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  1. Mario’s teams would have lost to WSU. Lot of mental toughness shown.
  2. When you see so many false starts by experienced, good players I think you have to look at systemic issues. Perhaps it is lack of concentration but it could be partially something the coaches are making too complicated. Could also be something Nix is doing. The other penalties, especially personal fouls, well that is just stupidity and immaturity.
  3. I trust these coaches to be good judges of talent and character. Not many 5* linemen. Most 5* are "skill position" players and are limited to 32 players.
  4. I agree. For players that do this, they should immediately lose their scholarship.
  5. IMHO, Oregon is to undisciplined and too weak against the pass to make it through. Bo Nix is still throwing deep into double teams. We’ll see but the chances are low.
  6. Oh how I miss plod ball and losing to Stanford. <end sarcasm>
  7. I liked them though I’m probably the only 60+ year old fan here that does. The bright colors were the only way I could track the shifty Bucky Irving.
  8. I blame the penalties on the players. This game seemed to me an average officiating job. Most calls accurately made. A couple missed plays including a false start by Stanford. All in all an acceptable job by the refs.
  9. My rule. When you have no penalties at this point of the game, then the players can join the fun.
  10. Yeah, very disappointing. I was shouting at my TV. And, no it wasn’t the refs. They made a couple mistakes but Oregon was just undisciplined and sloppy. Good thing this was not one of the good Stanford teams. We’ll lose a game this year due to penalties if this continues.
  11. Ty looked lost and uninspired. Talk about playing yourself out of playing time. He just doesn’t look like a good QB.
  12. Seven Magee hit two Stanford players in the head. Everyone else was shoving and pushing. He deserved his penalty. The horse collar was phantom. Lot of dumb mistakes by Oregon. Frustrating to watch.
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