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  1. Been saying for YEARS that the Pac12 Network, with its refusal to make deals with more providers, has created a GRAVEYARD for athletes or coaches who may desire to join the Pac12. Due to the geographical disadvantage of the West Coast time zone, the Pac12 Network should have bent over backward to showcase its athletes and coaches. Instead, due to corporate GREED, they limited coverage. Why should any athlete or coach sign on to such a inane situation? When they can guarantee more TV coverage by going elsewhere? It's a horrible situation for the athletes and the FANS who only want to SEE their beloved teams! Our Beloved Ducks should sever themselves from this untenable situation ASAP!
  2. I've been saying for YEARS that the Pac12 Network created a GRAVEYARD for the Pac12 athletes. Limiting deals with providers and TV coverage , the Pac12 , already handicapped by geography, should have bent over backward to make TV visibility available. INSTEAD corporate greed steadily bled the Pac12 not only of athletes, but coaches. Why should a player go to a Pac12 school where their TV coverage is guaranteed to be much less available to recruiters, let alone FANS who have been begging for years for more access to their beloved teams. It's a travesty that NEVER should have happened! The SoCal teams have fled this abomination! And our beloved Ducks should get out of this situation ASAP!
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