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  1. It's got to be both/and... Would a solid transfer guy be overly interested in a school that showed him no interest at all when he was in HS? We can let someone else try that experiment. (Wanna give it a try Coach Prime????)
  2. Somewhat sad. Makes me wonder if a person who does this will leave as soon as a bigger paycheck is flashed somewhere else. It seems to me that greater considerations for choosing a school would be 1) how well will they prepare me for the next level, 2) does the school/team seem like a place that I can fit in well?, and 3) what does my family think of my choice? If, after these considerations Dickey decided to commit to Oregon, why not just make a card for Oregon fans? If these considerations don't put one of the schools in a clear lead, I suppose the recruit could justify this by asking, How much do the fans want me to come? Of course, this is only a one time monetary gain. I wouldn't think that it would offset a difference in 3-4 years of NIL money.
  3. One of Bo's greatest assets is his ability to change the play at the line of scrimmage based on what he sees in the defense. That is something that he cannot show off at the Combine.
  4. Go with Bo. TT was put into the BYU game in the third quarter to get meaningful minutes and everyone criticized the move when he didn't produce. TT started the second half of the Utah game to get meaningful minutes and everyone criticized the move when he didn't produce. The Bowl Game is a meaningful game. as stated above, Bo's last chance and he deserves it... getting 10 wins in a season is MUCH better that getting 9 (an important perception)... PAC 12 relevance and respect for next year starts this bowl season. There are 5 PAC teams in the top 25 and those 5 teams need to SHOW UP for their bowl games because the country is watching. If those 5 teams go 0-5 all the biased people will say, "I told you so."
  5. I haven't looked at who is leaving. I was assuming that you were asking if they are depleted for the Bowl Game... Maybe. I'm pretty sure that Lanning and Co. will be able to find any needed replacements in the portal for next year.
  6. Let's hope the PAC goes 7-0. That's the only thing that will bring real respect back.
  7. I don't think Deion Sanders is a Mel Tucker kind of guy. I'm kind of surprised that he left Jackson State. Why didn't he leave there after one year of miracle working if he just wants some stepping stones??? We don't know what his goals are. Let's keep our chins up!
  8. Better "on the fence" than "mind made up". He needs to think it over well and make the best decision for him and his wife. Hopefully, he takes her input seriously. He has a little time to decide.
  9. As disturbed as the entire fan base is with the performance of the defense this year, I am 100% certain that DL is even more disturbed. There is no way he is going to run away and hide from this. He is going to face the challenge head on and fix it... no matter what it takes. He is used to leading the best defense in the nation. Is he going to be satisfied with anything less than top 10? I am not a gambling man, but I´d bet my bottom dollar on the answer to that question.
  10. There are going to be a lot of conversations this off season between Dan Lanning and Tosh Lupoi.
  11. Better he goes to UW if that is where his heart is. Every little dissatisfaction would be multiplied anywhere else he goes. Let him have his visit so he can choose Oregon with no more second thoughts.
  12. The question is, will $3M be enough when he/she is offered $5-6M to go be a head coach somewhere?
  13. 10 wins is a goal worth fighting for. I'll be rooting for 10 wins for both the Ducks and the Beavers.
  14. David Yost. He was Herbert's first QB coach at Oregon. DY wanted to start JH the first game of his freshman year but was overridden by HC Mark Helfrich. Read his bio: David Yost - Offensive Coordinator - Football Coaches FIUSPORTS.COM Leading the Panthers' staff on the offensive side is David Yost, who owns over 25 years of collegiate
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