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  1. Well I believe he is an early enrollee so he will get the benefit of a top not training table and workout schedule as well as getting to peruse the playbook and make adjustments to college level football and the rain. I think he will fill that as yet empty pair of shoes nicely. The only question is when, not will he? GO DUCKS!!!
  2. This is going to be a really tough game for our ladies. Washington State has a bunch of wide bodies who love to bump, push, shove, slap and grab. IF the "pac-12" referees let them do to us what they did in Pullman we're in for a long night. One of the very few criticisms I have of some of the Ducks this year is toughness, mental and physical. Interested to see how they bounce back from that forgettable performance in the desert. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at practices this week. I'm sure Mr. Nonchalant had their full attention! GO DUCKS!!!
  3. If it's fair he'll be in the top 3. Hamilton and Ball are in the mix.
  4. That's rule #2. Rule #1 is "make sure your bag is the biggest and has a large red A on the side."
  5. As long as she can do the job, great! They need some new blood.
  6. Dan Fouts. Damn I'm old. Passing Year School Conf Class Pos G Cmp Att Pct Yds Y/A AY/A TD Int Rate Career Oregon 482 956 50.4 5995 6.3 4.5 37 54 104.6 1970
  7. I thought about the whole 400 snaps thing and that doesn't include how many he had in practice with the #1 center. How many snaps has AB had with the starters? Again tends to suggest to me that Shough is a practice QB and Brown is a "gamer". It also tends to enforce for me the inability of the coaching staff a couple years ago to let Shough get meaningful snaps at the end of games where Herbert had NO business being in the game unless they were trying to get more style points hoping to be included in the CFP, which is a pretty closed club of late. Who knows, had Shough had a few hundred m
  8. Brown - I've heard rumors he's transferring but nothing yet. Also heard MC talked him into staying. #1 if he stays Thompson - He comes in with super high expectations. Probably like Herbert's rookie year if Brown goes in the portal. I truly hope he can challenge for the starting QB but time will tell. Probably #1A or 2 Shough - I am not a fan at all. Panics under the slightest pressure. He's a serviceable stop gap against weaker teams but I'd like to see him in the portal. #3 Butters - Good arm but not real mobile probably #3 or 4 Ashford - Maybe he could run some wil
  9. I've learned over the years not to drink the green Kool Aid over recruiting and preseason rankings. This team has some real issues and hopefully this year was exactly what we thought, a free year of practice and time for our younger guys to get experience. Next year we're supposed to have some really gifted athletes on our team but they will be young and competing against people who are just as good as they are for the first time. We're also going to have a new D coordinator and probably a new O coordinator and some people leaving, as well so there will be a lot of adjustments for ever
  10. I hope he does well in JAX. Why you say? Because I live 65 miles from Jacksonville and I hate the Falcons and Buccaneers so I'd like to be able to go root for a team here in the south. Full disclosure: I'm a Packers fan and now a Chargers fan as well...
  11. At this point I'd say Dugalic. Her rebounds per minute are the best on the team. She runs the floor well, can pass and has range from 3. Experience is all she needs. I'd suggest her and Sedona rotate until Sedona gets her strength/conditioning up to par. I can clearly see a front court of Prince, Sabally and Dugalic in the near future. Watson and maybe Giomi to spell them. Boley off the bench to throw bombs for instant momentum, and our gaggle of guards to sort themselves out.
  12. I would ask for patience. Yes they are 5* recruits, but as I've said before, they are all used to being the best player on the court in high school, but this is obviously another level indeed! I still think this team will make a good run in the madness kerfuffle.
  13. In regards to a starting 5. Right now if we're playing a team that goes big, 3 forwards and 2 guards, I would go with three guards and two forwards and try to speed up the game with a full court press and aggressive run outs off of defensive rebounds. In that instance my starters would be Pao Pao, Shelley/Chavez (tough to pick between these two, but I think Shelley is better off the bench so far) and Mikesell with Sedona and Sabally at forward. If we start getting beat on the boards then /Boley Dugalic comes in for Chavez/Mikesell leaving who has a hot hand in the game. If we're play
  14. I finally had a chance to watch the game and a few things jump out at me. First I thought the women had turned a corner after destroying Cal. Hate to use "youth" as an excuse but, we are a pretty young team. Our inability to break and finish against a press was a shock to me. Either they're not getting the message or they don't have that killer instinct yet. When you attack a press you will inevitably get the numbers in your favor as soon as you defeat a double team with the dribble or a pass. You have to attack all the way to the basket with numbers in your favor and then pass off for u
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