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  1. Nope. The linebackers need to zoom in and cover TEs and anybody coming in their area of responsibility. This game would be finished before it started if those guys started covering guys instead of looking at the QB on pass plays.
  2. If I can get those linebackers to find a receiver to cover instead of looking at the quarterback on pass playas, I'd be a millionaire(because the Ducks would SHUT EVERYBODY OUT). Every single competition on that drive was because the backers didn't find the TE and shut those passes down. This game would be over RIGHT NOW, and free season would he s guaranteed playoff berth if those damn linebackers would start covering receivers instead of looking at the guy the guy they can't cover(the QB). And sure enough before I finish, Oregon's Achilles heel shows up again ( the inability to slit an opponent's throat when they have the guy on the ground).
  3. 9-4 Average score 29 points Yielding 23 points per game This team is as sloppy as last year's with more talent than the 2019. Gets them two victories on talent alone, two more they'll lose that they shouldn't. Still say CFB should some up with the Hormel Sloppy Joe Bowl. We don't attend the conference title game, and lose our bowl game ( whatever it is)
  4. Purina Bowl I recall when I used to predict out boys would go to the Cucumber Bowl (now that would be the Kraft Cucumber Bowl lol)
  5. IDK.... I defended Brown last week, only to watch him regress even further. This team rides momentum. The defense mirrors the offense. One thing I noticed about Thompson, he can hit an open WR far more consistently than Brown- and Moorhead gets more than enough WRs open. Seems to me Thompson would be an upgrade. At least neutral. Losing Brown would be a plus in my book no matter the results. Like the guy, but we've seen the best of him ( I think the bowl game demonstrated that- I wasn't impressed with ISU at all. Thought we had shots too shred their defense and didn't- Brown has his chance and he crashed and burned). WE WERE LUCKY WE CAUGHT tOSU WHEN WE DID.
  6. I don't believe the President's recognize the danger they are in. In my opinion these guys think they're the brightest lightbulbs in the room . The PAC12 is playing by 2012 "rules". Disney is playing for keeps. Fox has a good foothold with the BIG, but not enough leverage to counter Disney completely. Demographically, the PAC12 it's out in the cold because it's audience deems other things more important. I don't believe these constituents really care about football and basketball. And I believe the President's feel the same. I actually believe these "leaders" tolerate sports as a necessary evil. They have more important issues on their minds. Hence, they react to events instead of strategizing future scenarios. It will take the threat of complete failure to recognize the cognitive dissonance they suffer from.
  7. We are back to Oregon before Chip Kelly transformed football. Solid Defense...an Offense that does just enough. Until we face elite teams. I think the title of this article is correct. Not sure USC gets the next Nick Saban or Urban Meyer though. https://trojanswire.usatoday.com/2021/10/16/oregon-is-not-becoming-a-superpower-the-right-usc-hire-changes-everything/
  8. Not to mention two guys were open downfield. The guy has lost his confidence. And the defense free of the offense. I swear I want to suit up myself and smack somebody.
  9. Let's hope both Oregon and ASU run the table to field a conference title game the nation can't ignore. Here's to both teams wiping out the conference until then
  10. The safest way to the playoffs is to win by an average of 42-17 per game, including the conference title game. The team is damn near talented enough NOW to do that. But that requires a hunger they don't have, a ruthless mentality they don't possess, and a coach willing to tick off the conference by simply burying them in the dirt. Simple, but not easy. I see enough talent on this roster to accomplish that challenge. Yes... Even with AB at QB. But who am I? I argued the Snake had a pretty damn good offense at Oregon(I'm snarky these days guys...I have little patience for potential, or unwillingness to see facts like 52 pog when JH was healthy under the Snake). These Ducks dropped 35 in Columbus- I doubt that happens again this season- and they left points on the board in that game too. What are they waiting for? Every Lane County High School to play them the rest of the year? Kick everybody's butt already.
  11. Cal is 1-4 for a reason. If the Ducks don't slaughter the Golden Bears, I'd be surprised. This IS a payback game btw, and Cal had no business hanging around last year. AB needs to read run "options" accurately and just toss the ball to open WRs. Our Defense? Good enough to shut Cal out. But they won't. So the world will turn... In the days of our lives ( non Boomers will not get that reference). This Duck team is leaving SO MUCH FOOD ON THE TABLE. Aren't they hungry?
  12. Braxton Burmeister couldn't hit a deep shot, and was only accurate between the hash marks. Made it difficult to run an offense when teams lined up to stop the run, and force BB to convert third and long throws. Not sure any system can compensate for that over a long stretch. Again, talent DOES matter. JH didn't have to wait for WRs to get open, so he was damn near an automatic machine gun. Maybe even a guided missile. The guy was lights out. And we see with NFL talent he's MVP material already (and he isn't repeating rookie mistakes nearly as often this year). As for the losses to ranked teams, he threw a ball to a DB he was directly looking at. That's an individual mistake not a system flaw ( both INTs that game were poorly thrown and read- again player mistake.). BSU doesn't count as the Snake had slithered away ( and the aftermath predetermined that loss- Avalos usually loses to more talented offenses and got a huge early Christmas present).
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