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  1. We just got home from a trip that started five hours after the midnight, freezing Utah game with a flight to New Orleans. Rented a car and looped SEC country to bring our total of states visited to 49. The wife wonders why we don't play in Hawaii. We had friends in San Diego and went to two previous Holiday Bowls. Had a great time and even visited Tijuana and Rosarita Beach when it was safer to do so. I will always picture Joey bumbleing, stumbling, recieving a touchdown catch. No longer having friends there, we will snuggle next to the fireplace and watch and root in the comfort of our livingroom.
  2. The house will be arockin'. It was loud last Sat. I was surprised that it only bothered the Fuskies on a couple of plays in the first half. I would have preferred an early kickoff because we are flying out of EUG at 5:00am. An hour to get home after the game and an hour to get to the airport. I think we are going to packup before the game and go straight to the airport after the game. Maybe we can snooze in the car in the parking lot. Just now was reported the Beaver (formally known as the Civil War) game will be at 12:30 or 7:30 on Espn or Abc. We will be at Dollywood so I hate hope for another late game, it will be 10:30 and can watch in motel room.
  3. I predicted 49-17. Do you mind if I root for Colordo?
  4. Herbstreit brought up Chips nickname, while he coached at Oregon, on Gameday. Chip was known for his inovative and gutsy play calling. Did Chip lose his Big Balls during his pro career or did they remain on the Oregon campus undecended until now. Firsthandedly experiencing the excitment of Oregon football in soldout Autzen Stadiom brought back memories of Chip a decade ago on the winning sideline. Watching the surprise onside kick and recovery by the Ducks I came to the realization that the Big Balls had decended and reside on the Oregon sideline. They are DOUBLE D size and belong to DAN and DILLY.
  5. Actually we're 1 and 1. 2013 beat Washington State and 2014 lost to Arizona. 2014 was the year we played in the National Championship Game, embarassing Florida State in the playoff and losing to tOS in the final. Not a bad year for wearing pink numbers on the uniform in one game.
  6. What would Chip do? Defer.
  7. I don't bet. Charles won't take my money. But if it's your money, and they set the over/under at 95..... take the over. Unless it turns into a defensive battle between two offensive juggernaughts. It will be exciting. young kid "Dilley" against old sage "Chip".
  8. Thanks Charles. You know I was secretly rooting for the 2 point conversion. That was the same score I predicted last week and I had the exact point spread under the old system until the third string allowed a trash time touchdown. I don't think 49-24 will work for UCLA.
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