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  1. Hi AnotherOD, Gosh, I really hope these options turn into threats with our new quarterback. You're certainly right in saying "you need a QB who can ...", because that's what I found myself realizing when writing about our receiver situation. Let's pray Ty is the real day, and I don't mean Shough.
  2. Hi Jon Sousa, I felt guilty asking for more than one go-to, but although Christmas has passed already, perhaps another Saint Nick could grant us some of the college football fairy dust and give us a trio of strong contributors in the passing game next season. I'd love to see it as much as anyone.
  3. Hi 30Duck, I only ever got the privilege to watch Lee in the pros, but I'm sure it was a sight to see at USC. I really hope the Ducks can emulate Alabama's success in their own, creative way in 2021.
  4. I agree Drake, Let's hope for the sake of 2021, we have an excellent offseason off the field and start moving forward with the healthy new regime of stars.
  5. I love that you brought this to light, After learning more about the draft in the past couple of offseasons, I realized how much the off the field stuff really impacts player stock. Your point on Holland is also crucial to his draft stock, but I see him getting an opportunity sooner rather than later in the draft still because of the high profile he had in 2019-2020. Lenoir is certainly on the up as well, and for good reason! He deserves it and I wish him the best down the road.
  6. Hi Hydrophobic, Charles left a great response about my background, but I'll leave my email here if you have any further questions or interests about the site. Thanks for contributing to our new forum! Alex Heining alex.heining1@gmail.com
  7. Absolutely, Shough did far better than I anticipated in his limited time on the field this year, and although I hope to see a great deal of improvement in some key areas, the ability is certainly there.
  8. Hello my FishDuck Friends, This is an extension post for the discussion of which former Duck in the past 20 years could save the Fiesta Bowl and guarantee an Oregon victory over the Cyclones. It may seem like a lot to ask of one player, but once you give it some time, I'd love to hear your thoughts! Here's a link to the article from today. Go Ducks!
  9. Welcome to Our Beloved Ducks Forum.. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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