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  1. Thanks Log Haulin for the post! It is easy to forget that Oregon’s Musical Programs are also Epic and produce some fine Duck alumni.
  2. Oregon Ducks Women's Basketball Legend Sabrina Ionescu Named Starter in 2022 WNBA All-Star Game - Sports Illustrated Oregon Ducks News, Analysis and More FLIP.IT An Oregon Duck has been named to the WNBA All-Star Game for the second straight year
  3. I like both the La Quinta and the new Hayward Inn across from the MATT. Tailgating just about everywhere!
  4. Start with strapping young athletes with purpose and passion, blend in leaders with outstanding work ethics. Add Equal parts Apple Green and Lightning Yellow, season with a dash of hope, a wing and a prayer. Lean heavily on top cabin assistant coaches to bake in strength, execution, and perseverance until the Kool Aid stands up on its hind legs and swats any opponent into submission! Want some?
  5. I personally don’t want to see Oregon become a Georgia, or even an Alabama. I want to see Oregon rise to a level where they become dominant year after year, so that other teams strive to become like Oregon.
  6. I agree DanLduck, I think we have depth in the QB room like never before. I am not too worried about a starter getting dinged up, as I feel the next 2 in line could probably start on 80% of CFB teams. I also think that any inexplicable pick (not tips) should result in the thrower sitting out the next series and giving #2 or #3 a shot at moving the offense. Might discourage throwing into double or triple coverage.
  7. It is just a matter of time for Sabrina to step out and become a true SuperStar. Her work ethic at honing her craft has always been extraordinary. She simply WILLS herself to succeed. I think the triple doubles will start soon enough!
  8. This is the forum with decorum! If posters can’t be civil, I certainly don’t want to read their drivel. Thanks Charles, for creating and maintaining a happy and safe playground for like-minded Duck fans!
  9. Baseball: Final score: OSU 13, UW 8. Something satisfying about seeing any team from the Great State of Oregon putting a beat down on the dastardly dogs from the north…
  10. Well, the Ducks finished in 2nd place. Congrats to Stanford, but heck of a fight by the lady Ducks!
  11. 4 hoody sweatshirts 2 coats 5 hats 9 polo shirts 2 jersies 6 t-shirts 3 jogging pants 4 pair short, 2 pj pants each grandkid has 1 bill cap 1sock hat 1 t shirt 2 hoody sweatshirts OMG! We are all just ducky!
  12. C’mon guys, there is really no choice here. Little brother at least has OREGON in its name. Black and orange is probably the most common Oregon high school colors, and it is pretty popular on Halloween. Prostitute purple, hooker gold, sniveling butt-lickers and whining curs have absolutely no redeeming qualities. A dog stomping is imminently more satisfying than beating up the kid brother.
  13. Thanks for posting Flyin Vee! Gorgeous venue that can only help bring the strongest and fastest to Oregon! I, like many on here come for all things Ducks! FB, CC, A&T, MBB, WBB, M&W T&F, BB, SB, even Golf! Go Ducks!
  14. I will be happy with two things. The W/L column will sort itself just fine if we get both! I want to watch Dominating Defensive Destruction Delivered with Dreadful Devastation Due to Duck Dominance! Then let Oregon’s Overpowering Offense Orchestrate Overwhelming Ownership of Outplayed and Overmatched Opponents!
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