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  1. I feel like that is just more bad luck to screw with anyone that wanted to see our future qbs. Although personally I'm glad they made it a little respectable because I don't like being stomped by Oklahoma. I was at that elite 8 game when Oklahoma just trashed Oregon and that wasn't fun.
  2. The one good thing is that normally after a performance like this I want the coaches gone and then I realize I might of overreacted. This time I can say I want the coaches gone and they are actually going to be gone next year.
  3. I agree they are the SEC version of us and unlike us that struggles with Stanford sometimes, Georgia has major problems with Alabama.
  4. I don't buy this argument because Anthony Brown stunk it up against Stony Brook and when Ty Thompson came in the game it became way easier to score and Stony Brook felt like Stony Brook. Had AB played that whole game Oregon might have only beat Stony Brook by a few points. Also, Butterfield outplayed Brown in the Spring Game.
  5. I don't get why the AD allowed Moorehead to continue to coach. This embarrassing for the Duck's.
  6. I was thinking it was going to be similar to when USC beat Ohio State but Oregon lost to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. However you might be right. Utah finally got over the USC and Oregon hurdle they struggled with for years. Especially the USC hurdle even when Utah would beat Oregon and get into the top 10 they would lose to USC. The year Utah almost made the playoffs they lost to both USC and Oregon. So them beating both of them was a big deal.
  7. I'm watching the press conference right now and he is doing amazing.
  8. I give it an A. I would have liked Oregon to hire somebody like Matt Campbell but I actually like this more because Dan Lanning will continue the physical style of play that Oregon has been playing. Also, he seems to be a great recruiter which is important for Oregon.
  9. Defensive coordinators are pretty important and Georgia had one of the best defenses in the country. Being the defensive coordinator at Georgia is huge. It's not like he is the defensive coordinator to a mountain west team or something.
  10. This is one of the biggest reasons you can even see it in how the remaining players reacted to his hire.
  11. I have a feeling that Dan Lanning will hire Mcclendon so I'm very curious to see how he does.
  12. I want to see how well Mcclendon does in the bowl game. I'm pretty sure he'll be coaching somewhere on Oregon because isn't he a Georgia guy too?
  13. The fact that he is so young and went up through the coaching rankings so quickly tells me this guy is good. Kirby Smart wanted him as his right hand man so that is good enough for me.
  14. By circumstance Oregon ended up with one of Alabama's best O-line coaches and now Oregon hired the best D coordinator Georgia has had. I like this SEC trend and Oregon has shown to be one of the most physical teams in the Pac 12 with Cristobal so I'm glad that is going to continue.
  15. I have a lot of respect for Wilcox but I think this is a much better hire. This will continue Oregon down the path of being the toughest team in the Pac 12. Also, I don't think Chip was the answer for this particular team. I think hiring an assistant from Georgia or Alabama was actually the safest move. As much as I like Matt Campbell I'm not sure he continues down the path of making Oregon the most physical team in the Pac 12 like Dan Lanning does.
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