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  1. I thought that there was some talk of rotating the B1G championship between Indianapolis and Vegas. I know which destination I would prefer (and not because it’s closer)!
  2. I think that DJU should have moved to another position (e.g., TE, DE). He throws some really inaccurate balls (grounding it a few yards short) to wide open receivers. I just don’t think he will succeed as a high level QB. He should look to transfer to a mid major program. Hawaii or San Diego State might be good options.
  3. Moore decommitted from Oregon right around the time that Bo Nix announced he would be returning for his final year at Oregon. Rumor is that Moore wanted to play right away and UCLA offered a significant NIL deal for him. UCLA joining the B1G also played a part, as he is from Michigan. Moore is talented but it’s obvious that he could have used a year as the backup QB, learning from one of the best. I hope that Oregon moves on from Moore and pursues an experienced QB in the portal to compete with TT.
  4. You can now add Oregon State to Oregon's tally. Utah should be ranked. Would anyone pick Kansas State, LSU, NC State or Tennessee to beat Utah on a neutral field?
  5. Someone mentioned this on the radio and I completely agree. If we had the 12 team playoff this year, the Michigan/Ohio State game wouldn't have meant as much. Neither would the Pac-12 championship game on Friday because both teams would be in the 12 team playoff - win or lose. Sure you can make the argument that they are playing for pride or seeding but that is not the same as a regular season elimination game. I wish they would have only expended the playoffs to 6 or 8 teams to preserve what makes college football special - every game matters.
  6. Cam Ward would be a slam dunk and make Oregon an instant title contender again next year. Give him the Bo Nix package!
  7. My favorite part of the video was the flashback to the aftermath of the UW loses in black and white, near the middle, to “I remember….” Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I think that it's the same issue that we see on 4th and short. Lack of creative play-calling in short yardage situations. Will Stein should look at some of the plays that other teams run on short yardage situations that scheme players WIDE OPEN and/or give the QB a RPO option. USC used to run a QB bootleg play with two "receivers" running in the same direction as the QB downfield - one short and one intermediate option. The QB could also run the ball, if a defender chose to cover the short passing option. It was darn near impossible to stop. Kenny Dilligham used to "borrow" plays that he saw others run. Kyle Shanahan is an offensive genius and uses play-action and motion to confuse defenses, and scheme players wide open. Stein should watch some 49ers games.
  9. Per multiple sources. Elko was the former DC at A&M. Sources: Texas A&M, Elko agree on deal to make him new coach - ESPN WWW.ESPN.COM Texas A&M and Duke's Mike Elko, a former Aggies defensive coordinator, have reached an...
  10. I’m sure that Dan Lanning learned a few things from Kirby Smart (and Nick Saban) about evaluating players. Oregon is certainly prioritizing the defensive line and the number of elite players that he is bringing in at the position is amazing (as good as anyone). I was thinking the same thing. In 2-3 years when Dan has a roster of players he’s recruited and developed, how good is Oregon’s defense going to be, if he’s gotten this much improvement in season #2? Oregon’s offense might take a slight step back without Bo Nix at QB but an elite defense can win you 10+ games with a solid offense. Win now but the future is .
  11. Thank you for coming to FishDuck to share your thoughts this season. Classy visiting fans, who bring a different perspective, make OBD a better place. I’ve been a fan of the Florida program since the Coach Spurrier’s Fun-and-Gun Offense and have always wanted to see a game at The Swamp. Like Florida did in 1996, Oregon is looking to win our first national championship in football. We can only hope this is the year. Hopefully, you’ll change your mind and visit OBD in the post season but, if not, have a happy holidays and wonderful offseason!
  12. In what poll? The College Football Playoff poll is the only one that matters...
  13. Jayden Daniels stats are crazy. 3,500+ passing yards AND 1,000+ rushing yards with 50 total touchdowns. He also has the highest QBR rating in the NCAA. If you take away the team’s win-loss record, Daniel’s would be a slam dunk winner. I never understood why the Heisman became an award for the best player on one of the best teams. It’s supposed to be for “most outstanding player in college football.” It says nothing about team success or that it has to be a QB (or RB). I love Bo Nix and hope that he wins but I could see the argument for Daniels. Both are having phenomenal seasons. 2023 College Football Season Leaders Total QBR | ESPN WWW.ESPN.COM Visit ESPN to view College Football Total QBR for the current and previous seasons
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