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  1. My hope is that the yellow and green O starts to look very familiar alongside those other schools.
  2. If you haven't found it yet, it is actually: canesinsight...
  3. April 23rd, at 1pm! I will most certainly be there to see how different things look. An opportunity to see some new RB's, maybe a little QB battle between TT, Bo Nix, and Butterfield. Not to mention some young receivers that may finally have the opportunity to stretch the field! And I haven't even mentioned the defense.....! If you haven't had the opportunity to watch his speech at halftime of the duck basketball game, it's a good one!
  4. You know, my adult son made a comment a year into Cristobal's tenure. He said, "I won't like watching the ducks until they get rid of that coach" We had many discussions about that comment because I had bought into the hard nose attitude that Cristobal projected. My son would say "Where's the passing game? Yeah, they are trying to establish a run game but slamming it into the line will eventually stop working. Where is the originality, the explosive plays? Dad, they are boring...." He grew up playing football, QB in high school, Duck fan since he could walk, and watched Dixon, Masoli, Mariota, etc. Now, seeing your graph, he was right....I need to be sure to tell him!
  5. I watch the Wisconsin Rose Bowl with DaT just to remember what it was like to think we could have a home run on every play...and just when the defense focused on DaT, LaMike hit the jets...
  6. The interesting thing is that his QB absolutely locked in on him from the snap...the defense knew right where the ball was going and they still could not stay with him.
  7. I was wondering that myself....and Seven McGee was coming on too.
  8. They said he took his name out, then put it back in....I guess we will have to see if he stays in...or is out...
  9. I would have liked to see more of him at Oregon. Kinda bummed...
  10. I know most of the folks on this forum have been duck fans through the good, the bad, and the ugly. We care about the entire Oregon brand and want to see success in all athletics and academics. Tonight, U of O got some tremendous PR from the national championship game. Both Herbstreit and Fowler mentioned multiple times how the Georgia defense was performing, crediting the players and Dan Lanning. There were at least three occasions where those comments were followed by "the new coach at Oregon" or something similar. An earlier graphic in the game showed Lanning on the sidelines and that he was recently hired as the Ducks head coach. In another year where the PAC-12 is noticeably absent from the playoff, getting that kind of spotlight beamed on the program is invaluable. The fact that it came on the biggest stage in college football, and the outcome was impressive from the defensive side of the ball made the attention that much better.
  11. How fired up will Noah Sewell, Justin Flowe, and the rest of the defense be to play for a guy that brings intense enthusiasm, great scheme, and a national championship win to the sidelines!!!
  12. From that article: "The 2022 Oregon offense promises to provide a new-look systems with Nix and the new coaching staff set to take over from Cristobal, offensive coordinator Joe Moorhead and quarterback Anthony Brown who all depart this off-season." 'nuff said!! I am excited to be a Duck fan and experience this new enthusiasm and excitement at Autzen!
  13. I think this game showed the chasm that exists between programs that recruit well, have a great coach, a great system, and have loads of talent in the 2/3 deep subs versus a team that may have a few star players, a good coach, a good system, and their talent drops off in the 2/3 deep. Cincinnati was able to hang with Alabama for a time. When fatigue started to set in, Cincinnati could not match the talent level of Alabama's subs.
  14. There is an interesting read on a "state-north-of-Oregon-with-a-canine-mascot" fan board regarding this hire. The fan comments range from "he's a traitor" to "he really wasn't THAT good" to "*bleep* the Ducks"!! An interesting quote from the article is this: "There’s no way to sugarcoat that this is a disaster from an optics standpoint" The comments from the fans and the writers perspective of how bad this is for the aforementioned "state-north-of-Oregon-with-a-canine-mascot"....well, it makes me smile! The link if you are interested:
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