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  1. Brown is a less than average qb. It's hard to believe this is the best we have. He's not leading us anywhere. Bring in Ty or someone and let them get good game time experience for next season.
  2. Not gonna happen. You can recruit 4/5 star players all you want to, but if they are coached to play like 2 star players you will never see a natty.
  3. I've been a moderator before and survived the O-live wars.... I have always loved this site. Were it not for working during the day I'd love to help. Maybe turn it into a blog. You write the content, people post and it gets posted when you approve.
  4. Totally agree. I identify with the more traditional colors.
  5. The automatic bid should go to the team who wins the regular season. The tournament champion should not get an automatic bid unless they meet certain criteria. Like 20 wins...
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