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  1. You're not the only moron. I'am right with you. The pac 12 is dead. Oregon is one of its best teams and....... 3 points. Merge before its too late.
  2. and Oregon is playing the best team in the SEC.....sort of. So when the Duckies win....don't be blowing smoke about bama.
  3. As a USC/Oregon fan......don't fall for it......this is not 2006. Oregon is definitely the superior team. USC is going to have a hard time beating Stanford, UCLA, Oregon St and Utah much less Oregon They are not being rationale.
  4. Most national media copy each others work and seldom come out with a pick that is out of step. Lanning came to Eugene in part because he reviewed the roster and a gleam came to his eye.
  5. Given good coaching the Ducks should be a team that will surprise some folks back east. DL check LB check DB check QB check......maybe OL check RB check WR check TE check
  6. Cash.....pure cash.....and now its all legal. The old days are history.
  7. The difference between Nix and Brown......several things....... but Nix can throw it long accurately.......which should make a world of difference. Changing schemes three times and having a lousy line in front of you, particularly for a player that prefers to throw over run........I suspect we are going to see a player that reflects his rating from HS.
  8. LOL......Mario better win this year or his schtick is going to get easy to see thru.
  9. As a fan of Oregon I was never impressed by Cristobal coaching the team but.........his recruiting was world class
  10. Don't laugh.......12-0. Of course Georgia looks tough.....but.....spend some time matching up the rosters. Its all about Nix and whether new coaching has stepped him up. If so, good things....if not......Oregon will lose this game. Other than the Georgia game.......Oregon has better talent than any other team they play and the tougher games are at home.
  11. noDucknew.........yep.......only addition.......if the valuable properties in the pac 12 started to create a deal with the big 12 it would force him off his butt and probably cement a better deal for Oregon with the big10.
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