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  1. I'm assuming you're talking about the UCLA game? And what's the price?
  2. No way this list is valid without Haloti Ngata. He, Ahmad Rashad/Bobby Moore, and Patrick Chung all deserve to be there before Kyle Long and Stewart. And Van Brocklin should be much higher. FYI, NFL.com lists their top 10 as Fouts, Renfro, Van Brocklin, Zimmerman, Wilcox, Ngata, Russ Francis, Rashad, George Martin, and Fred Quillan.
  3. If Oregon and tOSU both finish with 1 loss, I'm not sure how voters could justify ranking the Buckeyes #2 when we'd have the same record and have beaten them head-to-head. Not saying they wouldn't, but it wouldn't be justifiable. That said, that would be a good problem to have. I'm undecided how I feel about reaching the playoff this year. With our youth and inexperience, I'm not sure the Ducks are a legit threat in the playoff even if they get there. Plus the injuries (heck, even the OC has been out). So would I rather make the playoff and maybe get pummeled by UGA, or win the P12, face a B10 team in the Rose Bowl, and wait for this team to mature a little, heal up next season, and hopefully get superior QB play before setting my sites on the playoff? (Not that my desires matter in the slightest to what will actually happen, obviously.) Of course, one more loss and it's a moot point anyway.
  4. Actually, Joe, I don't believe Manziel was ever "on campus" except for recruiting visits. He was a verbal commit who flipped to A&M once they offered him. So it had nothing to do with him playing with Mariota, because he never did. And I doubt it had much to do with Mariota at all, since Mariota was ranked the 123rd best QB recruit by ESPN. Mariota was a nobody, just like Justin Herbert was. Great history on this from Bleacher Report: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/1794499-if-he-stayed-with-oregon-would-johnny-manziel-have-beaten-out-marcus-mariota
  5. There has been some great discussion about the SC job on The Dan Patrick Show. One of the perspectives is that the 40 - 70 year-olds running the campus and athletic dept and paying the bills as boosters are still seeing SC as a glory job; a top 5 job in the nation. They're still living in the days of OJ Simpson and Charles White and Reggie Bush. Eighteen-year-old kids, on the other hand, look at SC and they couldn't care less about the history and the championships from the 1970s. Former SC QB Sean Salisbury had an extensive rant in which he took the SC boosters and administration to task for looking at the job through maroon-and-gold colored glasses, rather than recognizing it for what it is: a mediocre program without any flash or anything that will particularly interest teenage recruits in a mediocre conference (you know, like FSU, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Miami mostly are now, although at least Arkansas and Nebraska are in the SEC and Big 10). So the idea that SC can get someone big-time like James Franklin may not be realistic. The only advantage for SC over PSU is recruiting the Southland rather than PA and NJ, but even there it's not like Franklin's recruiting area right now is the Dakotas.
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