years. Alabama has looked middling. They are clearly playing better as they are picking up steam. Texas keeps flirting with disaster. They have the pieces but just don't look in synq. Next year? Oregon keeps crushing opponents by 1/2 time. So, do you say a team deserves to be in because of past performance? Absolutely! Should they get in if they don't play in their conference championship? Well...depends. If you don't play in your conference championship, then you LOST to a conference opponent during the season. The conference schedule proves who deserves to be crowned conference champion. Its simple, don't lose in conference. But, if all other conferences produce champions with losses, then.... Which brings me to my bull horn mountain top rant. 1) Conference champions from the Power 5 means something. 2) How the conference plays all noncons means something, especially against other P5 schools. 3) closely linked with noncons is the rankings of teams inside your conference. This is reflective of W/L record outside of conference play as well as how you played in said games. And lastly, how do you play within your conference. Do you squeek by or do you dominate? All these metrics means something when we are ranking teams because of opinion and not solely on merit. The ranking of the 1 loss teams is right where they should be. Alabama lost to Texas. You get ranked below Texas, who has a loss. Texas has a loss against #12 OU by 4 points. Solid loss and not a blow out. Oregon has a loss against the #4 undefeated team UW by 3 points. Oregon should be ranked above Texas. It's real clear. Want to add some power to that ranking? Oregon has been getting stronger and strangling its opponents since that loss. Texas has not and Alabama has looked way too middling until these last couple of games. I might even say anemic. "we are who we thought they were...". Now, go play the game in front of you. If Oregon beats UW in the Championship game, against undefeated and #4 ranked UW, then its a beauty contest between Oregon and the loser of the UM tOSU game. If Texas wins their championship game against OSU, then its a win over a 4 loss team to get you into the playoffs? P-shah!!! If Oregon gets into the playoffs with a healthy team then I predict Oregon to win it all. They have the best O-line, fantastic receivers, and the best QB in all of college football with the best accuracy rating. Add to this a top 15 defense and I don't see another team that is its equal sans Georgia. But, even Georgia doesn't have a machine at QB. Duck On!!! Beat the Beavs!!
  10. I love ya Fish.......but you need to step back from the computer screen and wash your hands from your frequent visits to the Cheetos Bowl. Lol Mari⁰ was too involved with that offense. ASU at least was a 'Team'. Now? ASU is hanging on by a thread but is not bare when it comes to heart. However, Oregon has never had a defense like this. Ever. And they are getting stronger. Oregons offense is 1st in the country, not NW, not Conference, but the entire country. Heisman worthy QB runs the ship and a nationally prominent offensive line guards the Cap'n. I rest reeeeeaaaaal easy with this game. Its the next 2 that have my attention. They are going to be a dog fight! Duck On!!!! Now, where's my Cheeto Bowl?
  11. I've railed against Ty this past year. Rightfully so. But, his play this season has been stratospheric. It looks to me that he is starting to understand the offense and make the correct choices in his progressions. Dante has given Oregons coaching staff some reasonable material to work with in evaluating him. I'm totally shooting from the hip, but I wonder if its a good idea to bring in a newbie from the portal for the QB position? Bonix was effectively a senior when he showed up. I would feel more inclined to get an upper classman from a second tier school that has proven himself than a ? mark in Dante.
  12. "The grass isn't always greener" I'm taking my Duck glasses off. 1) Where does my family want to be? Thats a huge draw. DL needs/already has answered that question 2) Get the respect deserved if my final destination is the NFL. Do I need to go to a top school to do that to Segway to the NFL? Is Oregon filling that need? 3) can I make more money moving to a different school? 4) do I have the support from the alumni as well as the school to make the decisions needed? Oregon has more than enough money, environment, alumni support, and prestige to check all these boxes. A(T)M is a dumpster fire. Top tier coach with top tier players. Just can't seem to win. Then the alumni get rid of you 2 years later. Oregon will give DL the time needed to put it all together. He's moving at warp speed. Nah, he isn't going anywhere else as it wont help anything that is important to him.
  13. Apparently U$UC will need a 'Mental Health day' after tonight. At least they won't watch the film, that should help.
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