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  1. I agree he needs more minutes. I think Franck is going to be a good one. He needs to watch some Bell and Wooten film and work on his timing. The dude is crazy athletic for how big he is he just miss times jumps constantly. He would go up for a rebound and be back on the ground by the time the ball came off the rim. I think next year he is special.
  2. Their position listed is the biggest piece missing to get to the playoffs but not the Only one. That being said I do think Oregon has the pieces but can and will they fit into place? How quickly? This team needs to improve in a big way to be considered for the CFP this coming season. The talent is there no question..........I am excited to see it!
  3. Between turnovers, missed shots at the rim (like 30 of them) and USC not being able to miss in the first half this was a tough one. I still think this Ducks team has a lot of upside and will do well in tournaments (both conference and NCAA).
  4. This is as excited as I have been in a long time to see a QB battle at Oregon. There is so much talent and potential. While I love the idea of Ty coming in and starting I wouldn't mind seeing him sit a year. I think it is a Butterfield/Brown battle at the moment although Ashford is freaky athletic. I do agree that Ty winning the starting job could create a lot of turnover. On the recruiting front I would love to see the Ducks get heavily involved in MJ Morris. I really like his film. I also have grown quite fond of duel threat QBs
  5. It is really awesome to see this Ducks team finally hitting their stride although I think they still have room to get a lot better (which is great). I can see this team peaking in tournament play which is typical for a Dana Altman team. I would have loved to see what this team could have done with a full schedule and a healthy roster. Imagine rotating Dante/Kepnang/Lawson and a healthy Will Richardson all year. Love the direction this team is headed. In coach Altman we trust. Go Ducks!
  6. I honestly complete agree with this. I told a family member this last year that I love Tyler I think he is a great kid, but I do not think he can overcome the mental aspects of the game. Was this last year a completely fair assessment? No, absolutely not. I do however agree that the QB battle will be intense and I do not think Tyler wins it. I predict he will transfer back to Arizona and be closer to home.
  7. That being said what a great thing to have two players of this caliber that want to play together at the collegiate level and will play for our Ducks!! This is a trend that I hope continues for many years!
  8. I think the title of this post needs to be changed to Cardwell and Helton if I am not mistaken....
  9. Does anyone have any idea on what Henry's timeline is for committing somewhere?
  10. This is a great breakdown! Thank you for sharing!
  11. While I agree that Oregon's offense could definitely have been better/needs to be better and I think they will be. You could also argue that because of that Justin wound up in a much better situation in going to the Chargers and securing what could be a very long and successful career on a very talented team rather than be put out to the pasture with the Bengals.
  12. I think this defense with a full offseason and some maturity will grow leaps and bounds and rise back to the top in 2021. Our LB's this year suffered from gap mistakes and tackling. Some of this comes with experience although Slade and Funa have been in the program long enough they should not be making these mistakes as much as they did. I think our current LB room is the most talented we have ever had and potentially adding To'oto'o is huge. Having that much depth at LB allows that unit to fly around all game. Hypothetically who's time does he take or who's minutes get diminished the mos
  13. I think the clear answer for me is Mariota although I will say my second choice would be big play VA. I think Adams could make every throw on the field and keeps plays alive long enough to make something happen. I wish we had gotten another year or two of Adams.
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