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  1. Possibly. When I tested it, it did work. Originally fond it on Apple News, then went to ESPN site and copied their link
  2. OK, this is a more than a bit cruel, but according to today's ESPN bottom 10, the Ducks have joined such stalwarts as UMASS, New Mexico State and Akron in this week's bottom 10. The Ducks are described as such: #5. Oregon.....Duck! As in "Duck! Dive! Dodge! There's another Georgia defender coming! And he's chewing on another page of Dan Lanning's playbook!". You'd probably have to go back to the '80s to find the Ducks in Steve Harvey's real bottom 10. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34534866/college-football-bottom-10-even-winners-escape-our-list
  3. I think otherwise. The game started at 12:40 PDT. How different is that from a 1pm start in Autzen? And if time was truly an issue, why didn’t they head to GA three days early?
  4. Another nail in the coffin of collegiate sports where we have NILS, athletes jumping schools without penalty and now schools jumping conferences (ok, that's not BRAND NEW, but certainly a recent phenomenon). At some point, and for many of the same reasons, I stopped caring about pro sports, at least during the regular seasons and I'm wondering if this isn't going to carry over re my (and others') thoughts about college sports.
  5. I hate this NIL situation. We're lucky to have one huge donor who can compete with the big city teams; but PK isn't going to live forever and when that flow stops we're back to the 1980s. Enjoy the ride while we can.
  6. I have zero confidence in the athletic department. Long ago (Runge) they trashed women’s hoops, then later women’s softball, now track. Took women’s hoops a decade plus to recover their misgivings (and I realize there are different leaders from Runge, but apparently the new aren’t looking at historical precedent).
  7. Of course Uncle Phil had a say and given his150 million + gift of an incredible stadium, why not? Without Uncle Phil, we’re Corvallis
  8. I'll agree that the Powell's ramped it up this outdoor season, but heavily distance-oriented teams don't win titles outdoors. An easy example would be last year's Duck team with probably the two best middle distance/distance runners in the country. While that team finished 2nd, they were 30 points behind sprint power LSU, a team which scored zero points above 400m. The Powell's have yet to finish in the top 10 indoors or out and this year they project to finish out of the NCAA top 10, despite their excellent Pac 12 showing. After poaching half a dozen Duck distance runners in 2018, only one of those ever scored an NCAA point while several never performed as well as they did at Oregon. In fact, the UW men under the Powell's have scored a total of 7 points in TWO NCAA outdoor meets, finishing 50th and 46th and the women slightly better with 17th and 19th place finishes. As I mentioned, Oregon is built to win national championships and while we all miss the glory days of distance domination, I think coach Johnson has taken the right path and his results back up the excellent job he's done.
  9. Agreed. We need to get more footballers out there and I do think it's a great recruiting tool to allow athletes to compete in both sports. Two time Olympic finalist Devon Allen would be the prime example and I'd also note how well De'Anthony Thomas did on the track. Anyone remember his score against Kansas State in the 2013 Fiesta Bowl when he did a track lean as he crossed the goal line? The Ducks have FIVE recruits who could have scored in the conference meet and Khamari Terrell's personal best would have WON the 400m. The rigors of Spring practice do present an obstacle for outdoor track as does the bowl season for indoor track, but with the right level of co-operation between Lanning and Johnson, the Ducks probably have more scoring potential from football players than any other team in the country. And it doesn't cost the track squad one of their very limited scholarships.
  10. You're welcome and it's always a pleasure to write about and promote Duck track and field. I believe Hayward presents a huge advantage to athletes coming down the home stretch and fighting off opponents as the Duck faithful rise and cheer. Also, the energetic hand clapping for Duck field event competitors says, "We care!" Longtime A&M coach Pat Henry has been whining for years about the unfair advantage presented by Hayward; otoh, he whines about most everything.
  11. Thanks, Santa Rosa Duck. Good question re television. The Pac 12 will broadcast the main events all three days: Friday 5pm-7pm, Saturday 1:45-4PM and Sunday 1PM-4:30PM. Unfortunately, this cuts out a lot of the field events and the most of the multis (heptathlon and decathlon), but all in all it's as good as one might expect. Note that the times I grabbed off DISH differ from the Pac 12 network website which shows 4:30-6:30 and 7:30-8:15 for Friday, 1:45PM-4PM and 6PM-6:30PM for Saturday and 1PM-4:30PM for Sunday. For anyone who can only watch one day, try to make it (or record it) for Sunday, a day of nothing but finals.
  12. I liked Mario in a lot of ways. Class act, good recruiter and presented himself well as a member of the community. Like others, I hated the offense he ran last year, but I think his biggest shortcoming was selling us on the idea of recruiting big, fast linemen SEC-style, then getting his ass kicked not once, but twice by a decent, but not great, Utah team. At that point I started having some serious doubts and did not mourn his departure, especially when Lanning stepped up. We've moved from a "just OK" spot to a place we can seriously dream of BCS games. The test against Utah in November should provide a great comparison between this year's squad and last year's.
  13. He picked a terrible time to leave with all the injuries at WR, but most every recruit thinks they'll play on Sundays, ignoring that the real number according to the NCAA is 1.6%.
  14. Altman has done a wonderful job with the program, but would question WTH is going on this year?
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