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  1. Very classy of Mario. Too bad his flight was canceled and he couldn’t attend. It’s time for Oregon fans to move on. Mario got the opportunity to coach at his alma mater, where he won 2 national championships. I can’t fault someone for chasing their dreams and doing what they think is best for them and their family. By all accounts, he worked extremely hard while at Oregon, and left the cup board full for our new coaching staff. I wish him well at Miami except when recruiting head to head against Oregon.
  2. Ummm. Who was the QB Coach when Chip was the OC at New Hampshire and Oregon?
  3. Players who get paid should lose their amateur status. At that point, they are professional players. This is bad news for teams NOT in the B1G and SEC, who will not get the massive TV deals that are being rumored.
  4. Any other potential recruits at Mater Dei Jurrion could convince to join him in Eugene?
  5. “One of the biggest weak spots for the Oregon Ducks over the past couple of decades has been the ability to recruit and develop quarterbacks in the system.” Perhaps it’s a typo but Oregon has a history of developing some pretty dang good QBs under Bellotti and Chip. Hopefully, Oregon can get back to that and bring back the exciting offense to go along with one of the most dominant defenses in college football!
  6. What is the appetite of the Pac to have anything to do with the B1G after they poached the LA schools and tried to kill the conference? I'm sure that all of the other conferences would be very interested in the Rose Bowl...
  7. LOL. And if/when the LA schools leave the PAC-12, the remaining 10 schools will need to cut sports, including UCLA’s sister school Berkeley.
  8. How have those schools used equal revenue share over the decades to become competitive today? Teams should keep a larger share of their football playoff and NCAA basketball tournament distributions, as a reward for investing in those teams and having the success on the field/court.
  9. I still think that a Pac-10 / Big XII merger would be the last option. I would much prefer a partnership with the ACC due to the strength of the top programs in the ACC. I’d rather the PAC-10 try to go it alone. The conference could either go back to a round robin schedule to determine the champion or reduce the number of conference games so that teams could schedule tougher out of conference games.
  10. I hope that Riley and staff are eventually investigated for tampering or illegally reaching out to players. He is as sleazy as USC. Word will also spread that Riley and USC do not keep their recruiting promises and cannot be trusted. Past Oregon coaches avoided making promises for this very reason. They only committed to giving a recruit an opportunity to compete, etc. I’m sure that Oregon could make the room for another WR...
  11. Please don’t do that to me...you had me ecstatic for a few seconds. Singing Moore and Young would be a dream class.
  12. What's the draw of Oklahoma State for the SEC? They already have Oklahoma. Seems like there are much bigger fish in the ACC.
  13. One can only hope but perhaps he is just keeping the suspense high?
  14. I don't know but I believe that perception of the program among high school recruits and coaches, consistent success on the field and interest/viewership are more important (note: these are all related).
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