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  1. coaches can be very risk-averse and close-minded
  2. That sure was a satisfying smackdown of the Fuskies.
  3. Another former-duck-assistant-goes-back-to-alma-mater-to-head-coach fail.
  4. For some strange reason I never thought the Ducks were out of the game. It’s not a brag, but a reflection of how much had changed in 3+ games. If Mari were running the show, I prob would have turned it off after the 3rd. But Dilly had the O moving all game. And there’s no question that the Ducks have more quality depth than the Cougs. So I kept the faith that we could/should win the 4th quarter. (Mari wouldn’t have scored 29 points in the whole game, let alone in less than a quarter.) But those are just the logical reasons. There’s also just something different about the way this team plays. They carry themselves differently. They make mistakes but don’t implode. They just do their business. They seem to be channeling different emotions. This new culture is led by DL, but the tragedy of Spencer Webb has surely changed the outlook. Both Utah and tOSU had 2 of their best seasons after losing teammates. I know I would be extra motivated to play every second of every game my friend couldn’t play in.
  5. GA got spanked by AL 41-24 last year in the SEC champ game but dominated the Natty against that same AL team a few weeks later. Good coaching and players’ determination can fix things in a hurry. The last 2 data points have shown fundamentals and solid progress. Regardless, we are headed the right direction….
  6. Streaming is the only option I have in LA to watch the Pac-12 Oregon channel. Spectrum only carries the Pac-12 LA channel. Watching re-runs of USC gymnastics while the Ducks are playing football is infuriating.
  7. A) Only 48 penalty yards B) TDs on the last drive of first half and the first drive of the second half That’s how you win the Pac. We haven’t seen that consistently since the CK years.
  8. I am looking forward to the Fishduck article explaining the RB situation. They start w a rando transfer who proceeds to miss two catches before even getting a hand-off. Then they switch RBs every drive or more, and the team’s top returning RB doesn’t get meaningful touches ‘til garbage time.
  9. This is the point where the game goes on mute.
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