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  1. Hmm, does Dickey have the ability to see how many people are paying for the card? Does he see the tally BEFORE he makes his choice. Lets say people buy his 'Volunteer' card for $5. 100,000 fans 'Buy' that card. Oregon has 28,000 'purchases', and PSU has 175,000. The payout would be as follows: Tennessee---$425,000.00 Oregon---------$119,000.00 PSU--------------$743,750.00 Where would you go? This reeeeeeeeaaaaaaks!!!!! Hey Coach Lanning? Don't pay'em. The real money goes to the QB and the offensive line. Belichek has been using average wide receivers for years. You give an excellent QB 3 seconds and the other team is toast. An average QB will find the open receiver and make said receiver look above average. Throw some bones at the O-line mi' amigo. Edit: I think I will keep my mouth shut in the future. This is getting real hard in whom to trust
  2. You might be on to something there. While I don't believe thus will be the overall mantra of any said program, I do believe some will utilize that idea more than most. That has me wondering, do you need 105 schollies at work if you can get 'Proven' players from the portal? 3 at every position of talented proven kids. The NFL does it on less. We could do it on 65-70. Those would be active participants. I'm not saying we should go there. However, how much money would be saved going after kids who wanted to NIL up? Better yet, how much TIME would be saved? Not to worry Duck Fans. Its not going to be the norm having a full squad of Portal guys, but it will find its way into our program in incremental amounts, and already has.
  3. Truth should never be the enemy. But, I am reminded that just because you can doesn't mean you should. A few words are always taken out of context and the Young gentleman did himself no favors. He actually created more questions. Some of those, not all, will be about his character.
  4. Uh oh, probably not the best way to share your Resume. I will say though, this is a new world. It doesn't matter if I like it or not, kids these days are going to verbalize to the world their displeasure. It is definitely a lack of respect for authority. It smacks of me'ism. And, I'm guessing, the kid's efforts are really what are being questioned. His heart and desire to find his limits, his potential is being 'Coached' out of him. Some kids dont do well to adverse and tough environments. I wonder what his previous Coaches have to say about his 'Character'.
  5. I truly hope that the stress of this site and all that it entails eases. I am reminded of a true story of a conversation with me and my dad. When, as a teenager, a few decades ago, I was complaining to my father about all the constant barrage of complaining from my work environment and no complements of anything I did right, he turned to me and said, 'you get a check don't ya?'. I hated that answer. It did not validate my feelings. It actually hardened me for a while. While he was right, I hadn't been fired and I was still getting paid, it was tough to hear. Many years later I found the principle and learned valuable life lessons. 1) Rarely will anyone come up to me and say I did a 'good job'. I would have had to of done an outstanding job to be verbally noticed. 2) Most of the time I am going to hear about what I did wrong 10 times more than what I did right. I still get my check (AttaBoy). 3) It's much easier to get offended and spout off than to allow someone else to have an opinion and do it their way. There is more than one way to skin a cat, and my way isn't the only way. The reason I bring this up is because I have come to appreciate people and their individuality. They all have a right to their opinion, and I should respect that. I have given much more leniency to emotional response than I have in the past. But, this doesn't excuse disrespectful dialogue. You are not alone Fish. Maturity, by and large, teaches us these lessons. Others struggle not knowing where their boundaries are. My hat is off to you and I applaud everything you do here. You don't get enough kudos compared to the hassle of disrespectfulness you have to endure. This site is NOT A PUBLIC FORUM. Technically, this is your home. You have invited us into your living room, with the betting site still on in the back ground, and offered us a measure of 'Honored Guest' bestowed upon us. A guest rarely pays when invited to ones home. The hospitality, and cost, is endured by the homeowner and bestowed upon the 'Invited' and Honored guest, at the home owners expense. As a guest, we would never swear in your home, leave our shoes on in your home, stay too long and wear out our welcome in your home. And its a boorish SIN to show ingratitude and display a demanding spirit in 'YOUR HOME'. Fish, you have every right to feel the way you do and every right to put up a 'Decorum' expectation for all YOUR guests. I have yet to find another forum that shares so much, with little to no negative garbage spewed on the digital page. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 36 rule breakers is sad. But, the THOUSANDS that stop by are coming for a reason. You may not hear it enough, but you are deeply appreciated. We can come to your home and share our thoughts and we are grateful you dignify us by protecting us, your 'Guests'. Well done, FishDuck, well done!! P.S. Take a break once in a while. Your moderators can take up the slack and will understand, and its for your health as well.
  6. Right.......there..... Are we a, win at all cost, school? Going down this road just further cements that we have no intestinal fortitude and dignity left. Win at all costs and when we lose then it all crumbles underneath us. I love the beholden to accountability mantra.
  7. I must say I have always been uncomfortable with coaches leaving for a bigger paycheck and these kids have their dreams altered with absolutely no say. Sure, they can transfer if coaching changes, but thats a big pile of do-do. The options that kid had before signing day most likely aren't there today. And, sure, these kid's options aren't limited, Technically they never were. However, I'm glad the playing field has leveled. We fans are the ones to be partially blamed. Who of us is happy that Onterio Smith came to play? Transfer. How about Bo Nix? Transfer. We love a Winner! We Love winning and playing for the Natty. Who of us would rather have Ty Thompson playing QB this year over Bo? ... crickets.. We love the goings on of team building when it benefits us, the fans, but hate it when these kids make decisions to seemingly benefit themselves. Why? Because it might hurt 'My' chances of a PAC-12 championship next year with an opportunity to play for the Natty. We are selfish, and we should own it. I'm mildly frustrated with the bad fans. Mildly, because they have the right to their own opinion, I just wish they were more dignified and respectful. Most fans are excellent examples of good community behavior. We are aghast at a bad call and jump up and down with a roar for the 45 yard bomb for a TD. It goes both ways right? Conzano mentions the former player will never go back to the stadium. Thats sad. He could choose to be a part of the solution and root for His team, Root for the kids even if they struggle. Show how to be disappointed without belittling. Instead, he has chosen to leave 'that seat' to the possibility of another boorish fan. The day of mass movement every year is now officially here. The sooner we accept the off season will be a mass migration, the sooner we will accept that these kids have no more loyalty to us the fans than we do to them. They owe us nothing. They paid in full by showing up and answering the call when the coach says get on the field. I applaud every single player for doing whats perceived as best in his own eyes. It's called freedom. I can choose to change jobs at will. They should be able to as well. Bring on the 5*'s from the Portal!!!
  8. So, serious question. What does the QB field look like next year for the NFL draft? I don't know enough to even make a guess. Thoughts
  9. We are forced to think very differently than we did just last year. The Portal has thoroughly changed recruiting and we see glaring evidence of this with 11 guys currently in from our roster. If we lose 25 kids under normal circumstances each year, graduation and transfers, what happens when the Portal gets added to the mix? This could be 30-35 kids moving every year! Mind numbing to say the least. This brings me to the RB situation. We have 2 in the Portal. They haven't graduated, they simply are looking for other opportunities. That begs the question: Will we 'Lose' 2 RB's to the Portal every year? I'm guessing this is the new normal. One thing I've noticed is that O-lineman seem to be intact. I'm guessing that is the nature of the position. You don't see O-Lineman having stats to a game that the general fan pays attention to. Just a thought. Back to RB's, of all the positions that I'm NOT scared of massive movement, it's RB's. One can find a 'Proven' RB in the Portal every year. A 5* sitting behind 2-3 other 5* RB's. He wants to play AND get paid. I believe the PAC is going to get real good in the coming years with the Portal. Kids usually don't move from Alabama to Oregon for just playing time. But, add some NIL and playing time? Same goes for the other schools. Portal transferring in and out....... I'm not scared. We are about to get real good.
  10. That has already been done for 4 years. He has done that a ton this year. One game, a Bowl game, wont change the Scouts look. The scouts have a ton of film to process and will already know his grade before entering combine. This is all about how healed up his ankle is. The combine will prove that. We fans are Jones'ing for an elite QB playing in a bowl game against an elite QB. We want the 'WIN' baby! But, this game is absolutely meaningless for Bo's NFL future. For the record, I'm ecstatic he's playing! Go Ducks!!
  11. Bo doesn't need to play in the Bowl game to prove anything to the Scouts. That all gets done at Combines.
  12. Sad that a #1 LB fizzled so greatly. Injury really messed with his development, but he should have been a plug and play player. Sadly, he seemed to have me scratching my head and I don't recall ever being 'WoW'd by his game play. I'm really starting to see the benefit of the Portal. There are a ton of NFL players with no stars or at least completely under the radar coming out of HS. Give these kids 2-3 years in College and they, out of nowhere, turn into world beaters. Let someone else develop these kids the first year or two then swoop in with NIL and have a top tier player.
  13. Coach Sanders knows Football. One shouldn't question whether he knows how to scheme and win at ANY level. Its all about the recruitment of players and the attitude from the school room to the locker room to the weight room. If you aren't in it to Win It then you should hit the portal because you are only in it for yourself. Thats what Prime is saying. Portals are for those that are individually driven for selfish reasons. Not in an absolute sense, but by and large its 'I'm going to get mine'. If you are into that then there is the door. Colorado is about to get real competitive. I think what gets missed sometimes, is that nobody wants their "TEAM' to lose. Its common to hear that they are just kids and students first. However, a losing 'TEAM' puts no cheaks in the seats. The Game is played to...WIN. It's not intramural, just for funzies. I'm not buying tickets to see your GPA, I'm buying tickets to see a competitive team in a competitive game and I'm rooting for? Mediocraty? To perpetually lose? Nope. Colorado isn't missing D1 athletes, they are missing Heart. Coach Prime is bringing that in spades! Bowl eligible in 2023, you heard it here first.
  14. Not one game should the PAC be scared of. Every game we all should be favored. We should win them all and soundly.
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