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  1. CU can look down their noses at the Big 12 all they want but they likely do so to their detriment. The Pac 12 is a sinking ship, due to a variety of factors and sooner or later some of the programs are going to get discontent with unequal revenue sharing.
  2. And if that offer from the B1G never comes... then what? The Pac 12 is a slowly sinking ship, and has been before the defections of UCLA and USC, but especially without those two.
  3. I just found this out over on cougarboard. This is so very tragic. He was way too young and had just gotten his life started. I just wanted to offer my condolences to the Oregon family.
  4. My hope is that The Big 12 acts on expansion before the Pac 12 does, getting ASU, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, though adding Arizona and (gags) Utah would give the conference greater credibility to keep up with the P2. But if only 4 then best-case scenario would be ASU, CU, Oregon, UW. Tomorrow can't come soon enough.
  5. I'm leaning towards fishing the coast. I love me some saltwater fishing.
  6. My father mentioned fishing at a spot called Sister Peaks? Is that nearby?
  7. I'll make sure to wear a life jacket, I learned to never underestimate the power of the cold ocean water!
  8. There probably wasn't that much that Oregon could have done to lure Ainge as he was LDS, so naturally he would choose BYU. Same with Tualatin star RB Luke Staley (though recruited by most of the Pac 12 schools) who would go on to choose BYU because of his background. It was just what it was, a unique recruiting situation for players with those backgrounds. Granted that has changed and many with LDS backgrounds (like Penei Sewell and Haloti Ngata) have been choosing schools other then BYU as other schools are letting their athletes serve missions. Though the hype over finally gaining P5 membership was initially surrounding the football program, I think our basketball program is going to see the biggest boost being in the same conference with Kansas.
  9. Started looking at fishing charters for Winchester Bay and surprisingly they aren't all that expensive!
  10. He was quite the athlete. He also was really good at baseball, having gone pro as well. One of the first two-sport professional athletes. I look forward to joining you at your tailgate, let me know if I can bring anything.
  11. Awesome! My father went to Winston Churchill Highschool (Class of 72?), joined the LDS church in Eugene in 1968, played church basketball with Danny Ainge and was fellowshipped by the family of NFL Tight End pioneer Todd Christensen who's father was the bishop in Eugene. My father always spoke fondly of Eugene and I can't wait to visit!
  12. I'm a BYU alumnus who cheers for his alma mater, yet also cheers for Oregon as my #2 team (my late father who passed away from cancer recently, was from Eugene and was a big ducks fan) so I may be dressed up as a walking-contradiction on 9/17 wearing both BYU and Oregon gear at the game (since I root for both my alma mater (BYU) and my late father's team (Oregon)). I plan to come up to Eugene from Texas both for the game and to see my late father's Eugene roots. Anyways I'm hoping to catch some great fishing in the area (both inland and coastal, my father loved to fish up there) and do some tailgating to get the full UO experience, knowing y'all have the most passionate fanbase in the Pac12. Still trying to figure out if I'll be driving up or flying in (we play Baylor the week before so I want to go to that game too). Any fishing and tailgating recommendations?
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