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  1. UCLA @ Colorado: Boo and...Who?


    Oregon @ Washington State: What do they call that place? The Papoose?


    Arizona @ California: "In front of a crowd consisting of family members...


    USC @ Oregon State: My Lord, if ever both teams could lose.


    Utah @ Arizona State: "Hey! The coaches office is empty! And he's the only one with keys to the stadium!


    Utah @ Stanford: If there is a God in Heaven, the trees find a way.

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  2. Question: If it is there will it be because our players "get it?" Or will it come from the severe decrease in talent across the line of scrimmage? If that's the case all we can hope to be this year is a paper tiger who can thump the EWU's of the world but can't stand and deliver against the good teams still ahead.


    That's why I'm looking forward to the BYU game. Game One told us that we aren't great, and Game Two can only reveal if we are pretty bad. No margin of victory over the Eagles will tell me a thing., but if we struggle...

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  3. I listen to a fair number of college football podcasts during the offseason as I like to put a nickel or dime on a game once the shots are fired. One run by two guys I respect a lot predicted that Sewell would be lost against a passing attack.


    Alas, it came to pass.

  4. So, you won't generally find a post from me for a day or two after a Duck game. But this time, I'm only getting angrier as the hours go by, so here I come, same day, or I will violate every rule that Charles has, and probably a few he hasn't considered. As I told the Big Fish in an email right after the game, "The next good stop we make in a down that matters will be our first.


    No hyperbole: That was the worst display of tackling that I have ever seen, at any level of football. I hope there is silence and bowed heads on the flight home." I was worried about Kenny Dillingham. Is Tosh Lupoi what we always thought he was when he was in Montlake? Atrocious and embarrassing. A slap in the face to the team, school, and conference.

  5. It might be time to lower our noses a bit and look at these ideas. None of them have the prestige of a USC, but why is UCLA such a catch? Oh yeah, TV screens. Other than that UCLA hasn't been nationally relevant in anything for a long time.

  6. On 7/2/2022 at 2:27 PM, LADuck said:

    Axel one of your best. Some great lines!


    I would like to see the Ducks stay in a new version of the PAC12 and maybe add Boise State, San Diego State, or Fresno State. Having the Ducks play across the country to get some added TV dollars just isn't worth it. Plus, what a bummer for the players to fly to road games in the Antarctica to freeze their balls off in the middle of winter.


    Let's see ... away game at San Diego State or Wisconsin in December! I like away games where I can play some golf and have a few beers. Curling just doesn't have the same appeal to me. Plus, do we want to dine on Lutefisk in Minnesota or enjoy some Pinot Noir and Gruyere cheese while tailgating at Stanford. 


    This whole thing is a joke with no regard for the athletes or the fans.



    LA, you realize that what you say about Wisconsin could also be said for a November game in the Palouse. At least Wisconsin is the home of Culver's, the finest frozen custard/burger place in the land.

  7. "to flee the Florida heat and hurricanes." When I wrote The Greatest Road Trip Ever Taken" (available on Amazon) I talked to a couple who had planned for years to retire in Florida. About two weeks in and they had enough of the humidity AND THE BUGS! Oh my goodness the bugs in Florida could have saddles and fly you to South Carolina.

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  8. I'll be honest here (I lie everywhere else. Can't trust me as far as you can throw me), I'm worried about Bo. I know that he will make some spectacular plays on the ground and through the air, but I know he has a tendency to make that one, "What the %$%*&% is he thinking?" throw.

  9. (To the healthcare comment from Notalot.) True that. A good hospital within an hour's drive is essential. I get twice monthly infusions for a condition that I have. As far as climate, I'm hearing a lot of comments about places that are HOT, HOT, in the summer. Don't want that. I know some want year-round warmth. Not me.

  10. On 6/15/2022 at 3:20 PM, Notalot said:

    "Looking for Mayberry"....


    The Andy Griffith Mayberry was based on a small town in the Blue Ridge mountains named Mt. Airy. N.C.


    The area is offline, but generally between Charlotte, N.C. and Roanoke, VA. The surrounding area has comparatively reasonable costs-of-living. rolling vistas, a mild climate, generally good schools ( do your research), and enjoys steady growth.


    Nearby Galax, Virginia is the home of the national Old-Time Fiddler's convention.


    I now live in South Carolina. Regarding the South, the past 10 years has brought enormous growth to the more desireable locales and popular cities. Demand for housing since 2019 is off the charts with housing prices responding accordingly. 


    Where the comparable value is not what it once was, buyers moving from high priced markets in the NW and NE find considerable value and cost savings with huge tax savings here. 


    There are very low-priced pockets, but buyer beware. We know the economy is squirrely now. Some will score opportunities and some will suffer. 


    What lifestyle do you want? Are you culturally adaptable,? How much tolerance to risk do you have?


    There is more to life than money, but an affordable and well-liked domicile and locale adds a lot. Don't forget access to healthcare as you consider retirement as you will need more doctors and possibly specialized practices than in your younger years.


    I visited Mt. Airy as a way to kick off this search for Mayberry. That was twenty years ago. I'm enjoying reading about the international places, but my Mayberry will be within the United States.


  11. On 6/15/2022 at 12:31 PM, 1Ducker1 said:

    Ive seen his reviews too. There seems to be a few towns in Oregon and Idaho that are pretty safe and among the lowest costs for housing--if you can find something for sale or rent. Lots of people from Portland are moving to K Falls, McMinnville -Sheridan, Newberg and Redmond. Coos Bay is pretty cheap too.

    I will definitely check out the channel for reviews. We had Seaside in the mix for a while, but there is no direct access to a major airport without a private car. Astoria has an occasional shuttle to PDX, but Astoria doesn't quicken our heart as Seaside does. Rents are a bit steep in Seaside, too.

  12. I am an unabashed fan of the big redhead as an announcer. I'm not a Blazer fan so I don't swoon over him there, except to say that I've never admired anyone's outlet passes as much. But as an announcer, two thumbs up (and one thumb up for Dick Vitale.)

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