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  1. SOURCE: Albany Democrat-Herald PAGE 15 Albany, Oregon Saturday, April 10, 1976 I believe Harter got a whopping $38,000 deal later, if I recall correctly.
  2. I love the sign in the stands that read: "all gas no brakes" I hope someone took down Cristobal's "slow children" sign from his office wall.
  3. 6 TDs in one quarter and 6 minutes to go. Can Uncle Phil offer Rising a Duck contract?
  4. The Utes are pretty young. I'm already concerned about next year.
  5. Carroll left USC with 30 stripped scholarships, 2 years banned from bowls, many games and championships vacated. I have a hard time thinking those were glory years.
  6. I feel your angst. But I disagree 100% about quitting on the bowl game. Never quit. Never give up. A bowl game allows players extra practice reps before the bowl that other teams are not allowed. Use this experience like a clam uses an irritant to create a pearl. Time to reset and gear up for next season. Go Ducks
  7. IDK. They got their hats handed to them by Alabama. I'm not sold, yet.
  8. I'm listening to the radio. is Sewell playing? Haven't heard his name at all.
  9. The freshman, Caleb, wouldn't be allowed to play for Oregon. What a gut punch.
  10. "You want to pass the ball, but he can't pass the ball, so he shouldn't pass the ball." -The Late John Madden
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