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  1. I simply can not believe how bad the officiating is.
  2. 63-17 Ducks 2 4 389 yards Thompson throws a pic and a TD Butterfield throws a TD
  3. Oh my they are beating themselves. Time to wake up and get into gear.
  4. Again, I'm not saying it isn't a factor because it is. However the crowd will not be the only reason for the victory but a positive contribution to the teams performance.
  5. The crowd noise will be the reason for a victory? Surely you jest! While, it is true that the crowd does play a factor and does in fact cause the offince into mistakes at times, but it is in NO WAY soly responsible for a team's victory. Let's keep this in it's proper context folks. Let's be glad to be a part of a victory when it happens and enjoy this wonderful time of year.
  6. For me it is pretty simple. Some people don't have a filter and don't see why others have an issue with that. The rules are the rules and they need to be followed by us all. To that I believe if a rule has been violated even if it's on the line, it needs to be removed and an email sent to the author explaining the violation. The whole doesn't conform to the one. If a person can't speak to an issue without being derogatory towards another then they should keep it to themselves. None of us need to be subjected to their ignorance. There is enough hate and blustering around us all. This needs to remain a sanctuary of peace away from the nonsense we are immersed in daily. Good or bad lets enjoy our ducks. Let's talk sports, be respectful, keep it clean and real. Thank you Charles and everyone who spends so much time and resources to keep this sanctuary open to us all.
  7. The team was not focused as they should, which lead to many of the penalties for sure. However, I would say almost half were bogus calls. I know it's hard to be a referee, I wouldn't want to do that job, but every year we see the same thing by these pac12 referees. Why can't they get this cleaned up?
  8. I think this is going to be a fist fight the whole game. OBD learn how to stay in the fight and it will it will inspire them throughout the season right into the playoffs. Ducks win 30-29
  9. I'm in at 14 wins. My reasoning is simple. it goes beyond talent and experience, which this team is full of, it's a matter of heart. I do believe that our Ducks were unraveling because of the poor game planning and management of the previous leadership, the rot was evident like termite damage left unchecked. The young men want to win and seem to believe they can now. They want to win for because of pride, their future possibilities and now have a greater battle cry in the passing of a fallen brother. Coach has proven that he knows how to adjust and learn when things are going wonky, that in itself would have won the conference last year even with the poor game management. I guess my point is that where there is breath there's hope and where there is hope the heart drives a person to overcome and win against life's challenges. Go Ducks
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