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  1. If the Ducks run the table, maybe we'll get to see a week 1 rematch.
  2. Cada McNamara will be transfering from Michigan soon, so the portal QB will still be available...
  3. Guess who will be Nick Saban's next OC guys????
  4. I agree with the article's assessment, especially after an early morning eastern time zone re-watch. The Ducks did move the ball well early on, so that line vs a fresh 5 star D line did pretty well at first. The offensive sets were refreshing vs Cristoballin' up the gut on 3rd and long. Georgia now has a passing game that I haven't seen from them... maybe ever??? Bama better have taken notice! I didn't expect this kind of beat down. I didn't expect that many missed friggin' tackles. Just get better every week and develop every week. Also, maybe Bo "Pick Six" Nix should ride the pines as the "senior mentor". Good grief.
  5. Always a puncher's chance! Right now, I am warming up by re-watching the Ducks smack around the Suckeyes from last year. Cbeers!
  6. I grew up on Lake Superior. I never ever thought somebody would quote Gordon Lightfoot's The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.... Thanks for the smile.
  7. The one where Mariota is sprinting to the end zone and DA Thomas forgets to block the streaking Tree defender.... then the Ducks go for it on 4th down and miss... no points... lose by a FG....
  8. Mario's scheme of trying to bully the middle, especially against a D like Georgia, would have been a colossal failure IMHO. Ironically, he was smart enough to use the edges quite effectively against the Suckeyes only a year ago. There are some big boys on the line at Oregon, but I am not sure the current super seniors have the foot speed a-la Sewell to make the pros.
  9. I can't wait to see (hope to see?) a coaching team that doesn't run out clock so early and play "not to lose" football. MC was atrocious at this, and it makes me wonder if - simply - no other coach stood up to the ju-jitsu practicing, lineman sized, relentlessly moving human being and told him "this style of coaching" is maybe "not the best". Maybe people were scared of him. Being both a Michigan fan and Oregon fan, I would love to be the fly-on-the-wall in Josh Gattis' presence, having gone as OC from one over-bearing and play-call controlling coach in Harbaugh to another in MC. I am curious if we see Miami do the same kind of stuff way too early in games. Cheers.
  10. Oregon 38, Dawgs 35 plus 2 turnovers Ducks 3 Sacks 376 passing yards Ducks I am pretty hopeful here, i know.
  11. Ducks 14, Dawgs 13. Low scoring, all defense affair.
  12. I will add that it is a little strange that DL's defence is what made him famous.... so keeping a "new format" or "scheme" will actually take him away from what made him successful.... Or will it ADD to the success???
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