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  1. As sad as it is to say, I don't see us winning another game if Bo is out. The next two games could be the hardest of the season.
  2. And just think, Miami could probably had Lanning,
  3. I like that, except mabye the girl in red should just be named oregon
  4. l.Blount from Oregon gets suspened for a year for one sucker punch. Here you have 4 players beating on 1. I thing the penalty should should certainly be worse Than what Blount got.
  5. Great to see the hail mary instead of sitting on the lead. We sure would not have seen that play last year
  6. That series starting to look more like the ucla game and less like georgia
  7. receivers need to start holding on to those balls, or it could be a long game,
  8. Im going with Nick, He would be a great guest pick.
  9. Great article, The only exception i take is i live in Florida and have watched every duck game. With fubo and the added pac 12 network, they cover all games so far this season.
  10. I think they are OK , I like that they just used the pink for highlights, instead of a all pink uni.
  11. Oregons best chance is to win out, and have Georgia winning out big also. The championship committee might look forward to a Georgia , Oregon rematch. Again, big assumption both win out.
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