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  1. Hey Log Haulin, you have reminded me of the following: 3 coffee mugs 1 Phil Knight bobble head
  2. Yes, I did the inventory. T-Shirts - 12 Hats - 3 Jacket - 1 Dog Collar for Cosmo - 2 Night Gown - 1 I bought an Oregon T-shirt in XL Tall. It was so big that it became a Night Gown for my wife. License Plate - 1 My GMC Yukon has California plates that read AUTZEN1. I often have people flash me the "O".
  3. Hey Bruce, thank you for a track update. I will check in on some of this assuming the Pac 12 Network will cover this.
  4. Wildcat formation with direct snaps to Seven McGee! Solves everything, he gets 80 touches a game!
  5. Welcome Casey Rogers, look forward to seeing you on the field! Yesterday I read that we have 89 players on scholarship but our limit is 87. So how does this work? We keep receiving new commitments, does that mean that perhaps some people may potentially get booted off scholarship?
  6. This is really difficult to enjoy. TEOCFBAWKI- The end of college football as we know it.
  7. I was hoping the fan turnout would be much better than what we see.
  8. Sure looks like a small fan turnout. Maybe 10,000 +
  9. On TV at 12:00 today. Is it on Pac 12 Network? No way, it is on the ESPN main channel. The media hype is working.
  10. I am still rooting for Robbie Ashford, oh wait................We have the potential this year to be down to one scholarship QB and that is without injuries. Perhaps we will end up running an offense like Army. Thanks Darren, great food for thought.
  11. I am aligned with "Just Ducky" on this one. Utah humbled our DUCKS twice last year. I am not going to worry about USC until we climb the Utah mountain.
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