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  1. First UW game I have watched. Their secondary is suspect, but their front guys are stout. Their offense looks very anemic, Penix Jr seems to be really pressing and going off leash. DTR is having on those games where he looks great for the most part. He's playing with a lead and won't have to force too much at this time.
  2. No one ever threw a curve at Bo Jackson...they were all fastballs that tried to get away from his bat.
  3. *Sorry folks, I didn't realize the article was already posted. Here is my $0.02* This a great piece on Bo to this point in the year. I was as skeptical as anyone when he joined the Ducks, but now firmly believe he is a true leader of this team. I watched the end game celebrating on the live cast and saw both Butterfield and Thompson congratulating Nix with excitement. They were treating him as an older brother and I can only imagine what his leadership means to their development. People may point at the pick six and say, "yeah, but he still did that", and I would agree with them. A leader accepts a mistake, learns, and finds a way to climb back into the fray. How many of you think anyone not named Mariota or Herbert (with an adequate play caller) would have had the poise and command to get that win? I am not ready to put him in the Heisman talk, but I am ready to say he deserves to be QB1, I firmly believe that! Oregon Football: A conversation needs to be had about Ducks’ QB Bo Nix DUCKSWIRE.USATODAY.COM Bo Nix has been far and away better than expectations at Oregon. It’s time that fans start giving him the credit...
  4. He reminds me a bit of Jeff Maehl...not super flashy but he finds a way to be where he needs to be and he has good hands.
  5. There are fans saying the QB SHOULD transfer to salvage his career!!
  6. Miami plans to turn the season around with more physicality! In the meantime, I need a Xanax after the Ducks game!!!
  7. I was just gonna ask if anyone was watching that game. The forum boards are not happy with the play calling, TAMU has four starting DB's out and Miami is not attacking that...run up the middle, short pass, run up the middle. Such a difference with Dan Lanning and Kenny D!!
  8. I know, it was against EWU defenders but Ferguson is an absolute monster. He had a good game against Georgia as well, but watching him destroy several EWU defenders on his way to scoring was a thing of beauty. I will venture to say that his production and connection with Bo is going to open up the down field balls to the wide outs even more. I am excited about where this offense is going!!
  9. Folks, I take preseason rankings with a grain of salt probably as much as any of you do. I had no idea if Oregon was the #11 team in the country or if Utah was the #7 team in the country. I still don't know if Alabama is the #1 team because they had a scrimmage against Utah State. What I can see, and I have hard time admitting this...is that the SEC is at a different level. I know, Oregon had A LOT that they could have done better and I am not at all thinking this season is done. In fact, I am very excited for the remainder of the season to see how the Ducks perform! I am enthusiastic about the coaching staff, the roster, and where we are heading. But, nobody...and I mean NOBODY can deny that Georgia had superior personnel on the field on both sides of the ball. Their speed was undeniable. Their size was intimidating. AT THIS POINT IN TIME, Georgia wins that game 9 out of 10 times. Oregon and Utah played for the Pac-12 Championship last year and Utah is/was considered by many to be the torch-bearer for the Pac-12 CFP hopes (USC dominating Rice doesn't count). Florida was unranked at the beginning of the season. I know I said I don't take preseason rankings very seriously, but an UNRANKED Florida team looked very good against the #7 Utes. Utah played a heck of a game in a hostile environment. But Florida matched them step for step and I couldn't tell you which side was more talented because they seemed pretty equal. The harsh reality is this: The SEC is on a different level. Not all the teams (talking to you Vanderbilt and Kentucky); but the quality of players going to those schools is a mountain that Oregon and Utah have to scale if they want to be considered one of the powerhouses outside of the Pac-12. I believe it was Todd Blackledge from the announcers booth who said that Georgia has a roster full of 5 star athletes, not just at few positions. They reload with 5 star athletes...or something to that effect. I strongly dislike the SEC. Always have. I hate that Mariota and crew didn't get to face Alabama in the national title game. It is a HARD pill to swallow that the SEC conference is better...but the results were on the field yesterday. We all saw the talent disparity, not just in Georgia/Oregon but in Florida/Utah as well. I believe Oregon plays for the Pac-12 title again this year. I believe that their offense will get rolling and we will see some big numbers put up. And maybe, just maybe at the end of the year they will be in a position to seize a playoff spot. But, at this point in time we are NOT equal to Alabama, Georgia, or Florida. Time will tell if the Ducks can show themselves worthy to be in that discussion.
  10. One thing I also noticed was that the defensive backs for Georgia are fast. Our receivers rarely had separation. Now, what I don't know is if that had to do with route running, but my hunch is that it was the speed of Georgia's DB's.
  11. My hope is that the yellow and green O starts to look very familiar alongside those other schools.
  12. If you haven't found it yet, it is actually: canesinsight...
  13. April 23rd, at 1pm! I will most certainly be there to see how different things look. An opportunity to see some new RB's, maybe a little QB battle between TT, Bo Nix, and Butterfield. Not to mention some young receivers that may finally have the opportunity to stretch the field! And I haven't even mentioned the defense.....! If you haven't had the opportunity to watch his speech at halftime of the duck basketball game, it's a good one!
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