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  1. That is such a cool picture of KT being tackled. How was a flag not thrown???????
  2. "Extra" meaning "against NCAA rules"???? That's a statement no one can definitively say. Are all humans generally prone to being tempted to cheat?? Absolutely! Does it mean that everyone in football WILL cheat if he thinks he can avoid detection??? I'm not willing to go there. Just because everyone is tempted doesn't mean that you cannot trust anyone. About 40 years ago I read an article on morality on the university campus. The article started out with this line that I have never forgotten: At UCLA, students are taught that people are basically good, but they have electro
  3. Indeed. I wish young talent would recognize this. A paycheck is hard to turn down.
  4. And yet, did Tennessee get any value in return? Are they on top of the SEC? Are they out recruiting the rest?
  5. Thank you, Charles. I didn't want to be the only person to express doubt about Brown. He had a couple of chances to lead the team down the field and they failed to score. There was a reason that Shough started in front of him. I don't think he is the starter next year. I hope we have someone better. Hoping Butterfield or Thompson. Problem is we didn't get to see a spring game last year, so we have no clue where the back-ups might be.
  6. Great post. I just want to point out that it makes a big difference if those are mostly upper classmen, lower classmen, or a mix throughout. Last year some expected we should walk all over Iowa State because we had a lot more stars than they did... but those stars need to be developed. Last year the Ducks were the youngest team in football. Next year, they won't be, but how many of our elite athletes will be seniors? Not as many as will be on the rosters of tOSU, Clemson, or Alabama. Two more years of recruiting are needed to have an even distribution (less transfers) of talent thro
  7. Yes and Yes. I remember the first bowl game the Ducks went to under Rich Brooks - the Independence Bowl in 1989. After watching the game with my father in law (a BIG Ducks fan), I said, "Well, now all the fans are going to want to go to another bowl game." He responded pensively, "Yes. Yes they will." I miss that guy.
  8. Nice to have 4 in the composite top 25. In the past we frequently had 6 pre-season with more getting votes. And, yes, it is also nice to be on top of the PAC. Voters recognize that 2020 was not a good indication... and that next year Oregon will not have the youngest team in football.
  9. Which is one reason, at least for now, that the Ducks should not shy away from a difficult OOC schedule. If everyone in the conference scheduled cupcakes and THEN we are 2-7 in bowl games???? It will be hard to get 3 teams in the top 25.
  10. Definitely possible. Elite 8 is just inside the top 10. In the tournament, anything is possible. COVID is still the elephant in that room.
  11. Three conference losses to whom? This isn't just any conference. These are top 10 teams we are talking about. They had their work to do before 3 conference losses. So many 5 stars? Yes! But all incoming freshmen. We lost three top 10 draft picks, including #1 and #2. 5 incoming freshmen 5-stars cannot replace 3 draft picks, no matter where they were drafted, but 3 top 10s??? No way. Only one of the 5 five-star freshmen has broken into the starting 5. It is not surprising that 4 did not; what is surprising is that one did. The other 4 are doing great and contributing a lot of minute
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