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  1. Tasty!!! He’s a recruiter with west coast ties. Hmmm. Things are looking more interesting. I’m starting to be a “Believer”. Starting to catch the vision. One more quality puzzle piece. All good moves. So far so good.
  2. And for the Record. I do appreciate everyones optimism Were Duck Fans. What else can we do. Go Ducks. I’m Out
  3. Yup. Now it is “a hope and a prayer” If it works Phil & Co. Will look like geniuses. Im still feeling like this is a sad day for the program. Hope I’m wrong
  4. How many first time head coaches have made it to the CFP or took their 1st program to the National title game? Ohhh. I can think of one. The difference between being a DC or OC and a head coach at this level is real. Nobody knows how he would do. Total gamble and looks like another 3-year crash and burn. How many mistakes can we make and still have talent look at Oregon seriously.
  5. Gotta say it. To gamble on a first time head coach at this time, with a program at this level? Crazy gamble. And if it goes poorly? Start the twenty year downward spiral. It’s not like he spent the last three years under Nick Saban. If this is real it’s crazy scary. It creates no buzz. Just hope and prayers. And what about offense? We’ll never see another 5-star on quarterback visiting our campus again. I’ll always be a duck lifer, but usc, osu, ucla and Washington are all drooling and hoping this is real. They’re ready to party if Monday comes and this is true.
  6. Yer soundin a little worried. R U sure yer not wearing orange & black?
  7. If you want to create a big buzz in the CFW Nationally get Chip and then spend the $$$ to get Lanning, the hottest DC commodity in the SEC and watch what happens. Guaranteed. No downside. Help us Uncle Phil. We need a little Vision here
  8. Are we serious or not? Chip has to be HC. Or he’s not coming. Lanning would be an Awesome DC, but you’re going to have to pay 8-9 mill for three years to get him. If it all goes well and we get the Natty you’ve got your next HC and your next athletic director. Alabama West!! And yes. Im an optimist, but you never know.
  9. Yes. And just like now, he was the missing link. None of them created that offense. It took him to do it then and now. And yes, get the best DC & OC (&pay them!) in the country. “If you build it They will come” just get him!$!
  10. Chip is the safe bet!! He is the show. Swag, marketing master, fun to play for and great coach. Get him a young but equal OC & DC (hmmmm. Anyone ever hear of Dan Lanning??, 3 million a year, You never know unless you try?) and we’ve got the ingredients for the Natty. The players are already here. If you get the coaching combo right, even the de-commits will come back.
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