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  1. Doesn't look like the heat is ruining any "Shout!" vibe.
  2. Three PAC-12 teams in the top 10????????? That is a little love. Probably a little too much. Two bits says Oregon finishes higher than USC. What is really a head scratcher is Miami at #20. After reading all the obstacles in the article, I fail to see how the best coaches in the world are going to get them to #20. And how does having "facility upgrades" coming in the future help them this year?? It may help them recruit this year, but recruiting this year won't help them win this year.
  3. It looks like Nix will probably start game 1. What would be nice is if game 2 goes a little like the Spring Game: Nix starts the first quarter and if he has the ball at the end of it, he finishes the drive in the second. Butterfield finishes the first half. Thompson starts the 3rd quarter and if he has the ball at the end of it, he finishes the drive in the 4th. Butterfield then finishes the game. If they planned to do that, Thompson would know he is the starter in the second half (and will be ready to go) and Butterfield could possibly get more snaps than each of the other two. Game 3: start the best man from how the first two games went. Rest of the season: Get a lead early enough that back-ups get meaningful snaps almost every game. If the starter ever goes down, let's have someone ready to take over for a change.
  4. Left handed... dribbling, driving left... long pass... smaller window than it looks (because of how long the pass was). Yes, very nice....
  5. Lupoi wants to be “extremely aggressive and confrontational”. Here's to hoping that we see this on the field in the fall!
  6. My inlaws just retired and after many years of research and visiting different places, they decided on Bulgaria. Their biggest concern was cost. If cost was my only concern, I know of at least 5 houses in different parts of Mexico that I could live rent free, just for taking care of the place. I won´t because I want to live close to kids and grandkids.
  7. Looks like LSU might have the inside lane as they have the last official visit and he likes Brian Kelley. Sounds like he would be a very good get.
  8. Good advice. Nice to see a former Duck still care very much for his team.
  9. Are we missing something here? Reading a good deal of the article (not all - yawn), It looked to me like the SEC wanted to have their own playoffs and then the WINNER of that playoff plays the winner of the rest of the country for the united championship. That would put 8 SEC teams in the playoffs. At one point the writer of the article asked, "What if nobody wanted to play the winner of the SEC playoff?" At least, that's what I thought it said.
  10. Isn't there a limit (of one) to how many times you can transfer through the portal without losing a year of eligibility or having to sit a year? I see a maximum of two transfers... once through the portal at any time, and a second only if you are a graduate transfer. The guys who have "portalled out" early and are unhappy with where they moved to are stuck. This might make others think twice about using the portal as an easy out. I think people will be more careful in the future. Another factor is if scholarship athletes lose their scholarships because no one picks them up will give athletes pause when they hear how common this is????
  11. I would suggest for a very Oregon Coast fishing experience that you find a charter in Pacific City on a dory. They launch off the beach on the leeward side of Cape Kiwanda. The very nice ling cod in my picture was caught off a dory very close to Cape Kiwanda. The picture was taken less than a minute after I pulled it in. The reason I'm dressed so warm is that it was caught in January. Click on my picture and you can see a bigger version of it. Welcome to Oregon!
  12. I think I read that with this transfer Oregon stands at 86 scholorship athletes, which is one over the limit. They need to lose another one before September. If they land another commit or transfer, then hey have to lose 2.
  13. I realize that the point of the post is showing how much better Oregon has done over the last 21 games, but I am seeing something else just as good, that almost no one ever recognizes... In the last 21 years EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the "weak" PAC 12 has been considered a top 10 team in the nation! (A minimum of 3 times each.) Can the SEC say that? Can the B1G say that? The ACC? The BIG 12? There is a reason it is hard to sweep through the PAC in conference games.
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