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  1. True, but it can be change for the worse, or change for the better. Speaking up for your needs is not ingratitude especially when your are considered a minor player and will likely get the "short end of the stick."
  2. Yeah, what is done is done. No going back. However, this will someday be a classic business school case study. So much to learn from it (sadly at our expense). Wouldn’t surprise me if some of what we are hearing from the blame GK club is CYA.
  3. Canzano: 'The gun was empty': The downfall of the Pac-12 Conference WWW.JOHNCANZANO.COM A tale of hubris and hollow promises. Paid subscription article, so above is the key point. Kliavkoff didn’t have a deal and hid this from his bosses, causing a break in trust at the worst possible moment. “Never surprise your bosses!” is “how to be a good employee 101.” Unbelievably stupid.
  4. Chip Kelly advocates for eliminating conferences in football, keeping Olympic sports regional SATURDAYOUTWEST.COM Chip Kelly says major college football should follow Notre Dame's example when it comes to conference affiliations. Keep regional conferences for Olympic sports.
  5. Well, until the got screwed, they were a program on the way up. Another four or five years of improvement and they would have been much more sought after. I root against the Beavs on the field, but take no satisfaction about what just happened to them.
  6. I’d wait to see the demand. Better to sell out then have empty seats. Things may not go as well as we think. Right now everyone is in the infatuation stage of our love affair with the B1G. It may or may not be warranted.
  7. LOL, nothing I enjoy more than a USC freak out. One of the unequivocal advantages to being in the B1G with USC.
  8. I think if Fox and ESPN had treated fairly with PAC we would have done very well with our contract . Wilner talked about where the blame should be placed and presidents and commissioners definitely played a role. The PAC might have avoided being in a weak place but once there we were vulnerable to Fox’s market manipulation. Will be interested to see if antitrust legal action against Fox and ESPN will occur.
  9. Excellent article. Without access to the linear sports media oligopoly (Fox and ESPN) in the Apple contract, Oregon was not going to stay in the PAC if they had options that gave them linear media rights. If you are trying to grow your market presence you can’t rely on subscriptions. Only people who already know you will buy a subscription. The destruction of the PAC is an object lesson on why monopolies and oligopolies are so destructive to markets and the quality of life. Google “greedflation” for a primer on another way you are paying for the concentration of economic and political power.
  10. I know, but a metaphor often used to remove human agency for the cause for a crappy system.
  11. Lots of blame to go around. First on my list is the linear TV oligopoly that wouldn’t (and couldn’t be forced) to pay fair market price and put Oregon on TV. Second is Apple with their bean counter driven offer that told everyone that the PAC wasn’t that important to them. Imagine if Apple had given a 30 or 35 million offer, likely the PAC would have taken the risk, the PAC would be together and Apple would have a foothold in college football. The additional cost is about 10 minutes profit for Apple. Now Apple has nothing unless it can buy part of ESPN. The PAC is dead. Steve Jobs had many flaws but he knew when to be a visionary and when to let the bean counter rule. Now was a time for a visionary.
  12. The Pac-12 is dead as we know it, just don't expect the Big Ten, Big 12 or anyone else to take the blame APPLE.NEWS Don't expect anyone to take blame for Pac-12's death Welcome to the brave (and poorer) new world.
  13. Except it is not a jungle, but is a human designed system. This system has flaws that allows a media oligopoly (the so-called linear media) have influence into areas (conference design and membership) that arguably they shouldn’t have. This has lead to a diminished experience of sports for many of us, and financial disaster, unearned financial disaster, for the most vulnerable schools. This human designed system is also creating record profits for a relatively narrow group of people who are isolated from the harms of their actions.
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