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  1. I am impressed with the athletic talent on this year's team, But we dribble to much and don't get the ball inside enough. Even if only to have it come right back. Our effort against Baylor was great. Lack of execution not talent got us in the end. Looking forward to see how the season progresses.
  2. If lack of politeness is left in section 12 I'm OK with that. But personal attacks having nothing to do with the topic would grow wearisome quickly. But that must be weighed against time needed to monitor our potty mouth. It has been pleasure to discuss AB football talents in full realization that despite his perceived football flaws this forum has not attacked him personally. I feel the toward coaches past and present.
  3. Yes he can throw a straight away lob ball into the end zone. But that's not enough. If Mario was thinking about Miami no wonder he didn't take any chances.
  4. I did not keep track of the Individuals but it seemed like OK had 2nd and 3rd strings on defense In the second half. Although I did see great effort on our part. It's over time to move on.9
  5. The original offensive sin was taking a quarterback who two years later couldn't consistently throw a deep out within 4 feet of the receiver or a crossing pattern to wear the defensive man can't reach it. It's not AB s fault. AB gave his all. You can't ask for more. But did he really have the potential skillet to be top Pac 10 QB. Really was he the best choice in the portal. Remember MC was a master recruiter. I think highly of AB but not so much of his coaches decisions. However I wish the all future success.
  6. I couldn't agree more with David. Our losses to Utah started when Moorehead selected a QB with marginal passing skills and MC signed off on a 20 yards and a cloud dust passing game. It was only a matter of time before we were exposed. Let's look for our mistakes and try not to repeat them. GO DUCKS !!
  7. There ia no such thing as a lifer if you want 9 or 10 wins a season.
  8. The University didn't pay MC that kind of money to leave because he's homesick. Don't let the screen hit you as......
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