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  1. I wrote a little talent eval on him on the 247 site if you're a subscriber there. The kid is very talented.
  2. I think they're bringing him in to play the Nickel spot. He has CB technique and polish, Safety size and range, and come down in the Box and help out in run defense. Verone McKinley III instincts and polish with Jevon Holland athleticism.
  3. If I was TT, I wouldn't sleep on RA. Freak athlete.
  4. Thompson is really disciplined mechanically. On the 3 & 5 step drops without fail he sets his base and drives the ball with his legs & core. On the roll-outs he rarely fails to stop & set his base. Pretty impressive for a HS kid. Very polished. You'd like to see him raise the the ball closer to his shoulder-level at the ready position. He still has a little baseball windup where he starts his throwing motion from his hip, rather than his ear. But other that, he's really solid. His feet are pretty quiet, he's not bouncing around in the pocket. We'll see if he can make
  5. Oregon offered Gavin Wimsatt January 20th. He's very raw mechanics-wise, but he has prototypical size, premier athleticism, and an impressive clock in his head. I have watched his tape as well as Duffy. I would take Wimsatt over Duffy six days a week and twice on Sunday.
  6. It sure looks like Coach Moorhead wants a DT-type guy running his RPO offense. One has to think that Robby Ashford leapfrogs Butterfield on the depth chart and Ty Thompson might be a real player in the mix if he can make the adjustment from 4A HS ball to D-1 college ball quickly. My money is on Anthony Brown to start with one of the younger kids pushing him for playing time early in the year. Robby Ashford is an RPO guy and a great athlete and he has the huge advantage over Thompson of being in the system for a year.
  7. Here are where Washington and Arizona State finished in the Recruiting Rankings the last four years from 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018. These recruiting classes will form the backbone of this coming seasons rosters. Washington: 35, 17, 16, 16 Arizona State: 53, 23, 28, 36 Now look at Oregon and USC... Oregon: 6, 11, 7, 13 USC: 8, 64, 20, 4 USC had a couple of down years, but they still have a decided talent advantage over ASU. And the "Match Up" between Oregon and Washington? It's not even close, and the gulf in talent is widening. Talent matters.
  8. I guess I'm thick. I don't know what "QBS" means. I think I'll stay with the first two categories like normal people. YPA and Passing percentage. If you're YPA is in the 9, 10 or 11 range that's got the back end guys back pedaling at the snap. And a PC rate of 63-65% is excellent. I'm an unabashed Shough fan. He was the best in the Pac-12 as a first year starter, and no amount of Gin & Juice from this author can alter the stats to "prove" otherwise.
  9. Sam Huard is a really polished kid. Let's not kid ourselves. Normally I'm a skittish of kids that don't play at the highest levels of HS ball (especially at QB). But I think Huard would have done well at any level. I did a little eval of him a few months ago. He's a pretty impressive kid. Not the biggest QB in the world, but then the record books are full of undersized guys that have lit up The Show.
  10. A smart coach plays with the cards he's got. Not what he wishes he had. It's hard to tear up the league with an incredible passing attack when one doesn't have any NFL talent at WR. Herbert never had any premier guys that could get off the LOS, and when they did get separation, they couldn't catch it or out run the DB's. But CMC has taken some big strides in solving that problem with the 2021 recruiting class.
  11. Classic Tailback - Johnny Rodgers Nebraska Highlights - Bing video You watch these old video clips and then watch McGee's. Uncanny similarities. Johnny "The Jet" Rodgers was fun to watch back in the day.
  12. McGee has a different build than Redd (or your typical Slot guy for that matter). He's short, but that's about where the similarities end. He has a thicker build, much more like a RB than just a wisp that one tries to develop mismatches with in space. I think you're going to see Seven carry the ball quite a bit. It opens up the play book when he's on the field. You don't know what Coach Moorhead has up his sleeve. As a RB this kid can bounce, drag step, get small, and look for windows. As a WR he doesn't fight the ball, catches it out away from his frame, and he is a terror in open s
  13. Then put him in motion back next to the QB. Then put Redd in motion in front of them. Keep the linebackers eyes moving. Then comes the wheel route the opposite direction of Redd up the sideline with McGee. Touchdown.
  14. Lake is in over his head. Classic Peter Principle. He's probably a nice guy, but Washington is losing ground to Oregon with every recruiting cycle.
  15. I am not sure I agree with some of the assessments written in this article. First of all there were two Hudl tapes. One was from his Freshman year where he (Halton) listed himself at 6'3/210 pounds. These are unverified numbers NOT confirmed at a sanctioned event (like Nike's The Opening or Adidas Adizero Camps). The second film clip was a year later and appears to be from his Sophomore year. He looked bigger, like maybe he had added 20 pounds to his frame (at least). Again nothing is verified. He did not play in 2020 (Junior year) for obvious reasons. But he apparently attended a ca
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