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Charles Fischer

The "IT" Factor? How QB Recruit Tanner Bailey Compares...

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Mario Cristobal did it again, reaching across the country for a talented prospect and this time beating out lots of SEC interest for the four-star quarterback,”


The thing is....this QB is not the big, tall Herbert-like presence, yet in the end...it is what is between Justin's ears that made him the NFL Rookie MVP.  We have seen a number of smaller quarterbacks in the NFL where their play-making ability is the key, not their physical attributes.  Could Tanner Bailey have the "it" factor that made Cristobal want him so badly to beat out Alabama and Georgia for his early verbal commitment?


Oregon Ducks Recruiting: How Tanner Bailey Compares to Recent Quarterback Pledges by OregonLive


2020 HS Football - West Limestone at Gordo 4A Playoffs

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Mr. FishDuck

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First play on his clip where he looks off the safety and hits the WR on the post for a TD tells you a lot about his skill set. Moving back end guys with your eyes are a must at the Collegiate level and in the Pros.

When you see a HS kid do it, it tells you a ton about how well he's been tutored.


Later in the tape he double pump's on the corner to get him to bite, so his receiver can get separation. Again, you don't see this this stuff on HS tape very often.

The kid is pretty polished. 

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 I think of Brock Purdy, ISU, qb when I think of somebody with the "it" factor. I could go on, but I enjoyed watching him play and how the game, was a game for him. We have had many qb's like Brock in the past, but we seem to be looking more at the measurables now.


I hope Tanner is one of those kids who is magic with the ball in his hands when the whistle blows.  I also hope there is a guy on our roster, now, who has this "it" factor. This is a different skill set than being magic when a receiver runs a route during practice.

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