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  1. predicted this loss to all my green Kool aid drinking friends. Mario is going to be gone before his contract is up. Didn’t even watch the game because I knew that guy would manage to screw it up with his “play not to lose BS." But I bet he wishes he hadn’t saved all that time for Stanford by not running as much clock as he could instead of stopping it on incomplete pass. This team needs someone running it who knows what he’s doing on everything but recruiting. and three years of his stupid decisions is enough for me. 3-4 losses this year and he won’t develop TT. Playing not to lose. Paging uncle Phil!
  2. You really think MC has the stones to pull the plug in the AB experiment? His Achilles’ heel is that he’s so damn conservative. Chip Kelly wouldn’t run that ball up the middle with the quarterback from the eye formationHis Achilles’ heel is that he’s so damn conservative. Chip Kelly wouldn’t run that ball up the middle with the quarterback from the shotgun.
  3. Not only that but they go from the I formation with the quarterback 6 yards away from the goal line and then they run him up the middle? Don’t tell me that anybody but Mario Cristobal called that play or approved it. This BS of force running the ball up the middle just to prove who’s got the bigger _______ is getting tiresome. Running the QB up the middle didn’t get us down to their goal line. If there’s one advantage we have over teams like Sanford is our speed. And to not use it in that situation is absolutely ridiculous and that falls to who? FFS!
  4. Looks like this team is overrated and under coach I will give Mario a pass for this year but I’m really tired of this crap. He is a great recruiter I’ll give him that but as a head coach and have an a clue as to what he’s doing not so much as far as I’m concerned.
  5. Kelly Graves is and has been a great basketball coach. He lost the GOAT and her 2 sidekicks and started over with what? Boley and Giomi and a bunch of freshmen and two transfers with bum legs an a season that was completely out of whack due to the latest bad flu. One has only to look at KG's record before coming here. Last season was a mess and I'm sure if you asked him he would tell you that. A coach is only as good as his players and players are only as good as their team mates. The players in turn are only as good as their ability to learn from and use the coaching they are given. I still have my doubts about recruiting pampered 5* players and their ability to adjust to the fact that at the next level they aren't the best player on the floor. Not that any of our fab 5 are that, but I do wonder sometimes when I see the head scratching play I saw this year that looked like 5 individuals more often than a team. Having said this, I think KG is a GREAT coach and I would be surprised if this team isn't leaps and bounds better next year after what I hope will be a "normal" year of basketball. Time will tell and I'm betting on Mr. Graves... GO Ducks!!!
  6. "We Own the State! Remember that video? I agree. F%^K 'em!
  7. Womens NCAA: Out first round Mens NCAA: Out second round Softball: Makes the WCWS Baseball: Finishes fourth in conference and makes the NCAAs Mens Outdoor Track: A second place showing in the outdoor finals GO Ducks!!!
  8. Although I honestly believe we can make it to the CFP this year, I would suggest that we should make it about half the time after this year if his recruits are really that good. Nobody is perfect! GO Ducks!!!
  9. Ted Bundy was a husky... Yes, I hate the Huskies...
  10. Yeah, little brother got hot at the right time. GO Ducks!!!
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