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  1. Sounds like his wife told him......happy wife happy life......unhappy wife Good Gosh help you
  2. Well in all fairness....weather not even close.....it's horrible there.......my son who lives in Dallas was married in Austin in September.....,.the entire wedding party was soaked an hour into the ceremony.....and the heat runs from April to October....... .they won 3 NC.....the last one in 1939.......84 years ago.......one big 12 championship to their credit.....yes they have cash.....so does Oregon.......oil money is there but Knight is the 25th richest in the world......facilities......seriously.......the Oregon facilities are the top dog.....granted A&M is maybe second.......as for the grand SEC.......the BIG is roughly equal to the SEC.....but with the west coast going BIG.....I'am not sure that is true any longer.....oh the sec is putting on Oklahoma....so what.
  3. A few months ago this might have been a threat......now that Oregon is BIG......why would a coach that has it made want to ruin it. A&M fans think their program is a move up.....it's not.....in fact it's a move down. Oregon has the facilities, fan support, weather, cash and is now in the BIG on the best channels......all that is missing is a few trophies....and that may be coming.
  4. Good half....just come out and score. Keep putting pressure on Williams...it's only a matter of time til he throws a stupid throw.
  5. Riley used Grinch as a foil to survive another year and collect his 10 mil. The special teams at USC have been horrible. The OL has been like crap The recruiting has been subpar DB's playing like crap LB's playing like crap So they fire the DC and pretend they solved the problem
  6. USC fans are grateful for this time. Hide the blowout. It's going to be eye opening for them. What a mess. Riley is incompetent......at 10 mill per year.
  7. It's not Oregon.....it's Cal.....nobody watches cal.
  8. One of the eastern guys the other day said he used to live in the Will a Met valley. My wife and I looked at the screen laughed.
  9. As everyone that knows anything about sports knows.....take them one game at a time......and respect every team.
  10. If Lanning leaves I'am sure you could get a real deal from USC for a slightly used hot shot head coach that has no idea what he is doing. This is the difference between an admin safe hire and a PK go for talent hire. Both hired about the same time. Riley is a moron.......that is personally greedy and could care less about the program. No special teams coach or OC so he could steal as much as possible for his salary while cheating the kids out of their talent development.
  11. Once in the BIG with the travel and heavy weight lines....Schedule Hawaii for recruiting purposes with the game 9/10 days prior to the regular season.......and Portland State and Oregon State (assuming they revert to traditional levels of performance once they enter the mountain west). Very little travel, except to Hawaii every other year and all three games should be no brainers. Continue the civil war, see a nice beach and smash a tune up.
  12. If Oregon wins out they replace the loser of the Oh St vs Mich game in the playoffs. If they lose another it's a good bowl. Lose two more......where is that toilet bowl cleaner. The key is the OOC record of the pac 12 this year.....in past years that was used against the pac 12 winner....this year using the same committee reasoning they have no choice but to include whoever the pac 12 winner might be.
  13. IMO USC will pull out a victory.
  14. Lanning is building a DL that nobody in the country will be able to handle.......Georgia better look out.
  15. IMO the committee will take the pac 12 champion as long as its not a 2 loss team. So Oregon has its destiny in its hands. With 6 ranked teams this is unlike most pac 12 years. What Oregon can do to help itself is replay Washington and beat them by 2-3 scores on a neutral field.
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