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  1. While the "portal" is in our face every day, it seems that we forget, or at least I do, an important point. Even if the athletes that this young man is talking to doesn't sign here, they will remember the love if/when they hit the portal in the future. So, it's not "no", it's just "not yet".
  2. In my humble opinion Charles you are simply asking people to treat others as they want to be treated. Most people can accomplish this through self control. However self control is quickly eroded by entitlement. Once entitlement takes root all bets are off. Everyone is susceptible to this, it's human nature. You can't change their mind, you can only stand for what is right and not conform under the pressure of their loss or anyone else's. I think it's safe to say that 99% of us are thankful for your efforts to provide a safe and enjoyable forum. It is here that we can focus on something positive instead of the nonsense around us. Thank you, be strong and courageous!
  3. I am so glad this effort is being made. It gives me hope that the other coaches are looking back on what made Oregon great so that they can move forward for a great future.
  4. The only positive thing I. An think of about this game is that Dye is in the 3000 yard club. Good fir him!
  5. JB had the headset on along with the walk on that I can't remember his name...
  6. JB had the headset on along with the walk on that I can't remember his name...
  7. 38-28 Ducks 1, 2, 263 yards one of the freshman qbs come in partway into the 3rd and light it up while the sooners keep stacking the box to stop the run. Moorehead goes out feeling vindicated and Cristobal looks less like the coach Miami thought they bought. We have a real qb competition going into spring.
  8. I love the way you shared this. I would hope that we can set aside our emotions when they begin to our behavior in a negative manner. Sadly collage football has become consumed with the almighty dollar and all that goes with it (example 2). While expecting the fans to maintain its passion and support with patients and compassion. (example 1). I guess you could say it's like having your pie and eating it to. With things around us as crazy as they are it is easy to view life, including OBD, through the lens of frustration, resentment hopelessness. However, choosing to follow OBD for the love of the game, special memories and the hope to for a special moment or season, will lead to a more fulfilling experience and lower blood pressure. I haven't done a good job at this but I'm trying maintain the correct focus and attitude because if I don't I would quit watching or caring about OBD... I don't want to throw that away.
  9. Charles you do a great job! Seriously you have been a great blessing to so many duck fans over the years. Thank you for all that you do!
  10. What a great way to describe what we have been witnessing the last few years. Thank you for putting this into words that anyone can understand!
  11. I dont know that we are unhappy that he left but it was the way he left is the big problem... at least for me it is. If you are a person of integrity than say what you mean, mean what you say. Remember, truth may hurt at the moment but it will set you free.
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