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  1. So win vs. OSU and we're in. Even if we lose, if UW loses to WSU we're in. If we lose and end up in three-way tie with UW and Utah, we are probably out. Do I have this right?
  2. I was at the UCLA game and made the mistake of trying to go the restroom and concessions during halftime. Felt downright unsafe due to the jam-packed conditions in all main walkways. Not sure that standing-room-only tix should be sold at Autzen in these conditions. Seen too many reports of mass-fatality stampedes in the news lately, and it felt tight enough for that to be a hazard.
  3. Just checked 14-day forecast in Eugene and the only day of outright rain, versus sprinkles, is (you guessed it) Saturday, Oct. 22. But hey, how accurate can a long-range forecast be?
  4. Just announced. Oregon’s game-time for marquee matchup vs. UCLA Bruins announced SPORTS.YAHOO.COM The game time has officially been released for No. 12 Oregon's big-time showdown against the No. 11 UCLA Bruins.
  5. Remember the primal scream from Nix on the sideline after he threw the pick-6 against WSU? As if he was exorcizing a demon -- he's been playing lights out ever since.
  6. The only "chaos" required is a first loss for Clemson and a second loss for Ga/Ala. We also need everyone in Big-12 to lose at least a game but that is more likely than not. When I broached the question, it was based on the supposition that the Ducks win out. Now that might require some chaos, but if it happens, I still think they'd probably get in the CFP.
  7. A huge boost would be winning the conference championship against undefeated USC. Yes, playing this ridiculous mind game every season does get old when all you should need to worry about is winning your league.
  8. Agree. Pant lines looked too high. Should dress better with all those recruits at the game. Still, a good result.
  9. And yet we are now second only to Utah among teams with with one loss. Some of those unbeatens ahead of us are NOT going to stay ahead of us with one loss.
  10. Today's analyses around the country generally place us at No. 12, with Utah and USC ahead of us. Beat them both and we're up to No. 9 , with plenty of other opportunities to advance week by week as more unbeaten teams fall.
  11. Georgia has a great program. What they're delusional about is the strength of the Duck program. They equate us to SEC bottom-feeders.
  12. Cracks me up how lightly regarded the Ducks are to many of these SECers. I've seen many references among Dawg commentators to the fact that we got crushed by Utah twice last season, but ZERO references to our early season victory in Columbus.
  13. Canzano has a bad habit of building a whole column around a compelling idea that he doesn't then dive deeper into --- in this case the notion that people aren't snickering at the conference anymore. OK, John, but why? ...
  14. Actually an important game to get a first-round tournament bye.
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