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  1. If Coach Lanning had kicked a field goal in the first quarter, we would be celebrating right now.
  2. No, the beginning of the end was the creation of the transfer portal. The second beginning of the end was NIL with no guidelines. This latest Big 10 vs SEC super conference creations is the final nail in the coffin. The traditions are going away. The only way for a university to recruit 4 & 5 star players will be if they are in a super power conference. The old days of finding young men who can be coached up are gone. As soon as you coach them up, they will be gone via NIL. Now if the politicians get involved, then it is all over for Oregon. If Oregon is somehow tied to being in the same conference with Oregon State, the Pac 10 will be on the fringes and whither away. Sorry, my cup is half empty today.
  3. Happy Birthday Charles. You may be a bit crazed but you are our FishDuck and we love you!
  4. Have we heard anything from Rob Mullens or Dan Lanning?
  5. I feel lousy about this. I bet this will negatively impact our recruiting from this day forward. Expect decommitments.
  6. I look forward to more offensive explosion this year. Strong o-line, better QB(s), very good tight ends, much better wide receivers and a good looking running back room. Add in good offensive coaching and I would be shocked if we were not quite a bit better. Bring on Miami!!!!!
  7. Thank you Darren, always good food for discussion. My concerns are way before Pac 12 play. Georgia obviously but I doubt that I am the only one concerned about EWU and BYU. Maybe my cup this week is half empty. This is one tough pre-season schedule!
  8. Axel, USC has in fact retired OJ Simpsons jersey #32. Now there is a truly despicable character.
  9. A bit of ancient history here. Hugh McElhenny was a top running back for University of Washington and starred for the San Francisco 49'rs throughout the 1950's. The joke of the day was that he took a pay cut leaving Washington and going to the 49'rs. In 2004 he confirmed in an interview that it was true. The niners had a backfield of YA Tittle handing off the ball to Hugh, Joe Perry and John Henry Johnson. Rest in Peace Hugh.
  10. Nice article Lamarr. This topic always is on our mind. Bo Nix gets the start against Georgia but Butterfield should be #2. I hope all three stay healthy and we get to see them all play but that is probably a pipe dream. We will probably see a transfer at some point.
  11. Hey Log Haulin, you have reminded me of the following: 3 coffee mugs 1 Phil Knight bobble head
  12. Yes, I did the inventory. T-Shirts - 12 Hats - 3 Jacket - 1 Dog Collar for Cosmo - 2 Night Gown - 1 I bought an Oregon T-shirt in XL Tall. It was so big that it became a Night Gown for my wife. License Plate - 1 My GMC Yukon has California plates that read AUTZEN1. I often have people flash me the "O".
  13. Hey Bruce, thank you for a track update. I will check in on some of this assuming the Pac 12 Network will cover this.
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