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  1. First play on his clip where he looks off the safety and hits the WR on the post for a TD tells you a lot about his skill set. Moving back end guys with your eyes are a must at the Collegiate level and in the Pros. When you see a HS kid do it, it tells you a ton about how well he's been tutored. Later in the tape he double pump's on the corner to get him to bite, so his receiver can get separation. Again, you don't see this this stuff on HS tape very often. The kid is pretty polished.
  2. Chris neglected to mention two of Tanner's strong points. First and foremost he was tutored by his dad on how to play quarterback since he could walk. And his dad played at Auburn in the 1980's. The other item is that he has the best mechanics of any of the QB'S in this recruiting class.
  3. It didn't used to be that way. I remember in the early 70's warming up at Autzen Stadium on a Friday and watching 100+ North Eugene players trot out onto the field before the game for warm-ups. It was a sea of red for more than half the field. North Eugene was one of the "Big Schools" that we played.
  4. I've watched his tapes a few times. I missed it the first couple of views, but he looks off the safety and comes back to the Post for a TD on the first highlight. It happens so fast that I wasn't ready for it, but that is some advanced QB stuff right there. I can overlook the fact that he's 2 or 3 inches shorter than ideal height. The rest of the package is in the 9-to-10 range. I like this kid a lot. Big upside.
  5. It's interesting that Alabama accepted a commitment from Ty Simpson and Tanner Bailey is in their backyard. Both play at very small schools (+/- 600 kids enrollment), but that's where the similarities end. Simpson is an "athlete" playing sandlot QB while Tanner Bailey's mechanics are advanced enough that he's ready to compete at the D1 level right now. SMH
  6. His dad was a QB at Auburn back in the 80's. He's been tutoring Tanner since he could walk, and it shows. I have looked at a lot of the QB's in this recruiting cycle and none them have the polish that this kid has. His mechanics aren't perfect, but they're close. This kid is really good.
  7. There are some things that he does well, and some things that he needs to work on. 1) First and foremost he has a great hand punch. The kind that knocks 9-Techs into next week. The kind that makes some players consider quitting football after getting mauled for two or three hours on a pleasant fall Saturday afternoon. 2) In Pass Pro, he mirrors really well, especially for a big guy. He got out over his skis a few times, but mostly he was on the balls of his feet using his (what 7'0 Plus? wingspan) to absolutely rag doll people. 3) He has a mean streak. It comes out on his tape. You can see it. He even was throwin' some haymakers at a kid that was tired of getting beat on. This guy is a Junkyard Dawg. A fistfight from the snap to the whistle. This is the guy that you want guarding your back, in a dark alley in an unfriendly part of town. He's what I call a "Tone Setter". When someone cheap shots your QB, this is the guy that goes over the the guy that did it and "Makes Things Right". He needs to get in better condition, and Coach Feld will get him down to the 330 to 340 range. He's raw no question, but if they can get him playing in the offensive scheme this guy has the chance to be very good. I like him as a RT. He can envelope a Strong Side DE (5T), and he can pin this guy back inside opening up the run game. He can rag doll any pass rusher. He's too long to go around, and to Dip & Rip him he just smothers the DE. This guy has a big upside if he's willing to work.
  8. I did a little blurb on him a while back. I meant to post it here too and I forgot. Landon Hullaby - 6'0/185 Pounds Bishop Dunne Catholic HS - Dallas, TX - Enrollment 600 Kids (6-12) Freshman Year Mansfield Timberview HS - Arlington TX - Enrollment 1,890 Kids (9-12) Sophomore & Junior Years ACCOLADES Texas Insider - Top 50 for the Class of 2022 (No.26) Listed as a CB/Safety/Nickel Dave Campbell's Texas Football - Listed as a CB. State Rank No. 43 (Overall) No. 6 (Position) Hullaby's Top-10 Schools posted via Twitter 1/19/21 - Nebraska, Auburn, Mississippi State, California, Baylor, TCU, Texas, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State and Oregon. FRESHMAN YEAR - Played CB & 2 High (Cover 2) * Great technique on the back peddle. Bends rather than leans. Keeps his feet under him rather than leaning out over his skis. Maintains his center (gravity). He sinks & changes direction effortlessly. He's 14 years-old! * Smooth transition from the back peddle to the turn. Establishes inside position. Impressive technique for a ninth grader. All of these match-ups are with kids that are older and bigger than him. * Aware in the Tip Drill. Maximizes opportunities when they present themselves. * Recovery speed. * In the Press - Come back on the Slant & Out. Gets his hand in for the PBU. His come backs are smooth & fast. CB skills. * Turns & runs in the Press, forcing (squeezing) the WR out of bounds. The kid is 14 years-old! * Can climb the wall against taller receivers & hand fight them. Body control to tomahawk in the air. * Great range on the Single High. He was late on the jump, but speed to recover. Really fine range to help out over the top too. * From the Nickel - Breaks on the ball to break up the Slant. Attacks the LOS in the Box. * Wrap up guy when tackling. Gets the man on the ground. No boom & miss stuff. * Gets his hands on a LOT of balls. PBU guy. Always around the ball. * Nickel - Can blitz the QB from the Box. Playmaker. * Nickle - Comes up and fills the hole when he's down in the Box. Run support is excellent. *No non-sense guy. Not a lot of "celebrations"/Hero stuff after a play. SOPHOMORE - 15 years-old - Played CB/Cover 2/Nickel * CB - Played outside-In. Fights through the block and drops the H-Back in the flat. Assignment discipline & awareness. The kid is 15. * In the Press - Tracks the ball up the sideline. Establishes position. Makes the WR irrelevant. Playing Pitch and Catch with the QB. Why would anyone throw to his side? * Nickle - Blitz the QB to cause an incompletion. Playmaker down in the Box. * Powers through the screen from his Cover 2 position. Blows up the play for no gain. Play diagnosis. * From the Press - He squeezes the WR out of bounds, Really quick feet on the Turn & Run. Looks & Plays like a natural CB. The kid is 15. * His change of direction is elite. * From the Press - Nice hand punch at the turn. Result is a PBU at the third level. Really fine CB play. * From the Press - Takes the WR completely out of the Route Tree at the snap, forcing him out of bounds. JUNIOR - Safety/Cover 2/Single High * Creative in the open field after a Pick. Uses the whole field. Head on a swivel. Playmaker. * Nice range (Hash to Hash +) 20 Yard radius? * Played Cover 2, Single High, and some Nickel. * Nobody got behind him. Green grass behind him is not an issue. ASSESSMENT I think Oregon is bringing him in to play Nickel. Well rounded in all facets of the backend. Well coached (Verone McKinley III instincts/polish with Jevon Holland versatility & athleticism). A really fine prospect at the backend. A guy that possesses assignment discipline (a must in a back end guy) and athleticism. All the intangibles that you look for in a back end guy: toughness, fearlessness, the IQ to diagnose schemes, and the savvy to play within a system. He's a "glue" guy. One of those guys that will quickly become a leader on the field and tie that defense together. This guy is a really good football player. High ceiling.
  9. Bingo. I there are a few absolutes in football. And the "Low Man Wins" on the Defensive Line is one of them. That's why Fire Hydrants that are 6'1 and 325 pounds are so hard to move off the point. It's a leverage game. They drop an anchor and clog up the middle. They're worth their weight in gold.
  10. I'm not so sure that it's been a lack of talent, rather than the scheme. Has there really been any receivers at Oregon that scare a Defensive Coordinator? I can't think of any. If a defense doesn't respect a portion of your offense then your offense is out of balance and easy to scheme against. The Pistol with better personal seems like it would be more difficult to defend than the RB standing next to the QB.
  11. He has a great hand punch and he's mean as a junkyard dawg. Absolute brawler. A "Tone Setter". A guy that comes out from the first snap of the game, and let's everyone know on the defensive line that it's going to be a long day at the office. I like this guy a lot.
  12. That game was great. Though we had to re-start our hearts a few times. We were on the 50 yard line. Seven rows back. Couldn't have asked for better seats. My favorite moment was when Wisconsin fumbled the punt and Oregon scored. The game wasn't over, but I just knew they were going to win.
  13. Talent-wise the Ducks are not there yet. They're inching closer, but are still a ways off. The Alabama's, Clemson's, LSU's, Ohio State's of the College football world still win the Recruiting Sweepstakes year-in and Year-out. Talent matters.
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