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  1. Only two? Why weren't you also watching the replay of Wyndham Clark in third place in the golf tournament like me?
  2. A Generational Player: sweeps offensive and defensive honors schedule Brooke Nuneviller
  3. Everyone is correct that we have a young team that will improve with experience. When that will be we have to wait and see. I think in our hopes we all want that to be as soon as possible. We all hope they will "come together" this season for the end of the season , the PAC-12 Tournament, and the NCAA's My posts are not to get down on any particular players, but to point out if they will get better results when ever, there are more things that need improvement than the playing time and shooting that always seems to be mentioned. The shooting improved for the Stanford game and they still lost. The "bigs" overall play is an area of improvement needed for the total package to be in place. From above: I also look forward to seeing Sedona play better in the post position and improve her FG%. With the short minutes she plays, I wonder how much her leg has really healed. I wonder if she will actually have a effective career ? Us old time Blazer fans remember Bill Walton........after the injury. Sedona really doesn't bang in there too much. She sort of floats around the floor. Her fall-away turnarounds look pretty, but they need to be hit at a really high percentage to be effective. Compared to a regular banging lay-in close to the basket, the fall-away removes the chance of getting fouled and getting foul shots, getting an opponent in foul trouble, moving the opponents team fouls to bonus shots, or getting the rebound. It's an all or nothing proposition, make the shot or give up the ball. Is it more enjoyable when we really do not know if they will win or not???????
  4. Kelly and crew need to do a lot of work with Nyara's ball handling, passing and court presence skills. She leads the team in turnovers and fouls. Last night 7 turnovers, 5 fouls, several out of positions on defense, and rebounds. She scores a lot of points.......... and gives up a lot of points.
  5. Have we ever seen his quarterback talents at Oregon?
  6. Mikesell is playing the outside shooter role that Boley played last year. The problem is simply that she is not getting any openings for shots like Boley did. The other players are not setting her up for shots. It seems a combination of a lot of things. The defense has not had to contend with as many drives into the paint, the outside whip-around passing is not as fast and sharp, and there is little pick and roll threading the center area. Mikesell could probably shoot well if she was getting enough good shots up consistently in games. But that doesn't seem to be there this year. Maybe a whole new offense will develop if Sadona can play reasonable minutes. Or put in Angela in a crash course to develop a power forward attack (like Satou) and move Boley back to shooter? At least she would pick up a lot of rebounds not seen if Mikesell is in.
  7. Wow! This discussion is so different than the other boards that are ready to throw many of the players, including some of the frosh out of playing time. In Sabrina/Ruthy's class there were several players that did not make top D1 program playing qualities. However, they were not top 5 star recruits. This year's recruits are top 5 star recruits, and I believe every one has shown abilities that they can/will be top D1 players. I do not want to relegate any of them to transferring. I would even be satisfied to having this be a developmental year if we can keep them and have them continue their development. As discussed in other threads, Oregon does not year in and year out get the top ten recruits that Stanford or UConn get. I am all for developing this group together, add another great big (Sedona for 3 years? maybe) and see where this goes!!!!!.. 2022/2023 and 2023/2024 is coming!!!!!
  8. In his comments Kelly indicates Sedona is not just recovering from a little ankle sprain that a lot of us hoped for. It sounds like she is still recovering from the leg reconstruction needed for the injury 2-3 years ago. She has not practiced this week. I am guessing, but it looks like she will not be more than a minor role player this year. I think a lots of fans were hoping she would be a dominant presence in the post and the women could have a major "twin tower" effect to throw and Stanford and the major teams in the playoffs.
  9. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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