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  1. Charles, as one who has been gently reminded to be nice, I certainly am glad to hear we trolls have not beaten you down. This is YOUR forum, your house and your rules. If we can’t play nice, we should expect to be sent home! Your time, effort, and FANATICISM all played a part in you designing and maintaining the OBD Forum with Decorum that so many of us look forward to getting our daily Duck fix. I thank you again, for letting us play in your playground. Oh, btw, Mrs. PittDuck thanks you as well, and hopes you don’t let the negativity get you down.
  2. My sentiments exactly 12Duck72, and you said it much more eloquently than I can seem to say it. Thank you.
  3. I hope we learn from this and get our back up QB some playing time. I like the idea posted earlier of having the backup go for two on each TD. Regular opportunities to polish skills!
  4. Wonder how many $$$ this just cost the PAC12?
  5. I thought it might be best record, the Utes certainly earned a trip to the RB!
  6. 40 - 24 Utes 5:29 minutes left in the 4th Q
  7. And the PAC 12 is out of the Natty Race… Did USuC just lose their way into the Rose Bowl?
  8. I wonder how many of us would have jumped at the opportunity to more than triple our income, with who knows how much of it guaranteed? IMHO I think it is more like “strike while the iron is hot!”
  9. I really feel we are becoming more well known for losing a game or two each year to a team we should have beaten. it feels like every year we drop one or two to a team that is inferior (either roster or W/L record) that we had no business losing to. Great Teams win the games they are supposed to. Oregon is not a Great Team yet.
  10. Unfortunately, if DL doesn’t hit a home run with his next OC, he could become another Scott Frost situation…
  11. Felt to me like like he was outa there before the third quarter ended…
  12. It appeared to me that JS and the Beavers just wanted it more. Their offense out played our offense in the end. The Ducks may have won the middle 8, but the Beavers took it to us in the last 12. I am bummed, but not blaming it on the coaches, the defense, special teams, or offense. As much as it was a team loss, it was a team win for the Beavs. For me, losing to the dawgs and the beavers by 3 points each was sickening, and getting blown out by the DAWGS was hard to take, but I am not ready to call for new coaches I think DL got schooled this year, by KS, KdB, and JS. But, at the end of the season, I can live with 9-3 and a Bowl game in his first year.
  13. Thank you for sharing that PD! As Duck fans we truly have a lot to be thankful for! The comparison to last year was impactful. What a great time to be a Duck fan!
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