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  1. UGASports.com has posted at least 4 videos on You Tube, under the title "film don't lie." Each breaks down several plays from Saturday's game, showing who, what, why, when, and where of each play. IMO, these vids are excellent, similar to Charles' vids explaining Duck plays. You can get started here:
  2. Since others opened the international option, I'll chime in... Greetings from Malealea! A small village at 6000 ft elevation in southern Lesotho. For so many reasons, this is paradise... For ME. And to answer your question, yes, I will see the Ducks' beat UG - LIVE. We have great internet! Especially during the wee hours of Sundays in the Spring (11 hours ahead, southern hemisphere).
  3. Sounds like you want to fish at or near where your dad fished. "spot called Sister peaks" is most likely the Three Sisters area. My dad fished that area for 40+ years. I still fish there just to spend time with him, in spirit. So I get it. But that area is huge. Many lakes and streams. Do you recall anything more than Sister peaks? ( The Three Sisters are proper mountains, btw, all over 10k ft elev). Without more info, I'd suggest just driving up the OLD McKenzie River highway (turn right off the NEW highway a few miles after McKenzie Bridge), find a stream to toss your hook in. You dad will be there with you.
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