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  1. Remember those contradicting reports were each written for their respective fan sites with compensation based on the resulting clicks. Positive articles draw a lot more eyes from the faithful.
  2. They didn't save Studebaker but the 1964 Avanti was sharp.
  3. ... Lole would prefer to remain with the Sun Devils but will “explore” his NIL options.
  4. A few local athletes make the list. On3 NIL 100 WWW.ON3.COM A ranking of top athletes based on NIL Valuation. These rankings are based on the potential influence they have as an individual.
  5. May 1 has come and gone, as has the two day paperwork processing window. In theory he won't be eligible to play next fall. Strange timing, is there more to the story?
  6. College Leaders Urging NCAA to Enforce New NIL Guidelines, Or Else WWW.SI.COM Athletic directors say schools with boosters who have struck deals with players who have not yet signed with schools should be sanctioned.
  7. It appears Dan Lanning doesn't need to be ostentatious, looks like modest living quarters.
  8. Excelled both as an athlete and a writer. Kenny Moore, former UO distance runner, 2-time Olympian, journalist and author, dies at 78 WWW.OREGONLIVE.COM Moore was a three-time All-American for legendary UO coach Bill Bowerman.
  9. Quick glance at his stats compared to the 21-22 Duck's would put him at tenth in FG %, 4th in 3pt % and tied for 4th in FT %. According to ESPN he shot 39.6% from the field, the entire Oregon team averaged 45.1. What am I missing that makes him more than a warm body?
  10. Disagree. They barely scratched the surface with Reggie Bush. They knew when recruiting him his family didn't have money (reportedly not even a credit card) but suddenly his father is jetting to away games and strolling the sidelines dressed to the nines. They turned a blind eye--didn't want to know. There were numerous monied boosters and celebs strolling through practice and team functions. Pete Carroll kept it loose. Players "took it upon themselves" to drive a couple hours to watch a high school recruit? No recruiting violations there, right? USC got the Al Capone treatment, punished heavily for the violation they could easily prove. Capone got eleven years for tax evasion but you know the sentence was for far more than that. Same with USC and Reggie.
  11. Trojans ooze self pity from every pore. I haven't seen anything like it since the Purple Poodle Billie Joe cashed in his fruit basket.
  12. I have never voiced an opinion on the amount of damages which would be appropriate, I certainly have never stated the plaintiff should receive the full amount of the lawsuit. Taking a belief that the "professional" adults in the room should have exercised caution and extrapolating that I advocate a nine figure settlement is using a very broad brush. I really don't know what is a reasonable amount, I'm not in the courtroom, I haven't heard the testimony. In other words I don't have sufficient data to draw a valid conclusion. Anything else is simply reacting to emotion.
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