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  1. Thank you Charles for all the time, energy, and angst it takes to to create this forum. In answer to your question, yes. Please continue with the forum
  2. It seems much more likely to me that TT would follow KD back to his home state than it would for Bo to transfer again. If Moore stays true, our QB room would be strong and Butters might get his chance.
  3. Ducks 51-13 2 turnovers 4 sacks 365 passing yards
  4. The first thought I had is what are the advantages/disadvantages for Pac schools to do this. Make sure it’s in our best interest.
  5. Urban Meyer could be a home run hire from ASU’s perspective while being fuel to the dumpster fire in reality. Thus keeping KD in Eugene for a couple more years.
  6. Until I read your post, the thought of pulling for USC had never crossed my mind. My feeling was, “What an awful thought!” Go Beavs
  7. Works for me on my iPhone. Had been frustrating; assumed it was something on my end. I’m all a twitter about the fix!
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