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  1. ...for which they receive a tax-deductible receipt... I think that might be the point.
  2. That!! I think that, in all probability, MC invited Pittman to leave for this very reason.
  3. A couple questions/observations: The question has to do with how many recruits and transfers can be legally taken by a school. Every time someone leaves via portal or for the NFL or due to injury or anything else, my original thought is that it opens up a spot for a portal transfer coming in. But I think last year I read (here?) that a school can only take a limit of 25 new players between HS recruits and Portal transfers COMBINED??? All this can be very bad for a school. What if, through the various exit doors a school loses 40 players in a year... can they only receive 25 scholarship players to replace them? My observation is that there is a limit of the use of the portal to ONE transfer per career. If a athlete transfers again (without being a graduate transfer) he/she would have to sit out a year or lose a year of eligibility. This rule will lead to a little bit of stability down the line. If you are going to transfer through the portal... choose wisely...
  4. I was worried at 10-0. Paopao was awesome. Prince was a scoring machine... get the pass, turn around, and shoot! Sabally hopefully is OK. It did not look good. She was still struggling after the game.
  5. I very much missed getting Cota out of high school. I would be nice.
  6. Looks like DL has learned from the big boys in the SEC that you can improve your staff and your team by having a bunch of "off the field" assistants/consultants/football brainiacs.
  7. What interested me in his power rankings is that the top team in the north is Oregon and second place belongs to the Beavers. I wouldn't be surprised.
  8. There is a new HC, a new OC, and a new RB coach. Verdell coming back is no guarantee that he will start over Dye or have more reps than Dye. Verdell will have to prove that he is better than Dye in several areas to win back the starting job. That may not be easy. One of Verdell´s biggest knocks is his obvious problem with injury. It is what will hold him way back in the NFL draft. How many times has CJV lost snaps because of injury? How many snaps has Dye lost to injury?
  9. Remember it was the THIRD string QB at tOSU that won the B1G in his first start, won the national semi-final game in his second start, and beat OREGON in the national title game in his 3rd start.
  10. ...but there is a reason they are going after him.
  11. "You put your right foot in; you put your right foot out; you put your right foot in and you shake it all about..."
  12. Taki Taimani: "Going to Oregon, I see people talk about them throwing me money, but to be real, there was no money thrown at me. I went there because of Tosh, the coaching aspect and Lanning — what they have to provide." Proof it doesn't have to be about the millions.
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