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  1. Did you notice the gray in Mari-no's hair. By this time next year he will completely white from dealing with the stress of the U's expectations. Maybe he should grow a beard so they can call him Gandolf the White.
  2. The wife & I were on an Australian-New Zealand cruise. Walking tour of historic Melbourne and we ducked into a classic Pub to check out the sports on TV. The bartender noticed my Oregon hat and we had a good discussion. He was from New Zealand and said he and his buddies loved the Oregon brand of futbol.
  3. WOW!! I'm so fortunate, my Bucket is full of completed items. I was a teenage groom and father, the kids grew up fast and left home which gave us the freedom to travel. Have been season ticket holders since 1995 ( I've only missed one game). Two Rose Bowls , Penn State & tOSU. Holiday Bowls, Cotton, Sun Bowls and I want to forget the Seattle Bowl. Championship Game in Glendale (he was down). We have been to 9 of the Pac 12 venues. Still on the list are Stanford, Colorado and Tempe. We have been in or thru 43 states on a motorcycle or a 1948 Ford. In November we are doing a Mississippi River paddle boat trip from NOLA to Memphis then a rental car loop thru SEC country to pick up 6 more states that leave only a trip to Hawaii to complete all 50. Been to Sturgis, Daytona 500, did the Iron Butt 1000. Been to Rome, Paris, London. Multiple Caribbean Islands and the Panama Canal, various Mexican touristy seaports. What's left? Indianapolis 500. I received an add for driving an exotic at PIR that will only cost me half of my SS check. I did a Petty car at Las Vegas a few years ago. 135mph. Tantamount for November will be to find good sports bars in New Orleans and Vicksburg to watch the home game we will miss on the riverboat cruise. The good news for my brother in law and my son is they will get belated and early, respectively, Birthday presents of game tickets.
  4. Am I the only Hot Rodder on here? I love any model of 1932 Ford. From the Beach Boys album cover "Little Deuce Coupe" to this Sedan Delivery. Henry only made 418 Deliveries modified from standard Tudor sedans. Hot Rodders have recreated a few more. http://hotrodcarbs.com/wp-content/gallery/customer-gallery/0807rc_01_zpoteets_1932_ford_sedan_del.jpg
  5. Here is a good review of some of the past uniform combinations. Pick your favorite. 50 Shades Of Oregon Ducks Football Uniforms WWW.HUFFPOST.COM
  6. If my reading comprehension and memory are holding up against the aging process I believe the original lawsuit against the coaches, UO and NCAA stated $20 million for physical damages, decline in health and life expectation and loss of earnings. $100 million was added against the UO and NCAA for punitive damages to insure that the rules and regulation are instituted to forbid this type of exercise. The verdict or settlement will likely be less. After the lawyer fees whatever is left over is due and deserved by Brenner.
  7. Those of us that purchase season tickets are required to make a donation the the Duck Athletic Fund. Every year they will send us a brochure with a lot of smiling young faces, thanking us for the donation, but I honestly don't remember what all it goes for.
  8. It would be interesting to see a break down of scoring and plays per quarter. Remember the Kelly games that were over by half time and the backups were running out the clock.
  9. There's a jinx at MATT this weekend. Almost same stats as men's game. Visitors shoot 50% Ducks 30% and 10% 3pt.
  10. One of my evenings at the Dexter Lake Club. When I was a wee young lad my then brother-in-law's parents owned the Club.
  11. I was curious when the subject of analyst came up. What I found on the net(believe at your own risk) is 10 assistant coaches, 5 strength and 4 GA and as many analyst as you can afford.
  12. Six Pac 12 teams with a competition for starting QB.
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