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  1. I hate to see Kenny D. leave but I believe he can be replaced. The Ducks have very good players on their offensive roster and many OC's would love to coach them. I honestly think a solid defensive coordinator is harder to come by and more valuable.
  2. Terrible performance! Tosh Lupoi being a good recruiter will not get the job done. Letting the beavers run wild was so painful to watch when everyone knew waht was coming. Do I need to mention Special Teams?
  3. How about a Nike NIL deal or a Pape' Cat NIL! Help me out here guys!
  4. Coach Lanning is a first year head coach as we all know, he was outfoxed by a veteran! Penix throwing for 400+ yards and the Ducks rushing for 200+ and still losing shows me that DeBoer and staff knew exactly what they were doing. Coach Lanning will learn from this. In the meantime, we need a pass rush!
  5. Mike Bellotti and Chip Kelly come to mind. Bellotti was not ready to retire and despite Chip's success I think the Ducks made a mistake. Mike was finding good OCs and developing them which is what a head coach does. Being the HC is totally different than being a OC or DC. I say we stick with Lanning and hope Kenny stays for at least three years.
  6. I liked what I read about the "reset" in the O today. Sounds like Lanning takes great exception to stupid penalties, I love it! Addressing the issue during practice it the way to go, during the game is too late. Coach Lanning is setting the players up for success!
  7. Colorado State and Utah State! Two rivalries right off the get-go! Might need some academic adjustments but that's doable. If this has already been suggested, my apologies.
  8. Good morning folks, been under-the-weather for a couple of days so I haven't commented about the current turmoil in the PAC-?. My question would be: Are the presidents and ADs only considering football? How many fans of the other sports USC/UCLA compete in will be willing to travel to the Midwest and East (Rutgers, Penn State) particularly in the winter. Gymnastics, basketball, volleyball come to mind as do the water sports. And, of course, golf (my favorite sport). The PAC should all agree to not schedule competitions with the L.A. schools after their backstabbing the conference. Don't bail them out!
  9. Agree McDuck, don't like what is happening in college sports.
  10. If Coach Lanning can establish a "team" atmosphere I believe 10-2 or 11-1 is a definite possibility. But any season we beat the Huskies and the Beavs is a success in my book! :]
  11. So, Top 10 in recruiting, Bottom 10 in player development. I suspect there is a correlation:)
  12. Consistent TBs on kickoffs Snee continues his precision punting (if he's our punter) Returns on punts and KOs that are 90% penalty free No FG misses from inside 40 yards Solid coverage on kickoffs and punts that keep return yards from being a liability What did I forget?
  13. I want to see Butterfield or Thompson take the reins with Nix as a solid back-up. What say you?
  14. Special teams: Kickoffs that result in a TB a majority of the time; tackling/blocking effectively; precision punting. Offense: Efficient with limited false starts and let's see those tight ends! Defense: Aggressive without stupid personal fouls. Coaching: Consistent; clock management; discipline; sportsmanship; honesty. That's what I want to see from our Beloved Ducks! Please add your thoughts.
  15. Obviously pleased with this commit after Coach Altman basically said if you do not want to put in the work, Oregon might not be the place for you. Bring in hardworking recruits, teach them the system, use the portal sparingly.
  16. When I was 12 in 1965 my former brother-in-law took me to a Duck football game, it was love at first sight! Here I am 66 years later and still a fanatic!
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