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  1. I am the same except no part of me wants to feel sorry for the pitiful Huskies and I want to kick them in their whiny Jerk faces. Other than that, what you said.
  2. And it is too cold this time of year to have cold cockles
  3. You know how to find me, friend. Maybe I will find some people in Mayberry who want a planned giving workshop and will pay your expenses to come. That is once I find Mayberry. Always our best, Fishy.
  4. I do believe, but I have to say that the last four losses being Washington, Oregon State, Washington, and Washington have shaken me to my core! CDL MUST get past Kalen DeBoer or wait for the latter to go to the NFL. I don't know if I have that many years left. But I do believe...
  5. I feel the same way about KD at ASU, clear down to being on the receiving end of a few sacks. Oh, except for the wishing him well part. (Yes, I am struggling to climb out above the clouds.)
  6. I was around in the 80's, but I refuse to waddle around in that mess. This team had the right stuff to make the playoffs, and they failed spectacularly. Then they had the right stuff to make the conference championship game and they failed miserably. I will watch the Holiday Bowl, unless a Yellowstone that I haven't seen is on. #tiredoflosingthebigones #tiredofcoacheswhobolt
  7. "Like Chip Kelly who came from New Hampshire, (his alma mater) to Oregon." Which is why, even with youthful flash since him, Chip is still my favorite all time Duck Head Coach. I am so tired of being a stepping stone. I want to do the stepping, on other teams' heads. I've been so heartsick since last Saturday night. I have laid in bed and wondered if this whole college football thing was worth it. I have my Giants, and I have my 49ers. Why do I subject myself to the annual torture of Oregon football? We get pretty good, even though we went 0-2 this year, and boom, some lying sack who drooled all over us when he got hired, jumps to a team facing sanctions. I agree 1000% with Mic. We need the next Chip Kelly!
  8. I read this week that his draft grade is as a 3-4th rounder. Good luck to him in any case.
  9. Utah 44 Oregon 17 1 turnover created 1 sack 181 passing yards
  10. I'll be there with you by next Wednesday/Thursday. Tonight it's hard to see much of a point to the rest of the regular season since the Rose Bowl has been so diminished. But, I'll get there. Not as high as I was this morning, but I'll be back up...in a diminished sort of way.
  11. Oregon 60-7 4 turnovers created 7 sacks recorded 389 passing yards
  12. This is a hard one. I can't allow OSU anything except for a root against UW. So both of them are out. Utah, as many before me have said, because Whittingham seems to do it the right way. Stanford, because the entrance requirements are like Sisyphus and his rock. WSU, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend on at least one Saturday weekend in the fall. Besides, could you recruit to The Papoose, or whatever they call that place? It's like Corvallis and West Texas had a baby.
  13. I look forward to seeing many of their weapons chosen in the first round.
  14. Good article. Made me smile, snort, and chuckle. After I read it I thought I should tell you that "Rich Brooks Field" is named after a Beaver, but I see that's already been done. I know, it's just the field and not the whole darned stadium.
  15. Gah, I botched the punch line. That's why I'm too old to do this anymore. Obviously, it should have read Stanford at Washington. If there's a God in Heaven the Trees find a way. Now, if you will pardon me I will go stick my head in the oven.
  16. UCLA @ Colorado: Boo and...Who? Oregon @ Washington State: What do they call that place? The Papoose? Arizona @ California: "In front of a crowd consisting of family members... USC @ Oregon State: My Lord, if ever both teams could lose. Utah @ Arizona State: "Hey! The coaches office is empty! And he's the only one with keys to the stadium! Utah @ Stanford: If there is a God in Heaven, the trees find a way.
  17. Question: If it is there will it be because our players "get it?" Or will it come from the severe decrease in talent across the line of scrimmage? If that's the case all we can hope to be this year is a paper tiger who can thump the EWU's of the world but can't stand and deliver against the good teams still ahead. That's why I'm looking forward to the BYU game. Game One told us that we aren't great, and Game Two can only reveal if we are pretty bad. No margin of victory over the Eagles will tell me a thing., but if we struggle...
  18. I listen to a fair number of college football podcasts during the offseason as I like to put a nickel or dime on a game once the shots are fired. One run by two guys I respect a lot predicted that Sewell would be lost against a passing attack. Alas, it came to pass.
  19. So, you won't generally find a post from me for a day or two after a Duck game. But this time, I'm only getting angrier as the hours go by, so here I come, same day, or I will violate every rule that Charles has, and probably a few he hasn't considered. As I told the Big Fish in an email right after the game, "The next good stop we make in a down that matters will be our first. No hyperbole: That was the worst display of tackling that I have ever seen, at any level of football. I hope there is silence and bowed heads on the flight home." I was worried about Kenny Dillingham. Is Tosh Lupoi what we always thought he was when he was in Montlake? Atrocious and embarrassing. A slap in the face to the team, school, and conference.
  20. I was actually driving through a part of Nebraska a couple of years ago. The whole state has a slight manure smell. I'm not joking. Some of the time you have to roll the window up just to get a little relief.
  21. Absolutely nothing. "It's hard to recruit to Oregon"______Scott Frost. Better ones than you have managed to...putz!
  22. Colorado State has made a significant investment in their football program. Fifteen years ago their stadium only held about 16,000 seats. Now, Canvas Stadium holds 41K. That makes CSU an expansion candidate worth considering. And they have a buggery that does research on insects. What could the new FishDuck humor writer do with that as a target?
  23. Saturday Spoofs sounds vaguely familiar, but I can't remember... Good job, Charles. Your roster is complete.
  24. It might be time to lower our noses a bit and look at these ideas. None of them have the prestige of a USC, but why is UCLA such a catch? Oh yeah, TV screens. Other than that UCLA hasn't been nationally relevant in anything for a long time.
  25. LA, you realize that what you say about Wisconsin could also be said for a November game in the Palouse. At least Wisconsin is the home of Culver's, the finest frozen custard/burger place in the land.
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