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  1. We haven't completely landed him until the ink is on the paper although if last yrs trend of early signing day signing everyone without losing 1 player. I can't wait
  2. Do none of u think the key injuries have affected this team as far as improved production in the offense. I look at the OSU game and then the loss of CMaC our best blocking TE, CJ Verdel our only power running back because of the loss of S Dollars, constant reshuffling of our offense line and what we already knew at the start of season that AB provided us a proven game manager at best but better than sacrificing the season with a freshman. This is why I'm not disappointed and in fact especially happy. We are 6 and 1 and in the hunt for the playoff, the conference championship and the Rose Bowl. What is wrong with that? How can anyone be upset because things aren't pretty and it's not going the way WE think it should. WE are not with these players who are still kids on the field every day, like our coaches. They are the professionals, not us FANS. Gooo Ducks
  3. I put a post in "I Love This" about my feelings about this topic.
  4. I sure hope all the turmoil and put downs of MC will not help him leave us. I know that if I put my heart and soul into something and get very little respect and appreciation for my hard work it sure didn't make me want to stay where I was working, no matter how much money I got paid. This is the first time we have had enough depth to with-stand all the key injuries and still keep winning. That alone is the main reason everyone should get down on their knees and be so thankful and pray he doesn't leave. His recruiting is so top notch I doubt we will ever be in a better position than we are now. Goo Ducks
  5. #1. Never give up attitude which is a reflection of the coaches #2. This is what recruiting does for you. Depth Depth Depth!!! #3. D J Johnson is an animal as a blocking TE which we needed since we lost our best blocking TE C Mac. Webb and the 2 Frosh are hit and miss. #4 T Dye can finally block which is huge. #5 Does anyone know what the PAC's record is in nonconference record is? I do know we have the best win.
  6. I sure hate the way our society is changing. What happened to respect and civility? I for 1 will never boo. I believe there is never a reason to do so. To me it's called sportsmanship. This is the first time I have heard boos in Autzen. It didn't look or sound good to me.
  7. I gave up gambling 30 yrs ago. Ducks 31-24 /3/3/330 Great game for KT. VMc AB DWill
  8. I for one am not upset with coach. I am a huge Chip K fan and haven't cared much for our team's offense since. Until now. I don't care how pretty it is, I want 1 thing. A team that plays hard, never gives up, overcomes obstacles and wins if it happens. I believe this is this team. If it means being conservative so be it. It's so easy to be a Monday morning QB. We don't have enough information to make an informed opinion about what is going on no matter what we think we know. The coaches do. So let them coach. We have to remember these players are still kids. College is a lot different than HS. It takes time to adjust except for maybe 1% of the players. We are a very young team compared to every other team out there, we have been hit with a huge amount of injuries especially in key areas and are making dumb mistakes at key times. A young team will do this, especially on the road. I have watched the Ducks since the 60's and am very proud of them and will be in the future. Would any of you trade for any other team in the PAC? I didn't think so. Go Ducks and MC. I hope we have a long time together.
  9. I disagree with booing. There are a lot of factors that influence a downfield passing game. Ability to block by the offensive line TE and RB, and stretch the field WR. We lost our starting best blocking TE C MaC. They only let our best blocking and runner CJ play sparingly and we still lost him just like the last 2 yrs, at Stanford. And our best wideout D Will just played his first significant game of the yr. All of their replacements are freshman. We all knew AB was not an elite QB. And yet with all these obstacles we are the 3rd top scorer in the PAC, have only 4 TO on offense, and a 5/1 record. I posit that given how many key injuries, youth and deficiencies this team has had to deal with are the reasons our offense has struggled as much as it's the fault of the coaches. Just my thoughts.
  10. Where would we be this year with the injury bug hitting us so bad without the talented depth we have from our top recruiting of players the last 4 years
  11. It may not be the best but we should be 6 and 0 except for a fluke td by Stanford. He is doing enough to keep the job, especially in the 4th quarter. Booing him was bush league. Points were left on the field in the first half by other players.
  12. I believe that youth does play a part and has every year I've watched college FB. Mistakes like penalties, missed assignments, playing along side each other, leadership, etc. I think losing Cam McCormick was huge for the offense. He started against tOSU and our offense hasn't looked the same since. Also is it possible they peaked for the tOSU game seeing it was such a huge game.
  13. It should help with FB recruitment also.
  14. Here, here. U think dana can or does use the disrespect as motivation?
  15. I don't know but wouldn't it help recruiting if they would be ranked consistently. Also can anything be done about East & middle bias
  16. Has anybody else wondered if we could have got Chris Petersen as our HFC coach? I bet he'd still be coaching and we might have won it all in 2017. God I wanted him for our coach. Does anyone know exactly why he quit?
  17. As far as Dana goes he is always positive but very honest and always teaching. I believe people respond the best to that style in performance related activities although sometimes having to kick some backside is necessary. His defense changing and zone press is the best in the country. Can someone tell me why he's not in the HOF???
  18. Guys this was before taggart took the duck job. I for 1 wanted him back but Mullins said no
  19. Right on. We got a kid from Alabama's back yard. Oh and a huge Mississippian now all we need is Georgia and Florida. Sco Ducks
  20. Only if your on the west coast. The pac is always under ranked. We have toughest league schedule with 9 games. Why don't we do like sec acc big 10 and only play 8 it gives them an advantage the big 12 and us are only league to play 9. And it sure seems the other leagues only play 1 away non conference every other yr or is that only the Alabama tOSU Oklahoma s of the world
  21. Someone mentioned the turnovers. I do remember them killing us
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